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Goering: Their campaigns always resemble a tribal
movement, they take everything with them.

Jodl: Nothing else has happened here excepting
attacks that were repulsed. This territory was also
quiet on account of the tremendous amount of snow.

The same is true of the Brenner pass. In the north
the 163rd division is now with 57 trains in Oslo, the
2nd mountain division left Aarhus with 39 trains.

I now want to present the report of General von
Uthmann from Stockholm.

That is a case where even the ambassador could show a
stiff upper lip.

The Fuehrer: Can the ambassador show a stiff upper
lip? Thomsen always makes some very clever remarks;
his views on world policy are inspired by the
Stockholm atmosphere.

                                           [Page 698]

Goering: Mein Fuehrer, may I read You the following
about the panzer division which is fighting with the
Saucken Corps? The report is dated 27th. After
successful defensive battles near Litzinannstadt the
division fought its way toward the west according to

(Reads:) 5 Panthers achieved 25 hits.

The Fuehrer: An American or English newspaper man got
his temper up, he said he would not be stopped from
telling the truth. The truth was that the Germans
were far superior with their tanks.

Hewel: He cites a lot of examples.

The Fuehrer: He cites examples, how he was forced to

Hewel: For instance, they had lost as many tanks as
the enemy; he was forced to write they had only lost
a few.

The Fuehrer: He says the German tanks are superior,
that is undeniable.

Guderian: The main problem with us at the present
time is gasoline supply.

The Fuehrer: That's why I am worried, Guderian, that
something is going to happen down there. That would
be the end. That*is the most dangerous point. You can
still improvise everywhere but not down there. You
cannot improvise gasoline. I cannot make a tank into
a wood burner; in garrison that's possible. I have
seen tanks with wood generators for training

Guderian: Yes indeed, we had them months ago.

The Fuehrer: There was something else: Buhle, news
has come that they have a giant tank, the Boxer ...
gun L48....

Buhle: The note which I gave you, yes.

The Fuehrer: They fight the tank from a distance from
200 to 300 meters. Should we not make a new type of
shell perhaps with a bigger charge, I don't know
whether the Holilladung principle is applicable. Or,
perhaps, under certain circumstances, one could fire
a grenade with a handle attached to it; a grenade
with a handle. Of course one would have to load the
piece from the front, but all one has to do is to
approach the target sufficiently. It is certain that
such a grenade can be fired.

                                           [Page 699]

Buhle: I believe a HL 70 is necessary at first.

Guderian: 38 T might also be possible.

The Fuehrer: But it is not quite certain whether it
will penetrate the new tank.

Goering: Does the heavy Panzerfaust penetrate?

The Fuehrer: That has not been tried out.

Buhle: It is to be assumed. A charge of a 150-mm
penetrates also.

The Fuehrer: If one fires a shell or bomb with a
handle it is sure to destroy the tank. Of course. one
can only fire once.

Buhle: One must move with the piece charged. in order
to be ready.

The Fuehrer: If its approach is observed.

Guderian: Then he must hit with the first shot.

The Fuehrer: They have approached up to 150 to 200

Goering: Does the 88-mm penetrate also?

The Fuehrer: It has not been proven. One has been
unable to find out. The Koenigstiger with his
long-barrelled gun could penetrate, perhaps.

Buhle: On the side it seems to have a flat roof.

The Fuehrer: Anyway it seems to be a new thing.

Buhle: I spoke about it with Sauer yesterday.

Goering: Has a Jagdtiger ever been hit?

Thus far none of the Jagdtigers have ever been hit
effectively. He was hit from behind, not yet
from the front. It is different with the Jagdpanther.
The Jagdtiger is the toughest nut to crack.

The Fuehrer: Thus far it has blown up every pill box
with one shot.

Buhle: We will bring out the new 250-mm on the 5th.

The Fuehrer: It is very slow, only 12- to 15-km per

v. Below: Reich Minister Lammers says that Quisling
could come tomorrow. One day more or less did not

The Fuehrer: He will be glad to be able to stay here.
But I would like the Foreign Minister to hold himself
in readiness so that he can report on the situation.

v. Below: Yes indeed.

The Fuehrer: Is there anything else?

Hewel: Only one thing. In connection with this story
the Swedish newspapers publish also sensational
articles according to which the inventor and con-

                                           [Page 700]

structor of the V-weapons has arrived there. They are
publishing interviews with a certain Professor
Hartmann. I have already spoken with the Luftwaffe
and General Buffle; they don't even know him.

The Fuehrer: They have not found a V-man but an
S-man, a swindler.

Hewel: They do that regularly. They suddenly discover
something tremendously sensational.

Goering: They are used to tremendous sensations.

The Fuehrer: They, must know everything if they
believe they have got the inventor.

Hewel: They even got the man now who worked on the
V-4. He was ready to give detailed reports.

Assmann: In the Polar Sea there are movements of
British and Russian naval forces. U-292 has carried
out supply missions for metereological troops on Bear

Three of our destroyers from the 4th destroyer
flotilla are now being transferred from Narvik to
home base because they will be urgently needed in the
Baltic during spring.

We unfortunately lost an ore boat of 2900, too,
during an aerial attack on a southbound convoy. She
was hit thrice by bombs, was still afloat, but when
being towed into port she sank anyway.

In the waters round Haugesund several mines have been
cleared. We are laying a mine field near Stavanger
for coastal protection.

Traffic between Oslo and Aarhus suffered yesterday
again from the weather. We have extraordinary bad
weather. The convoys can make their runs, but are 7
to 10 hours late. One troop transport ship with 776
men of the 163rd infantry division, 328 horses and
191 vehicles arrived at Aarhus. Another 5,500 men of
the 163rd division are waiting for shipment in Oslo.
Reports come in from the eastern part of the Baltic
Sea, saying that transports are still running
according to schedule. 3 ships arrived, 4 ships will
arrive today. These 4 ships will probably leave today
again loaded. In Libau are no more boats at present,
because traffic from Gotenhafen and

                                           [Page 701]

Danzig had to be stopped yesterday on account of the
stormy weather.

Yesterday's transport record: 3,294 men Courland,
further 1,122 horses, 713 vehicles, 115 tons of
ammunition and some prisoners of war. The traffic
from Memel also ran according to schedule.21I men, 40
vehicles and 2,000 tons have left for pillau. The
ferry "Deutschland" is enroute to Swinenluende with
1,500 wounded men. The evacuation of East Prussia has
further progressed with 34 vessels. 25,000 refugees
have been sent to the western part of the Baltic Sea.
including them, 45,360 refugees have started from
East Prussia to the Reich.A small steamer with 150
vehicles has run aground near the peninsula of
Hela.Salvage attempts are being made. Yesterday, in
loading mines at Pillau a deplorable explosion. 207
mines did explode.They were aerial mines with time
fuses.Probably, the accidenthappened by a mine that
was dropped, wherebythe fuse was set off. The result
was heavy damage, 19 men were lost.

The cruiser "Prinz Eugen" has been scheduled for
action north of Elbing.It could not be done
today,however, on account of the very bad weather
situation.There was a blizzard with very poor
visibility.The necessary preparations have been
made.The cruiser can go into action at any time, as
soon as the weather situation improves.

The Fuehrer: Isit not possible to use here the old
canoes "Schleswig Holstein" and "Schlesien"?

Assmann:They are no longer very seaworthy. They are
being used only for training purposes and are lying
stationary at Gotenhafen.

v. Puttkamer: One has been sunk.

Assmann: Yes, "Schleswig Holstein" is no longer

The Fuehrer: If she has been sunk, she cannot fire.

v. Puttkamer: The 15 centimeter are no longer on
board, only the worn out 28.

The Fuehrer: Why can't you rebore them?

v. Puttkamer: I don't know about that. ger of putting

The Fuehrer: So that you don't run the danger of
putting them into action suddenly.

                                           [Page 702]

v. Puttkamer: Probably there is other work which has
priority now.

The Fuehrer: Sifice the days of the Westernplatte,
the reboring of the 8 barrels could have been done.

Assmann: In the Pomeranian Bight a minesweeper hit a
mine. The boat is being towed in.

In the North Sea blizzard, wind velocity up to 7.

In front of the peninsula some of our mines blocking
the beach have been exploded by ice stoppage.

It was not possible to commit our speed boats and
small U-boats on account of bad weather.

No special reports from the Mediterranean.

Buechs: Only local fighting in Hungary yesterday
southwest of lpolysag.

Provisioning with 19 airplanes has been attempted.
Only 7 succeeded, have dropped 6 tons of ammunition,
16 tons of food.

The fighting in Silesia was concentrated between
Oppeln and Steinau, 103 airplanes, also partly around
Bentschen, Gleiwitz and for the first time somewhat
more at Marienburg with 114 airplanes. 391 fighters
mostly for low level attacks, destroyed 5 tanks.
about 178 vehicles, many of them horse drawn.

Besides, 2 bridges, which were put up between Oppeln
and Breslau, were hit.

In the west only fighter bombers IJABO] concentrating
upon the Ruhr district and a weak two-engine unit.

Last night London brought a radio report which
answered the question, why they did not fly. It said,
that they have had bad weather over England for 4
days, that they would use this time to bring their
machines into top fighting trim. Apparently, they
have recruited and used once more 70,000 men and
women. Apparently, due to our offensive, they have
used many men and the technical ground staff have
decreased very much, or it is an excuse upon
questions. It was announced publicly over the radio.

During the night only 20 mosquitoes flew in and
dropped bombs upon Recklinghausen. Bad weather

                                           [Page 703]

in Italy. From the west and south no flights of
fighting units today.

The Fuehrer: The meeting seems to take place again in

Hewel: If it will take place at all now. I am sure it
will be postponed.

Burgdorf:Here is an excerpt of measures taken by
Frederic the Great and Frederic William I. I can give
it to you to read.

The Fuehrer: If people think that I am so brutal -- I
would recommend all dignified gentlemen to read this.
-- It has always been that way. These things ought to
be read by our officers. They have absorbed only the
spirit of Schlieffen, not the spirit of Moltke,
Frederic the Great, Frederic William I, Blueeher,
etc. That was also a good spirit. That can be seen by
the 73 year old Courbiere.

Goering: That shows, age does not mean anything.

The Fuehrer: No, on the contrary, if they get old,
they become "bucks". I have seen that too.

Burgdorf: Schoerner has heavily interfered with your
authority which only belonged to you, my Fuehrer,
dismissals, etc. But I am in favor of not disavowing
it afterwards. Otherwise, we don't get anywhere. He
also writes here, that he almost feels like hanging
the commander if he does not bring (Presents text)
order into it. Then the matter of the officers, which
I presented, has been brought up again by the
Reichsmarshal. The Reiclismarshal holds the view that
it is better to leave the men in their ranks and that
they should be used in subordinate positions
according to their aptitude.

Goering: For instance, I have a commanding general
leading a company in a parachute regiment. Up to now
degradation was part of the punishment, if somebody
had committed a crime. If now somebody has been
dismissed honorably, and he is called back, only you
give him a smaller position because he cannot lead
anything else, we cannot draft him as a sergeant.
That is a degradation. I do not know who would still
want to become an officer. Even if the work is done
honorably there would be no protection any longer.

                                           [Page 704]

The Fuehrer: It is very diflicult, if today a general
should lead a company under a battalion commander who
is perhaps only a first lieutenant.

Goering: In this case it will work all right. But he
must not be degraded.

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