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          Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Volume 6

                                         [Page 39]

                   TRANSLATION OF DOCUMENT 3323-PS

                   TERRITORIES, YEAR 1941
            [Verordnungsblatt fuer die besetzten
      Niederlandischen Gebiete, Jahrgang 1941] part 2,
                           page 19
Decree by the Reich Commissioner for the occupied
territories of the Netherlands concerning the
obligation to register persons who are entirely or
partly of Jewish race.

By virtue of article 5 of the Fuehrer's decree
dated 18 May 1940 (RGBl-page 77) relative to the
exercise of governmental powers in the Netherlands
I decree as follows:

                          Article 1
Persons who are entirely or partly of Jewish race
and who are residing in the occupied territories
of the Netherlands are to be registered in
accordance with the following regulations.

                          Article 2
(1)  In this decree a person is considered to be entirely or
  partly of Jewish race if he is descended from even one
  grandparent of full Jewish blood.

(2)  A grandparent is automatically considered as being
  fully Jewish if he belongs or has belonged to the Jewish
  religious community.

                          Article 3
(1)  If there should be any doubt as to whether a person
  should be considered to be entirely of partly of Jewish
  blood as given in article 2, the decision will be made, on
  request, but the Reich Commissioner for the occupied
  territories of the Netherlands or the office indicated by

                                         [Page 40]
(2)  The following are entitled to make the request:

1.  every German office in the occupied territories in the Netherlands.
2.  the registration authorities
3.  the person in question

(3)  The decision referred to the article 1 is final.

                          Article 4
(1)  A person to be registered in accordance with articles 1
  to 3, is compelled to register.

(2)  If the person who is to be registered is unable to deal
  with business matters or limited in his ability to deal with
  business matters, his legal representative or those who
  actually look after him are compelled to make the

                          Article 5
(1)  The registration has to be made within four weeks after
  this decree becomes effective.  If registration has to be
  made at the office of the mayor of the country of Amsterdam
  this time limit will be 10 weeks.

(2)  If the prerequisites for obligation to register are
  fulfilled after this decree becomes effective, registration
  has to be made within two weeks after the event which made
  registration necessary.  However this time limit does not
  expire before the time limit set in para. one.

                          Article 6
The mayor or the chief of the state inspectorate
of registers [Hoofd der Rijksinspectie von de
Bevolkingsregisters] is responsible for  accepting
registration (i.e. is the registration authority)
as in those offices the register or residence
records are kept in which the person to be
registered has been or has to be entered.

                          Article 7
(1)  Registration must be made in writing
(2)  It must indicate

1. First and last name of the person to be registered
2. Place, date, month and year of birth
3. Home or residence indicating name of street and number
of house; persons who have immigrated into the European
Netherlands territory after 30 January 1933 must also give
their last residence within the present territory of the
Great German Reich (including the protectorate of Bohemia
and Moravia) or in the general government of the occupied
areas of Poland.

                                         [Page 41]

4.   His nationality and any nationalities he may have had previously
5.   His religion
6.   His profession or occupation
7.   Whether single, married, widowed or divorced
8.   How many of his grandparents are Jewish (article 2)

                          Article 8
(1)  The registration authorities should make an note of the
  fact in their registration or residence records if the
  person registering is of Jewish blood.

(2)  The mayor has to notify the chief of the state
  inspectorate of registers (Hoofd der Rijksinspectie von de
  Bevolkingsregisters) within one week of the entry referred
  to in paragraph 1, as well as of any changes and
  supplementary notes relative to the entries about a person
  who is registering which are made in accordance with the
  regulations in force in the Netherlands.  The latter may
  extend the time limit.

                          Article 9
(1)  The registration authorities will issue a certificate
  to the registered person, confirming that he has complied
  with the obligation to register in accordance with this

(2)  The registered person has to pay the registration
  authorities the fee of one Gulden in advance to cover the
  issue of the registration certificate.  If the person is
  unable to pay this fee the local Jewish community to which
  he belongs is compelled to pay the fee.  If the person does
  not belong to any such community the registration
  authorities may waive the fee entirely or in part.  The fee
  may not be waived in any other cases.

(3)  The person to be registered in accordance with article
  4, paragraph 2,  is responsible in cases where the fee
  cannot be paid, as  appropriate to obtain payment of the
  fee, if he too is subject to the obligation to register.

(4)  If the mayor is the registration authority he must
  remit half the collected fees to the chief of the state
  inspectorate of register.

                         Article 10
(1)  Any person who is due to register and does not fulfill
  his obligation to register will be sentenced to a term of
  imprisonment of up to 5 years.

(2)  Actions mentioned in paragraph 1 are crimes.  (under
  paragraph 1)

                                         [Page 42]

(3)  Property of a person, punishable is subject to the
  terms of regulation number 33 (1940) relative to
  confiscation of property.

                         Article 11

(1)  This decree comes in to force on the 14th day after it
  has been announced.

(2)  The general secretary of the ministry of the  Interior
  will issue the regulations necessary for it's execution.

                The Hague, 10th January 1941

The Reichs commissioner for the occupied
territories in the Netherlands.

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