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   Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Volume Two, Chapter XIV

                                                  [Page 906]
Charter of the International Military Tribunal, Article 6.
Vol. I, Pg. 5. Vol. I, Pg. 5

International Military Tribunal, Indictment Number 1,
Section IV (H); Appendix A. Vol. I, Pg. 29,60

[Note: A single asterisk (*) before a document indicates
that the document was received in evidence at the Nurnberg
trial. A double asterisk (**) before a document number
indicates that the document was referred to during the trial
but was not formally received in evidence, for the reason
given in parentheses following the description of the
document. The USA series number, given in parentheses
following the description of the document, is the official
exhibit number assigned by the court.]

*025-PS;  Conference report of 4 September 1942 concerning
the importation of domestic workers from the East into the
Reich. (USA 698). Vol. III, Pg. 67

                                                  [Page 907]

*057-PS;  Circular letter from Bormann to Political Leaders,
30 May 1944, concerning justice exercised by people against
Anglo-American murderers. (USA 329). Vol. III, Pg. 102

*058-PS;  Hitler Order of 30 September 1944 concerning
reorganization of the concerns of prisoners of war. (USA
456). Vol. III, Pg. 103

*061-PS;  Secret Bormann letter, 11 January 1944, concerning
large-scale organization for withdrawal of commodities from
occupied territories for use of bombed-out population in
Germany. (USA 692). Vol. III, Pg. 105

*062-PS;  Top secret Hess directive of 13 March 1940,
concerning behavior in case of landings of enemy planes or
parachutists. (USA 696). Vol. III, Pg. 107

*066-PS;  Bormann letter to Rosenberg, 24 June 1940,
submitting draft for discriminatory church law for Danzig
and West Prussia. (USA 689). Vol. III, Pg. 112

*069-PS;  Letter from Bormann to Rosenberg, 17 January 1939,
enclosing order of 28 December 1938, concerning decisions on
Jewish question. (USA 589). Vol. III, Pg. 116

*070-PS;  Letter of Deputy Fuehrer to Rosenberg. 25 April
1941, on substitution of National Socialist mottos for
morning prayers in schools. (USA 349). Vol. III, Pg. 118

*071-PS;  Rosenberg letter to Bormann, 23 April 1941,
replying to Bormann' letter of 19 April 1941 (Document 072-
PS). (USA 371). Vol. III, Pg. 119

                                                  [Page 908]
*072-PS;  Bormann letter to Rosenberg, 19 April 1941,
concerning confiscation of property, especially of art
treasures in the East. (USA 357). Vol. III, Pg. 122

*089-PS;  Letter from Bormann to Rosenberg, 8 March 1940,
instructing Amann not to issue further newsprint to
confessional newspapers. (USA 360). Vol. III, Pg. 147

*098-PS;  Bormann's letter to Rosenberg, 22 February 1940,
urging creation of National Socialist Catechism, etc. to
provide moral foundation for NS religion. (USA 350). Vol.
III, Pg. 152

*099-PS;  Bormann letter to Reich Minister of Finance,
January 1940, demanding that church assessments for the
special war tax be greatly increased. (USA 688). Vol. III,
Pg. 158

*100-PS;  Bormann's letter to Rosenberg, 18 January 1940,
urging preparation of National Socialist reading material to
replace Christian literature for soldiers (USA 691). Vol.
III, Pg. 160

*101-PS;  Letter from Hess' office signed Bormann to
Rosenberg, 17 January 1940, concerning undesirability of
religious literature for members of the Wehrmacht. (USA
361). Vol. III, Pg. 160

*107-PS;  Circular letter signed Bormann, 17 June 1938,
enclosing directions prohibiting participation of
Reichsarbeitsdienst in religious celebrations. (USA 351).
Vol. III, Pg. 162

*113-PS;  Secret Order issued by Hess' Office signed
Bormann, 27 July 1938, making clergymen ineligible for Party
offices. (USA 683). Vol. III, Pg. 164

                                                  [Page 909]
*116-PS;  Bormann's letter to Rosenberg, enclosing copy of
letter, 24 January 1939, to Minister of Education requesting
restriction or elimination of theological faculties. (USA
685). Vol. III, Pg. 165

117-PS;  Bormann letter to Army High Command, 28 January
1939, opposing the establishment of an Army Corps of
Chaplains. Vol. III, Pg. 167

*122-PS;  Bormann's letter to Rosenberg, 17 April 1939,
enclosing copy of Minister of Education letter, 16 April
1939, on elimination of theological faculties in various
universities. (USA 362). Vol. III, Pg. 173

*123-PS;  Confidential letter from Bormann to Minister of
Education, 23 June 1939, in reply to memorandum of 6 April
1939 (122-PS) reporting the Party's decision to order the
suppression of numerous Divinity Schools. (USA 686). Vol.
III, Pg. 175

*131-PS;  Bormann letter to Rosenberg, 12 December 1939,
agreeing with suggestion that the University Chairs
belonging to the Divinity School in the University of Munich
be used for instructors at the Nazi Academy (Hohe Schule).
(USA 687). Vol. III, Pg. 184

205-PS;  Bormann Circular, 5 May 1943, containing detailed
directions as to the treatment of foreign workers employed
within the Reich. Vol. III, Pg. 218

*228-PS;  Bormann Circular, 25 November 1943, demanding
harsher treatment of Prisoners of War and the fuller
utilization of their manpower. (USA 695). Vol. III, Pg. 225

                                                  [Page 910]

*232-PS;  Bormann Order of 13 September 1944 establishing
Party jurisdiction over the use of Prisoners of War for
forced labor. (USA 693). Vol. III, Pg. 229

*327-PS;  Letter of Rosenberg to Bormann, 17 October 1944,
concerning liquidation of property in Eastern Occupied
Territories. (USA 338). Vol. III, Pg. 257

*654-PS;  Thierack's notes, 18 September 1942, on discussion
with Himmler concerning delivery of Jews to Himmler for
extermination through work. (USA 218). Vol. III, Pg. 467

*656-PS;  Letter, undated, from Bormann to Political
leaders, enclosing Order of Supreme Command of the
Wehrmacht, 29 January 1943, relating to self-defense against
prisoners of war. (USA 339). Vol. III, Pg. 470

705-PS;  Secret conference, 12 January 1943, of the SS-
Committee for General Labor in the German Zone. Vol. III,
Pg. 511

*735-PS;  Minutes of meeting, 6 June 1944, to fix the cases
in which the application of Lynch Law against Allied airmen
would be justified. (GB 151). Vol. III, Pg. 533

*838-PS;  Letter from Hess' office signed Bormann, 6 June
1939, referring to Hitler's Decree of 6 March 1939 which
precluded Christian Scientists from joining the Party. (USA
684). Vol. III, Pg. 605

*840-PS;  Party Directive, 14 July 1939, making clergy and
theology students ineligible for Party membership. (USA
355). Vol. III, Pg. 606

841-PS;  Secret Order of Goering, 28 December 1938,
concerning Jewish problem. Vol. III, Pg. 606

                                                  [Page 911]

*1395-PS;  Law to insure the unity of Party and State, 1
December 1933. 1933 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 1016. (GB
252). Vol. III, Pg. 978

1409-PS;  Order concerning utilization of Jewish property, 3
December 1938. 1938 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 1709. Vol.
IV, Pg. 1

1422-PS;  Thirteenth regulation under Reich Citizenship Law,
1 July 1943. 1943 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 372. Vol.
IV, Pg. 14

*1520-PS;  Memorandum of conference, 8 May 1942 between
Hitler, Rosenberg, Lammers, Bormann. (GB 156) . Vol. IV, Pg.

*1600-PS;  Bormann correspondence, 1940-1941, concerning
confiscation of religious art treasures. (USA 690) . Vol.
IV, Pg. 128

*1723-PS;  Order concerning cooperation of Party offices
with the Secret State Police, 25 January 1938, published in
Decrees, Regulations, Announcements, 1937, Vol. II, pp. 430-
439. (USA 206) . Vol. IV, Pg. 219

*1815-PS;  Documents on RSHA meeting concerning the study
and treatment of church politics. (USA 510) . Vol. IV, Pg.

*1816-PS;  Stenographic report of the meeting on The Jewish
Question, under the Chairmanship of Fieldmarshal Goering, 12
November 1938. (USA 261) . Vol. IV, Pg. 425

(1950-PS;  Secret letter from Lammers to defendant von
Schirach, 3 December 1940, concerning deportation of Jews.
(USA 681) . Vol. IV, Pg. 592

                                                  [Page 912]

2001-PS;  Law to Remove the Distress of People and State, 24
March 1933. 1933 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 141. Vol. IV,
Pg. 638

2099-PS;  Fuehrer decree relating to Chief of Party
Chancellery of 29 May 1941. 1941 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I,
Pg. 295. Vol. IV, Pg. 725

2100-PS;  Decree on position of leader of Party Chancellery,
24 January  1942. 1942 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 35.
Vol. IV, Pg. 726

2559-PS;  Military Commission Order No. 2, Headquarters
Fifteenth U. S. Army, 25 June 1945, concerning trial of
German civilian by U. S. Military Commission. . Vol. V, Pg.

2560-PS; Military Commission Order No. 5, Headquarters Third
U. S. Army and Eastern Military District, 18 October 1945,
concerning trial of German national by U. S. Military
Commission. . Vol. V, Pg. 296

2561-PS;  Military Commission Order No. 3, Headquarters
Third U. S. Army, 4 October 1945, concerning trial of four
German nationals by U. S. Military Commission. Vol. V, Pg.

2981-PS;  Biographical information on Martin Bormann,
published in The Greater German Reichstag, 1943, p.167. Vol.
V, Pg. 686

3018-PS;  Hitler decree of 18 October 1944 in Voelkischer
Beobachter, South German Edition, 20 October 1944, p. 1.
Vol. V, Pg. 736

                                                  [Page 913]

3085-PS;  Himmler's ordinance of 3 July 1943 charging
Gestapo with execution of Thirteenth Ordinance under Reich
Citizen Law. 1943 Ministerial Gazette of Reich and Prussian
Ministry of Interior, p. 1085. Vol. V, Pg. 892

3180-PS;  Decree providing for the participation of the
Fuehrer's Deputy in appointment of officials, 24 September
1935. 1935 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 1203. Vol. V, Pg.

3234-PS;  Promotions in the SS, published in The Archive,
July 1940, p. 399.

3235-PS;  Every Party Region Becomes a Reich Defense
District, from The Archive, December 1942, p. 805. Vol. V,
Pg. 938

3236-PS;  Biographical material on Martin Bormann, published
in The German Reichstag, 1936, p. 113. Vol. V, Pg. 939

3237-PS;  Bormann Order of 14 February 1935, demanding that
all Party officers assist the SD in its work, published in
Decrees of the Deputy of the Fuehrer. Vol. V, Pg. 939

3239-PS;  Bormann Order of 3 September 1935 calling on Party
agencies to hand persons who criticize the Nazi Party or
institutions over to Gestapo, published in Decrees of the
Deputy of the Fuehrer. Vol. V, Pg. 940

3240-PS;  Bormann Order of 8 January 1937 concerning refusal
of financial assistance to patients who consult Jewish
Doctors, published in Decrees of the Fuehrer's Deputy. Vol.
V, Pg. 941

3242-PS;  The Reich Offices of the NSDAP, published in
National Socialist Yearbook, 1944, pp. 181-182. Vol. V, Pg.

3243-PS;  Food Supply of the Jews, published in Decrees,
Orders, Announcements, Vol. II, pp. 147-150. Vol. V, Pg. 944

                                                  [Page 914]

3244-PS;  Preparatory Measures for the Solution of the
Jewish Problem in Europe, published in Decrees, Regulations,
Announcements, Vol. 2, pp. 131-132. Vol. V, Pg. 945

3246-PS;  Bormann Order of 7 January 1936, published in
Decrees of the Deputy of the Fuehrer. Vol. V, Pg. 948

*3249-PS;  Affidavit of Dr. Franz Blaha, 24 November 1945.
(USA 663) . Vol. V, Pg. 949

*3355-PS;  Affidavit of -Robert M. W. Kempner, 8 December
1945. (USA 682) . Vol. VI, Pg. 85

3569-PS;  Private will and testament and political will of
Adolf Hitler, 29 April 1945. Vol. VI, Pg. 258

3734-PS;  Summary of Interrogation of Hanna Reitsch, 8
October 1945. Vol. VI, Pg. 551

3735-PS;  Testimony of Erich Kempka on the last days of
Hitler. Vol. VI, Pg. 571

*D-75;  SD Inspector Bierkamp's letter, 12 December 1941, to
RSHA enclosing copy of secret decree signed by Bormann,
entitled Relationship -of National Socialism and
Christianity. (USA 348) . Vol. VI, Pg. 1035

*D-138;  Decree of 27 July 1934, providing for participation
of Fuehrer's deputy in the drafting of all legislation. (USA
403) . Vol. VI, Pg. 1055

*D-163;  Bormann instructions, 5 November 1941, prohibiting
burials with religious ceremonies for Russian Prisoners of
War. (USA 694) . Vol. VI, Pg. 1067

*D-226;  Speer circular of 10 November 1944, distributing
Himmler's decree for ensuring the discipline and output of
foreign workers. (SA 697) . Vol. VI, Pg. 1088

*D-753-A;  Letter from Lammers to Bormann, 1 January 1945.
(GB 823) . Vol. VII, Pg. 214

                                                  [Page 915]

*D-753-B;  Letter from Bormann to Lammers, 5 January 1945.
(GB 323) . Vol. VII, Pg. 219

*L-172;  "The Strategic Position at the Beginning of the 5th
Year of War", a lecture delivered by Jodl on 7 November 1943
at Munich to Reich and Gauleiters. (USA 34) . Vol. VII, Pg.

*L-221;  Bormann report on conference of 16 July 1941,
concerning treatment of Eastern populations and territories.
(USA 317) . Vol. VII, Pg. 1086

*R-36;  Memorandum to Rosenberg, 19 August 1942, concerning
Bormann letter of 23 July 1942, prepared by an official in
the Rosenberg Ministry. (USA 699) . Vol. VIII, Pg. 52

R-139;  Correspondence between Hess' office and the Ministry
of Justice concerning civil law in Eastern Territories. Vol.
VIII, Pg. 209

*Chart No. 1;  National Socialist German Workers' Party.
(2903-PS; USA 2) . Vol. VIII, Pg. 770

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