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   Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Volume II, Chapter XVI
                                                  [Page 584]

Charter of the International Military Tribunal, Article 6.
Vol. I, Pg. 5

International Military Tribunal, Indictment Number 1,
Section IV (H); Appendix A. Vol. I, Pg. 29,59

[Note: A single asterisk (*) before a document indicates
that the document was received in evidence at the Nurnberg
trial. A double asterisk (**) before a document number
indicates that the document was referred to during the trial
but was not formally received in evidence, for the reason
given in parentheses following the description of the
document. The USA series number, given in parentheses
following the description of the document, is the official
exhibit number assigned by the court.]

                                                  [Page 585]
*526-PS;  Top secret notice, 10 May 1943, concerning
saboteurs captured and shot in Norway. (USA 502). Vol. III,
Pg. 434

532-PS;  Telegram of WFSt, 24 June 1944, concerning
treatment of Commandos. Vol. III, Pg. 437

*701-PS;  Letter from Minister of Justice to Prosecutors, 1
April 1943, concerning Poles and Jews who are released from
Penal institutions of Department of Justice. (USA 497) Vol.
III, Pg. 510

745-PS;  Letter from Chief of SD, Koblenz, 12 June 1944,
concerning enemy aviators who have been shot down. Vol. III,
Pg. 543

*835-PS;  Letter from OKW to the German Armistice
Commission, 2 September 1944, concerning the status of
political prisoners. (USA 527) Vol. III, Pg. 602

*1061-PS;  Official report of Stroop, SS and Police Leader
of Warsaw, on destruction of Warsaw Ghetto, 1943. (USA 275)
Vol. III, Pg. 718

                                                  [Page 586]

*1063-A-PS;  Order of Chief of SIPO and SD, 2 January 1941,
concerning classification of concentration camps. (USA  492)
Vol. III, Pg. 775

*1063-B-PS;  Letter signed by Kaltenbrunner, 26 July 1943,
concerning establishment of Labor Reformatory camps. (USA
492) Vol. III, Pg. 777

*1104-PS;  Memorandum, 21 November 1941, enclosing copies of
report concerning anti-Jewish action in Minsk. (USA 483)
Vol. III, Pg. 783

*1276-PS;  Top secret letter from Chief of SIPO and SD to
OKW/WFST, 17 June 1944, concerning Commando operations. (USA
525) Vol. III, Pg. 855

*1514-PS;  Order, 27 July 1944, from 6th Corps Area Command
concerning delivery of prisoners of war to secret state
police. (USA 491) Vol. IV, Pg. 53

1574-PS;  Warrant, 19 January  1944, for protective custody.
Vol. IV, Pg. 114

*1650-PS;  Directive to State Police Directorates from Chief
of SIPO and SD by Mueller, 4 March 1944, concerning captured
escaped PWs except British and American PWs. (USA 246) Vol.
IV, Pg. 158

*1815-PS;  Documents on RSHA meeting concerning the study
and treatment of church politics. (USA 510) Vol. IV, Pg. 415

*1919-PS;  Himmler's speech to SS Gruppen fuehrers, 4
October 1943. (USA 170) Vol. IV, Pg. 558

*2239-PS;  File of orders sent by AMT IV, RSHA, Prague, to
Gestapo office Darmstadt, signed Kaltenbrunner. (USA 520)
Vol. IV, Pg. 920

2375-PS;  Affidavit of Rudolf Mildner, 16 November 1945,
concerning activities of SIPOand SD. Vol. V, Pg. 2

                                                  [Page 587]
2476-PS;  Affidavit of Josef Buehler, 4 November 1945. Vol.
V, Pg. 228

*2477-PS;  Affidavit of Willy Litzenberg, 4 November 1945.
(USA 518) Vol. V, Pg. 229

*2519-PS;  Undated memorandum for radio message from
Kaltenbrunner to Fegelein, concerning arrangements against
Jews. (USA 530) Vol. V, Pg. 256

*2580-PS;  Protective custody decrees signed Kaltenbrunner.
(USA 524) Vol. V, Pg. 305

*2582-PS;  Telegrams ordering protective custody signed by
Kaltenbrunner. (USA 523) Vol. V, Pg. 307

*2605-PS;  Affidavit of Dr. Rudolf Kastner, former President
of the Hungarian Zionist Organization, 13 September 1945.
(USA 242) Vol. V, Pg. 313

*2620-PS;  Affidavit of Otto Ohlendorf, 5 November 1945.
(USA 919) Vol. V, Pg. 341

2622-PS;  Affidavit of Otto Ohlendorf,  5 November 1945.
Vol. V, Pg. 343

*2641-PS;  Affidavit of Alois Hoellriegl in connection with
photographs of Kaltenbrunner, Himmler, and others at
Mauthausen concentration camp. (USA 516) Vol. V, Pg. 354

2644-PS;  Affidavit of Otto Ohlendorf,  5 November 1945.
Vol. V, Pg. 357

2745-PS;  Order for commitment to concentration camp, 7 July
1943, Kaltenbrunner's signature. (USA 519) Vol. V, Pg. 383

2752-PS;  Affidavit of Willy Litzenberg, 8 November 1945.
Vol. V, Pg.392

*2753-PS;  Affidavit of Alois Hoellriegl, 7 November 1945.
(USA 515) Vol. V, Pg. 393

2770-PS;  War Decorations, published in Order Gazette of the
Chief of Security Police and SD, Edition A, 5th year, 9
December 1944, No. 51. 417

                                                  [Page 588]

2890-PS;  Extracts from Befehlsblatt of the SIPO and SD.
Vol. V, Pg. 557

2892-PS;  Biographical information on Ernst Kaltenbrunner,
published in the Greater German Reichstag, 1938. Vol. V, Pg.

*2938-PS;  Article in The German Police, Number 10, Berlin,
15 May 1943, p. 193, concerning Kaltenbrunner. (USA 511).
Vol. V, Pg. 605

*2939-PS;  Affidavit of Walter Schellenberg, 17 November
1945. (USA 513) Vol. V, Pg. 606

*2990-PS;  Affidavit of Walter Schellenberg, 18 November
1945. (USA 526) Vol. V, Pg. 694

*2992-PS;  Affidavits of Hermann Graebe. (USA 494). Vol. V,
Pg. 696

*3012-PS;  Order signed Christiansen, 19 March 1943, to all
group leaders of Security Service, and record of telephone
conversation signed by Stapj, 11 March 1943. (USA 190). Vol.
V, Pg. 731

3361-PS;  Message to all Commanders of Security Police from
Kaltenbrunner regarding arrest of Plant Directors. Vol. VI
Pg. 96

*3427-PS;  Announcement of Kaltenbrunner appointed Chief of
Security Police and SD, in German Police, 15 February 1943.
(USA 512) Vol. VI Pg. 130

 *3462-PS;  Interrogation of Bertus Gerdes, 20 November
1945. (USA 528) Vol. VI Pg. 161

*3723-PS;  Testimony of Gottlieb Berger, 20 September 1945.
(USA 529) Vol. VI Pg. 460

*3762-PS;  Affidavit of SS Colonel Kurt Becher, 8 March
1946, concerning the responsibility of Kaltenbrunner for
concentration camp executions. (USA 798) Vol. VI Pg. 645

*3803-PS;  Covering letter enclosing a letter from
Kaltenbrunner dated 30 June 1944, concerning forced labor of
Jews in Vienna. (USA 802) Vol. VI Pg. 737

                                                  [Page 589]
*3838-PS;  Statement of Martin Sandberger, 19 November 1945,
concerning Kaltenbrunner's treatment of prisoners. (USA 800)
Vol. VI Pg. 737

*3839-PS;  Statement of Josef Spacil, 9 November 1945,
concerning the meaning of "resettlement" and "special
treatment". (USA 799) Vol. VI Pg. 773

*3840-PS;  Statement of Karl Kaleske, 24 February 1946,
concerning the elimination of the Warsaw Ghetto. (USA 803)
Vol. VI Pg. 775

*3841-PS;  Statement of SS and Polizeifuehrer Juergen
Stroop, 24 February 1946, concerning elimination of the
Warsaw Ghetto. (USA 804) Vol. VI Pg. 776

*3842-PS;  Statement of Fritz Mundhenke,7 March 1946,
concerning the activities of Kaltenbrunner and SS in
preparation for occupation of Czechoslovakia. (USA 805) Vol.
VI Pg. 778

*3844-PS;  Statement of Josef Niedermayer, 7 March 1946,
concerning Kaltenbrunner's part in "bullet" orders at
Mauthausen concentration camp. (USA 801) Vol. VI Pg. 782

*3846-PS;  Interrogation of Johann Kanduth, 30 November
1945, concerning crematorium at Mauthausen and the
activities of Kaltenbrunner there. (USA 796) Vol. VI Pg. 783

*3868-PS;  Affidavit of Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Hoess, 5
April 1946, concerning execution of 3,000,000 people at
Auschwitz Extermination Center. (USA 819) Vol. VI Pg.787

                                                  [Page 590]
*3870-PS;  Affidavit of Hans Marsalek, 8 April 1946,
concerning Mauthausen Concentration Camp and dying statement
of Franz Ziereis, the Commandant. (USA 797) Vol. VI Pg. 790

D-46;  Order designating Herzgenbosch as concentration camp,
18 January 1943. Vol. VI Pg. 1025

D-50;  Order establishing concentration camps at Lublin, 9
April 1943. Vol. VI Pg. 1027

*D-473;  Letter from Kaltenbrunner to Criminal Public
Offices, 4 December 1944, concerning combatting of crime
among Polish and Soviet-Russian civilian Laborers. (USA 522)
Vol. VII Pg. 64

L-5;  Order of Military Commander Southeast, 3 September
1944. Vol. VII Pg. 755

*L-18;  Official report, Katzmann to General of Police
Krueger, 30 June 1943, concerning "Solution of Jewish
Question in Galicia". (USA 277) Vol. VII Pg. 755

L-31;  Communique of the Polish-Soviet Extraordinary
Commission for Investigating the Crimes committed by the
Germans in the Majdanek Extermination Camp in Lublin. Vol.
VII Pg. 772

L-34;  Affidavits of Edmund Trinkl, Chairman of Amt I A 6 of
the RSHA, 2 August 1945. Vol. VII Pg. 774

L-35;  Affidavit of Rudolf Mildner, 1 August 1945. Vol. VII
Pg. 780

*L-37;  Letter from Illmer, Chief of the SIPO and SD of
Radom, to subordinates, 19 July 1944, concerning collective
responsibility of members of families of assassins and
saboteurs. (USA 506) Vol. VII Pg. 782

*L-38;  Affidavit of Hermann Pister, 1 August 1945. (USA
517) Vol. VII Pg. 783

                                                  [Page 591]

*L-41;  Orders of Mueller, Chief of the Gestapo, 17 December
1942 and 23 March 1943, concerning transfer of workers to
concentration camps. (USA 496) Vol. VII Pg. 784

*L-49;  Affidavit of Otto Hoffman, Chief of SS Main Office
for Race and Settlement, 4 August 1945. (USA 473) Vol. VII
Pg. 795

*L-50;  Affidavit of Kurt Lindow, Director of Office for
Criminal affairs in RSHA, 2 August 1945. (USA 793) Vol. VII
Pg. 796

*L-51;  Affidavit of Adolf Zutter, 2 August 1945. (USA 521)
Vol. VII Pg. 798

*L-53;  Order from Commandant of the SIPO and SD for the
Radom District to Branch Office in Tomaschow, 21 July 1944,
on clearance of prisons. (USA 291) Vol. VII Pg. 814

*L-158;  Circular letter from SIPO and SD Commander of Radom
District, 28 March 1944, concerning measures to be taken
against escaped officers and non-commissioned officer PWs.
(USA 514) Vol. VII Pg. 906

*L-215;  File of orders and dossiers of 25 Luxembourgers
committed to concentration camps at-various times in 1944.
(USA 243) Vol. VII Pg. 1045

*L-219;  Organization plan of the RSHA as of 1 October 1943.
(USA 479) Vol. VII Pg. 1053

*L-358;  Extract from register of arrests by Gestapo in
Poland, 1943. (USA 495) Vol. VII Pg. 1107

*R-110;  Himmler order of 10 August 1943 to all Senior
Executive SS and Police officers. (USA 333) Vol. VIII, 107

                                                  [Page 592]
*R-135;  Letter to Rosenberg enclosing secret reports from
Kube on German atrocities in the East, 18 June 1943, found
in Himmler's personal files. (USA 289) Vol. VIII,  Pg. 205

Affidavit B;  Affidavit of Otto Ohlendorf, 20 November 1945,
substantially the same as his testimony on direct
examination before the International Military Tribunal at
Nurnberg 3 January 1946. Vol. VIII,  Pg. 596

Affidavit C;  Affidavit of Dieter Wisliceny, 29 November
1945, substantially the same as his testimony on direct
examination before the International Military Tribunal at
Nurnberg 3 January 1946. Vol. VIII,  Pg. 606

Affidavit D;  Affidavit of Walter Schellenberg, 23 January
1946, substantially the same as his testimony on direct
examination before the International Military Tribunal at
Nurnberg 4 January 1946. Vol. VIII,  Pg. 622

Affidavit E;  Affidavit of Alois Hoellriegl 22 November
1945, substantially the same as his testimony on direct
examination before the International Military Tribunal at
Nurnberg 4 January 1946. Vol. VIII,  Pg. 630

*Chart No. 1;  National Socialist German Workers' Party.
(2903-PS; USA 2) Vol. VIII,  Pg. 770

*Chart No. 3;  Organization of the SS. (USA 445) Vol. VIII,
Pg.  772

*Chart No. 5;  Position of Kaltenbrunner and the Gestapo and
SD in the German Police System. (USA 493) Vol. VIII,  Pg.

*Chart No. 19;  Organization of the Security Police (Gestapo
and Kripo) and the SD 1943-1945. (2346-PS; USA 480). End of

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