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   Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Volume II, Chapter XVI

                                                  [Page 569]


Charter of the International Military Tribunal, Article 6.
Vol. I, Pg. 5

International Military Tribunal, Indictment Number 1,
Section IV (H); Appendix A. Vol. I, Pg. 29,66

[Note: A single asterisk (*) before a document indicates
that the document was received in evidence at the Nurnberg
trial. A double asterisk (**) before a document number
indicates that the document was referred to during the trial
but was not formally received in evidence, for the reason
given in parentheses following the description of the
document. The USA series number, given in parentheses
following the description of the document, is the official
exhibit number assigned by the court.]

                                                  [Page 570]
*388-PS;  File of papers on Case Green (the plan for the
attack on Czechoslovakia), kept by Schmundt, Hitler's
adjutant, April-October 1938. (USA 26). Vol. III, Pg. 305

*444-PS;  Original Directive No. 18 from Fuehrer's
Headquarters signed by Hitler and initialled by Jodl, 12
November 1940, concerning plans for prosecution of war in
Mediterranean Area and occupation of Greece. (GB 116). Vol.
III, Pg. 403

*446-PS;  Top Secret Fuehrer Order No. 21 signed by Hitler
and initialled by Jodl, Warlimont and Keitel, 18 December
1940, concerning the Invasion of Russia (case Barbarossa).
(USA 31). Vol. III, Pg. 407

*448-PS;  Hitler Order No. 22, initialled by Keitel and
Jodl, 11 January 1941, concerning participation of German
Forces in the Fighting in the Mediterranean Theater of
Operations. (GB 118). Vol. III, Pg. 413

*498-PS;  Top Secret Fuehrer Order for killing of commandos,
18 October 1942. (USA 501). Vol. III, Pg. 416

*503-PS;  Letter signed by Jodl, 19 October 1942, concerning
Hitler's explanation of his commando order of the day before
(Document 498-PS). (USA 542). Vol. III, Pg. 426

*508-PS;  OKW correspondence, November 1942, about shooting
of British glider troops in Norway. (USA 545). Vol. III, Pg.

*509-PS;  Telegram to OKW, 7 November 1943, reporting
"special treatment" for three British commandos. (USA 547).
Vol. III, Pg. 433

                                                  [Page 571]

*512-PS;  Teletype from Army Commander in Norway, 13
December 1942, concerning interrogation of saboteurs before
shooting; and memorandum in reply from OKW, 14 December
1942. (USA 546). Vol. III, Pg. 433

*531-PS;  OKW memorandum, 23 June 1944, citing inquiry from
Supreme Command West about treatment of paratroopers. (USA
550). Vol. III, Pg. 435

*551-PS;  Order signed by Keitel, 26 June 1944, concerning
treatment of Commando participants. (USA 551). Vol. III, Pg.

*754-PS;  Teletype Order signed by Jodl, 28 October 1944,
for evacuation of Norwegians and burning of houses. (GB
490). Vol. III, Pg. 544

*789-PS;  Speech of the Fuehrer at a conference, 23 November
1939, to which all Supreme Commanders were ordered. (USA
23). Vol. III, Pg. 572

*865-PS;  Correspondence between Keitel, Rosenberg and
Lammers, April 1941, concerning appointment of Jodl and
Warlimont as OKW representatives with Rosenberg. (USA 143).

874-PS;  Draft letter to Todt, initialled K, J, and W, 9
March 1941, concerning Deception measures. Vol. III, Pg. 634

886-PS;  Fuehrer decree, 13 May 1941, on courts martial and
treatment of enemy civilians in the district "Barbarossa",
signed by Keitel for Hitler, and initialled by Jodl. Vol.
III, Pg. 637

*1039-PS;  Report concerning preparatory work regarding
problems in Eastern Territories, 28 June 1941, found in
Rosenberg's "Russia File". (USA 146). Vol. III, Pg. 695

                                                  [Page 572]

*1229-PS;  OKW Directive to the German Intelligence Service
in the East, signed by Jodl, 6 September 1940. (USA 130).
Vol. III, Pg. 849

*1383-PS;  Extract from transcription of stenographic report
on discussion of current military situation, 12 December
1942. (GB 489). Vol. III, Pg. 958

*1541-PS;  Directive No. 20, Operation Marita, 13 December
1940. (GB 117). Vol. IV, Pg. 101

1642-PS;  Distribution list, 1 March 1941, for secret map of
Soviet Union. Vol. IV, Pg. 154

*1746-PS;  Conference between German and Bulgarian Generals,
8 February 1941; speech by Hitler to German High Command on
situation in Yugoslavia, 27 March 1941; plan for invasion of
Yugoslavia, 28 March 1941. (GB 120). Vol. IV, Pg. 272

*1775-PS;  Propositions to Hitler by OKW, 14 February 1938.
(USA 73). Vol. IV, Pg. 357

*1780-PS;  Excerpts from diary kept by General Jodl, January
1937 to August 1939. (USA 72). Vol. IV, Pg. 360

1800-PS;  Preliminary report on Germany's crimes against
Norway, prepared by the Royal Norwegian government. Vol. IV,
Pg. 375

*1808-PS;  Excerpt of speech by Jodl to Officers and
officials of Armed Forces Operations Staff, 24 July 1944.
(GB 493). Vol. IV, Pg. 377

*1809-PS;  Entries from Jodl's diary, February 1940 to May
1940. (GB 88). Vol. IV, Pg. 377

*2865-PS;  Statement by Jodl, showing positions held by him.
(USA 16). Vol. V, Pg. 526

*3702-PS;  Affidavit of Colonel-General Franz Halder, 7
November 1945. (USA 531). Vol. VI, Pg. 411

                                                  [Page 573]
*3705-PS;  Affidavit of Field Marshal Walter von
Brauchitsch, 7 November 1945. (USA 535). Vol. VI, Pg. 415

*3707-PS;  Affidavit of Colonel-General Franz Halder, 13
November 1945. (USA 533). Vol. VI, Pg. 419

*3786-PS;  Stenographic transcript of a meeting in the
Fuehrer's Headquarters, 27 January 1945. (USA 787). Vol. VI,
Pg. 655

*C-2;  Examples of violations of International Law and
proposed counter propaganda, issued by OKW, 1 October 1938.
(USA 787). Vol. VI, Pg. 799

*G-39;  Timetable for Barbarossa, approved by Hitler and
signed by Keitel. (USA 138). Vol. VI, Pg. 857

*C-59;  Order signed by Warlimont for execution. of
operation "Marita", 19 February 1941. (GB 121). Vol. VI, Pg.

*C-64;  Raeder's report, 12 December 1939, on meeting of
Naval Staff with Fuehrer. (GB 86). Vol. VI, Pg. 884

*C-72;  Orders postponing "A" day in the West, November 1939
to May 1940. (GB 109). Vol. VI, Pg. 893

*C-75;  OKW Order No. 24 initialled Jodl, signed Keitel, 5
March 1941, concerning collaboration with Japan. (USA 151).
Vol. VI, Pg. 906

*C-78;  Schmundt's Order of 9 June 1941, convening
conference on Barbarossa on 14 June. (USA 139). Vol. VI, Pg.

*C-102;  Document signed by Hitler relating to operation
"Otto", 11 March 1938. (USA 74). Vol. VI, Pg. 911

*C-103;  Directive signed by Jodl, 11 March 1938, on conduct
towards Czech or Italian troops in Austria. (USA 75). Vol.
VI, Pg. 913

                                                  [Page 574]

C-123;  Jodl Order on capitulation of Leningrad, 7 October
1941. Vol. VI, Pg. 929

*C-134;  Letter from Jodl enclosing memorandum on conference
between German and Italian generals on 19 January  1941 and
subsequent speech by Hitler, 20 January  1941. (GB 119).
Vol. VI, Pg. 939

*C-152;  Extract from Naval War Staff files, 18 March 1941,
concerning audience of C-in-C of Navy with Hitler on 18
March 1941. (GB 122). Vol. VI, Pg. 966

*C-167;  Report of meeting between Raeder and Hitler, 18
March 1941. (GB 122). Vol. VI, Pg. 977

*C-182;  Directive No. 2 from Supreme Commander Armed
Forces, initialled Jodl, 11 March 1938. (USA 77). Vol. VI,
Pg. 1017

*D-777;  Draft of directive, 15 June 1944, from OKW to
Supreme Commander of "Luftwaffe" concerning treatment of
Allied "Terrorist"-flyers. (GB 310). Vol. VII, Pg. 234

*D-779;  Letter from Reichsmarshal to Chief of OKW, 19
August 1944, regarding treatment of Allied "Terrorist"-
flyers. (GB 312). Vol. VII, Pg. 235

*EC-405;  Minutes of Tenth Meeting of Working Committee of
Reichs Defense Council, 26 June 1935. (GB 160). Vol. VII,
Pg. 450

*EC-406;  Minutes of Eleventh Meeting of Reichs Defense
Council, 6 December 1935. (USA 772). Vol. VII, Pg. 455

                                                  [Page 575]
*L-79;  Minutes of conference, 23 May 1939, "Indoctrination
on the political situation and future aims". (USA 27). Vol.
VII, Pg. 847

*L-172;  "The Strategic Position at the Beginning of the 5th
Year of War", a lecture delivered by Jodl on 7 November 1943
at Munich to Reich ad Gauleiters. (USA 34). Vol. VII, Pg.

Statement II;  A Short Historical Consideration of German
War Guilt, by Alfred Jodl, Nurnberg, 6 September 1945. Vol.
VIII, Pg. 662

Statement IX;  My Relationship to Adolf Hitler and to the
Party, by Erich Raeder, Moscow, fall 1945. Vol. VIII, Pg.

**Chart No. 7;  Organization of the Wehrmacht 1938-1945.
(Enlargement displayed to Tribunal.). Vol. VIII, Pg. 776

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