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   Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Volume II, Chapter XVI
                      TO WILHELM KEITEL

                                                  [Page 546]

Charter of the International Military Tribunal, Article 6.
Vol. I, Pg. 5

 International Military Tribunal, Indictment Number 1,
Section IV (H); Appendix A. Vol. I, Pg. 29,66

                                                  [Page 547]

[Note: A single asterisk (*) before a document indicates
that the document was received in evidence at the Nurnberg
trial. A double asterisk (**) before a document number
indicates that the document was referred to during the trial
but was not formally received in evidence, for the reason
given in parentheses following the description of the
document. The USA series number, given in parentheses
following the description of the document, is the official
exhibit number assigned by the court.]

081-PS;  Letter from Rosenberg to Keitel, 28 February 1942,
concerning mistreatment of Soviet prisoners of war. Vol.
III, Pg.  126

*137-PS;  Copy of Order from Keitel to Commanding General of
Netherlands, 5 July 1940, to cooperate with the Einsatzstab
Rosenberg. (USA 379). Vol. III, Pg. 185

138-PS;  Copy of Order from Keitel to Commanding General of
France, 17 September 1940, to cooperate with the Einsatzstab
Rosenberg. Vol. III, Pg. 186

*149-PS;  Hitler Order, 1 March 1942, establishing authority
of Einsatzstab Rosenberg. (USA 369) Vol. III, Pg. 190

*375-PS;  Case Green with wider implications, report of
Intelligence division, Luftwaffe General Staff, 25 August
1938. (USA 84) Vol. III, Pg. 280

                                                  [Page 548]
*388-PS;  File of papers on Case Green (the plan for the
attack on Czechoslovakia), kept by Schmundt, Hitler's
adjutant, April-October 1938. (USA 26). Vol. III, Pg. 305

*440-PS;  Directive No. 8 signed by Keitel, 20 November
1939, for the conduct of the war. (GB 107). Vol. III, Pg.

*444-PS;  Original Directive No. 18 from Fuehrer's
Headquarters signed by Hitler and initialled by Jodl, 12
November 1940, concerning plans for prosecution of war in
Mediterranean Area and occupation of Greece. (GB 116). Vol.
III, Pg. 403

*446-PS;  Top secret Fuehrer Order No. 21 signed by Hitler
and initialled by Jodl, Warlimont and Keitel, 18 December
1940, concerning the Invasion of Russia (case Barbarossa).
(USA 31). Vol. III, Pg. 407

*447-PS;  Top Secret Operational Order to Order No. 21,
signed by Keitel, 13 March 1941, concerning Directives for
special areas. (USA 135). Vol. III, Pg. 409

*448-PS;  Hitler Order No. 22, initialled by Keitel and
Jodl, 11 January 1941, concerning participation of German
Forces in the Fighting in the Mediterranean Theater of
Operations. (GB 118). Vol. III, Pg. 413

*498-PS;  Top Secret Fuehrer Order for killing of commandos,
18 October 1942. (USA 501). Vol. III, Pg. 416

*503-PS;  Letter signed by Jodl, 19 October 1942, concerning
Hitler's explanation of his commando order of the day before
(Document 498-PS). (USA 542). Vol. III, Pg. 426

                                                  [Page 549]
*508-PS;  OKW correspondence, November 942, about shooting
of British glider troops in Norway. (USA 545). Vol. III, Pg.

*509-PS;  Telegram to OKW, 7 November 1943, reporting
"special treatment" for three British commandos. (USA 547).
Vol. III, Pg. 433

*512-PS;  Teletype from Army Commander in Norway, 13
December 1942, concerning interrogation of saboteurs before
shooting; and memorandum in reply from OKW, 14 December
1942. (USA 546). Vol. III, Pg. 433

*531-PS;  OKW memorandum, 23 June 1944, citing inquiry from
Supreme Command West about treatment of paratroopers. (USA
550). Vol. III, Pg. 435

*537-PS;  Order signed by Keitel, 30 July 1944, concerning
treatment of members of foreign "Military Missions",
captured together with partisans. (USA 553). Vol. III, Pg.

*551-PS;  Order signed by Keitel, 26 June 1944, concerning
treatment of Commando participants. (USA 551). Vol. III, Pg.

*553-PS;  Order signed by Keitel, 4 August 1942, regulating
treatment of paratroops. (USA 500). Vol. III, Pg. 441

*556-2-PS;  Order initialled by Keitel, 8 September 1942,
for civilians to work on "West Wall". (USA 194). Vol. III,
Pg. 443

*656-PS;  Letter, undated, from Bormann to Political
leaders, enclosing Order of Supreme Command of the
Wehrmacht, 29 January 1943, relating to self-defense against
prisoners of war. (USA 339). Vol. III, Pg. 470

                                                  [Page 550]

666-PS;  Directives issued by the Fuehrer and Supreme
Commander of the Armed Forces signed by Keitel, 7 December
1941, for prosecution of offenses against the Reich. Vol.
III, Pg. 474

*668-PS;  Letter from Chief of the SIPO and SD and OKW
letter, 24 June 1942, concerning prosecution of punishable
offenses against the Reich or occupation forces in occupied
territories. (USA 504). Vol. III, Pg. 476

*686-PS;  Decree of the Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor to
strengthen German Folkdom, 7 October 1939, signed by Hitler,
Goering, Lammers and Keitel. (USA 305). Vol. III, Pg. 496

695-PS;  OKW Order signed by Reinecke, 24 March 1942,
concerning treatment of Soviet prisoners of war. Vol. III,
Pg. 498

*728-PS;  Letter of Foreign Office to Chief of Supreme
Command of Armed Forces, 20 June 1944, concerning treatment
of enemy terror aviators. (GB 152). Vol. III, Pg. 526

729-PS;  Handwritten note initialled Keitel, 14 June 1944,
concerning treatment of enemy terror aviators. Vol. III, Pg.

730-PS;  Draft of letter to Foreign Office, attention
Ambassador Ritter, 15 June 1944, concerning treatment of
enemy aviators. Vol. III, Pg. 530

731-PS;  Memorandum initialled by Jodl, 22 May, concerning
measures to be taken against Anglo-American air crews in
special instances. Vol. III, Pg. 531

732-PS;  Letter from Feske to Keitel, 19 June 1944,
concerning treatment of enemy terror aviators. Vol. III, Pg.

                                                  [Page 551]

733-PS;  Telephone memorandum, 26 June 1944, concerning
treatment of terror aviators. Vol. III, Pg. 533

*735-PS;  Minutes of meeting, 6 June 1944, to fix the cases
in which the application of Lynch Law against Allied airmen
would be justified. (GB 151). Vol. III, Pg. 536

737-PS;  Conference Notes, 4 June 1944, concerning treatment
of enemy terror aviators. Vol. III, Pg. 537

*740-PS;  Letter from Warlimont, 30 June 1944, concerning
treatment of enemy terror aviators. (GB 153). Vol. III, Pg.

743-PS;  Order signed by Keitel, 8 September 1944,
instructing the Armed Forces to support Koch in the
exploitation and evacuation of Baltic territories. Vol. III,
Pg. 539

*795-PS;  Keitel's conference, 17 August 1939, concerning
giving Polish uniforms to Heydrich. (GB 54). Vol. III, Pg.

*798-PS;  Hitler's speech to Commanders-in-Chief, at
Obersalzberg, 22 August 1939. (USA 29). Vol. III, Pg. 581

829-PS;  Order signed by Keitel, 16 December 1941, for
ruthless suppression of uprisings in occupied territories.
Vol. III, Pg. 597

833-PS;  Instructions by Admiral Canaris, Head of the
Abwehr, 2 February 1942, concerning prosecution of crimes
against the Reich or occupying forces in the occupied
territories. Vol. III, Pg. 600

*865-PS;  Correspondence between Keitel, Rosenberg and
Lammers, April 1941, concerning appointment of Jodl and
Warlimont as OKW representatives with Rosenberg. (USA 143).
Vol. III, Pg.  621

                                                  [Page 552]
870-PS;  Report of December 1944 from Terboven to Hitler
concerning sabotage in Oslo, with marginal comment by Keitel
approving suggestion to shoot relatives of saboteurs. Vol.
III, Pg. 623

*871-PS;  Teletype from Keitel to Lammers, 6 December 1944,
agreeing that reprisals must be ruthless. (GB 322). Vol.
III, Pg. 626

*872-PS;  Memorandum of Discussion between the Fuehrer and
the OKW, concerning case "Barbarossa" and "Sonnenblume"
(African operation). (USA 134). Vol. III, Pg. 626

874-PS;  Draft letter to Todt, initialled K, J, and W, 9
March 1941, concerning Deception measures. Vol. III, Pg. 634

878-PS;  Draft of Order signed by Keitel, 12 September 1941,
providing that Jews may be put in labor-columns. Vol. III,
Pg. 636

*1014-PS;  Hitler's speech to Commanders-in-Chief, 22 August
1939. (USA 30). Vol. III, Pg. 665

*1039-PS;  Report concerning preparatory work regarding
problems in Eastern Territories, 28 June 1941, found in
Rosenberg's "Russia File". (USA 146). Vol. III, Pg. 695

1107-PS;  Office memorandum, 17 May 1944, in Rosenberg
Ministry concerning the Wehrmacht's function in removing
treasures from the USSR. Vol. III, Pg. 789

1161-PS;  OKW, 31 May 1940, setting up economic
reconnaissance teams to procure all important stocks of raw
materials, machinery, etc. in Belgium, Holland and Northern
France. Vol. III, Pg. 816

                                                  [Page 553]

*1292-PS;  Memorandum of conference with Hitler, 4 January
1944, concerning | allocation of labor, 1944. (USA 225).
Vol. III, Pg. 866

*1456-PS;  Thomas memorandum 20 June 1941; Keitel consulted
about resources of USSR. (USA 148). Vol. IV, Pg. 21

*1519-PS;  Circular from Bormann, 30 September 1941,
containing text of OKW of 8 September 1941 on treatment of
Soviet prisoners of war. (GB 525). Vol. IV, Pg. 58

*1538-PS;  Report from German Military Attache in Tokyo to
Office Foreign Intelligence, 24 May 1941. (USA 154). Vol.
IV, Pg. 100

*1541-PS;  Directive No. 20, Operation Marita, 13 December
1940. (GB 117). Vol. IV, Pg. 101

1546-PS;  Raeder memorandum, 9 April 1940, concerning
occupation of Norway. Vol. IV, Pg. 104

1590-PS;  Order received by OKH signed by Keitel, 1 October
1941, containing regulations for the shooting of hostages.
Vol. IV, Pg. 127

1642-PS;  Distribution list, 1 March 1941, for secret map of
Soviet Union. Vol. IV, Pg. 154

*1666-PS;  Decree appointing Sauckel General Plenipotentiary
for Manpower, 21 March 1942 and decree of Goering conferring
certain powers on Sauckel, 27 March 1942. 1942
Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, pp. 179-180. (USA 208). Vol. IV,
Pg. 182

*1746-PS;  Conference between German and Bulgarian Generals,
8 February 1941; speech by Hitler to German High Command on
situation in Yugoslavia, 27 March 1941; plan for invasion of
Yugoslavia, 28 March 1941. (GB 120). Vol. IV, Pg. 272

                                                  [Page 554]

*1774-PS;  Extracts from Organizational Law of the Greater
German Reich by Ernst Rudolf Huber. (GB 246). Vol. IV, Pg.

*1775-PS;  Propositions to Hitler by OKW, 14 February 1938.
(USA 73). Vol. IV, Pg. 357

*1780-PS;  Excerpts from diary kept by General Jodl, January
1937 to August 1939. (USA 72). Vol. IV, Pg. 360

*1809-PS;  Entries from Jodl's diary, February 1940 to May
1940. (GB 88). Vol. IV, Pg. 377

1915-PS;  Decree concerning leadership of Armed Forces, 4
February 1938. 1938 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 111. Vol.
IV, Pg. 552

1954-PS;  Deposition of Keitel, 3 August 1945, on his
official functions and relation to Nazi Party. Vol. IV, Pg.

*2018-PS;  Fuehrer's decree establishing a Ministerial
Council for Reich Defense, 30 August 1939. 1939
Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 1539. (GB 250). Vol. IV, Pg.

*2031-PS;  Decree establishing a Secret Cabinet Council, 4
February 1938. 1938 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 112. (GB
217). Vol. IV, Pg. 654

2039-PS;  Decree concerning the conditions of employment of
Eastern workers, 30 June 1942. 1942 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part
I, p. 419. Vol. IV, Pg. 655

*2194-PS;  Top secret letter from Ministry for Economy and
Labor, Saxony, to Reich Protector in Bohemia and Moravia,
enclosing copy of 1938 Secret Defense Law of 4 September
1938. (USA 36). Vol. IV, Pg. 843

                                                  [Page 555]
2231-PS;  Excerpt from von Stutterheim, "Die Reichskanzlei"
(1940), pp. 19-34. Vol. IV, Pg. 873

*2285-PS;  Affidavit, 13 May 1945, by two French officers,
about shooting of prisoners at Mauthausen. (USA 490). Vol.
IV, Pg. 991

*2329-PS;  Order by Commander in Chief of the Army, 7
October 1939. (GB 105). Vol. IV, Pg. 1037

*2353-PS;  Extracts from General Thomas' Basic Facts for
History of German War and Armament Economy. (USA 35). Vol.
IV, Pg. 1071

*2608-PS;  Frick's lecture, 7 March 1940, on "The
Administration in Wartime". (USA 714). Vol. V, Pg. 327

2746-PS;  Decree concerning organization of Criminal
Jurisdiction against Poles and Jews in Incorporated
Territories, 4 December 1941. 1941 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part
I, pp. 759-761. Vol. V, Pg. 386

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