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**3047-PS;  File notes on conference in Fuehrer's train on
12 September 1939; report on execution of Jews in Borrisow;
and entries from diary of Admiral Canaris. (USA 80)
(Referred to but not offered in evidence.) Vol. V, Pg. 766

*3054-PS;  "The Nazi Plan", script of a motion picture
composed of captured German film. (USA 167) Vol. V, Pg. 801

*3059-PS;  German Foreign Office memorandum, 19 August 1938,
on payments to Henlein's Sudeten German Party between 1935
and 1938. (USA 96) Vol. V, Pg. 855

*3060-PS;  Dispatch from German Minister in Prague to
Foreign Office in Berlin about policy arrangements with
Henlein, 16 March 1938. (USA 93) Vol. V, Pg. 856

*3061-PS;  Supplement No. 2 to the Official Czechoslovak
Report entitled "German Crimes Against Czechoslovakia"
(document 998-PS). (USA 126) Vol. V, Pg. 857

*3308-PS;  Affidavit by Paul Otto Gustav Schmidt, 28
November 1945. (GB 288) Vol. V, Pg. 1100

*3319-PS;  Foreign Office Correspondence and reports on anti-
Jewish action in foreign countries. (GB 287) Vol. VI, Pg. 4

*3358-PS;  German Foreign Office circular, 31 January 1939,
"The Jewish Question as a factor in German Foreign Policy in
the year 1938". (GB 158) Vol. VI, Pg. 87

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3638-PS;  Memorandum of Ribbentrop, 1 October 1938,
concerning his conversation with Ciano about the Polish
demands made on Czechoslovakia. Vol. VI, Pg. 400

3688-PS;  Notice from the Foreign Office, 24 September 1942,
concerning evacuation of Jews from Occupied Territories.
Vol. VI, Pg. 403

*3817-PS;  File of correspondence and reports by Dr.
Haushofer on Asiatic situation. (USA 790) Vol. VI, Pg. 752

*C-2;  Examples of violations of International Law and
proposed counter propaganda, issued by OKW, 1 October 1938.
(USA  90) Vol. VI, Pg. 799

*C-77;  Memorandum from Chief of High Command to Navy High
Command, 18 May 1941. (GB 146) Vol. VI, Pg. 908

*C-120;  Directives for Armed Forces 1939-40 for "Fall
Weiss", operation against Poland. (GB 41) Vol. VI, Pg. 916

*C-134;  Letter from Jodl enclosing memorandum on conference
between German and Italian Generals on 19 January  1941 and
subsequent speech by Hitler, 20 January  1941. (GB 119) Vol.
VI, Pg. 939

*C-137;  Keitel's appendix of 24 November 1938 to Hitler
Order of 21 October 1938. (GB 33) Vol. VI, Pg. 949

*D-472;  Ribbentrop's actions as Foreign Minister, from
International Biographical Archives, 22 April 1943. (GB 130)
Vol. VII, Pg. 59

*D-490;  Interrogation of Ribbentrop, 20 September 1945. (GB
138) Vol. VII, Pg. 66

*D-629;  Letter from Keitel to Ribbentrop, 3 April 1940. (GB
141) Vol. VII, Pg. 99

*D-636;  Extract from "Examination of Descent of SS
Leaders", concerning von Ribbentrop. (GB 131) Vol. VII, Pg.

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*D-639;  Decree of the Fuehrer concerning exercise of
Governmental Authority in Netherlands, 18 May 1940. 1940
Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 778. (GB 154) Vol. VII, Pg.

*D-656;  Extract of 29 November 1941 from Intercepted
Diplomatic Messages sent by Japanese Government between 1
July 1941 and 8 December 1941. (GB 148) Vol. VII, Pg. 160

*D-657;  Extract of 8 December 1941 from Intercepted
Diplomatic Messages sent by Japanese Government between 1
July 1941 and 8 December 1941. (GB 149) Vol. VII, Pg. 163

D-734;  Note of conversation between Reich Foreign Minister
and Duce in presence of von Mackenson, Alfieri and
Bastianini, 25 February 1943. Vol. VII, Pg. 188

*D-735;  Memorandum of conference between German Foreign
Minister and Count Ciano in presence of Keitel and Marshal
Cavallero, 19 December 1942. (GB 295) Vol. VII, Pg. 190

*D-736;  Notes on discussion between Fuehrer and Horthy on
17 April 1943. (GB 283) Vol. VII, Pg. 190

*D-737;  Memorandum on reception of Hungarian Prime Minister
and Foreign Minister by German Foreign Minister on 29 April
1939. (GB 289) Vol. VII, Pg. 192

*D-738;  Memorandum on second conference between German
Foreign Minister with Hungarian Prime and Foreign Minister
on 1 May 1939. (GB 290) Vol. VII, Pg. 193

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*D-740;  Minutes of conference between German Foreign
Minister and Secretary of State Bastianini on 8 April 1943.
(GB 297) Vol. VII, Pg. 194

*D-741;  Memorandum on conference between German Foreign
Minister and Ambassador Alfieri on 21 February 1943 in
Berlin. (GB 296) Vol. VII, Pg. 196

*D-744-A;  File of the Reichsfuehrer-SS with personal record
of SS Obergruppenfuehrer Ribbentrop. (GB 294) Vol. VII, Pg.

*D-744-A;  File of the Reichsfuehrer-SS with personal record
of SS Obergruppenfuehrer Ribbentrop. (GB 294) Vol. VII, Pg.

*D-775;  Draft of directive, 14 June 1944, from OKW to
Supreme Commander of "Luftwaffe", regarding treatment of
Allied "Terrorist"-flyers. (GB 308) Vol. VII, Pg. 232

*D-776;  Draft of directive of Chief of OKW, 15 June 1944,
to German Foreign Office at Salzburg, concerning treatment
of Allied "Terrorist"-flyers. (GB 309) Vol. VII, Pg. 233

*D-777;  Draft of directive, 15 June 1944, from OKW to
Supreme Commander of "Luftwaffe" concerning treatment of
Allied 'Terrorist"-flyers. (GB 310) Vol. VII, Pg. 234

*D-778;  Notes, 18 June 1944, concerning treatment of Anglo-
American "Terrorist"-flyers. (GB 311) Vol. VII, Pg. 235

*D-780;  Draft of communication from Ambassador Ritter,
Salzburg, to Chief of OKW, 20 June 1944, on treatment of
Allied "Terrorist"-flyers. (GB 313) Vol. VII, Pg. 236

*D-782;  Note from German Foreign Office, Salzburg, 25 June
1944, to OKW. (GB 315) Vol. VII, Pg. 239

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*D-784;  Note from Operation Staff of OKW signed Warlimont,
30 June 1944, concerning treatment of Allied "Terrorist"-
flyers. (GB 317) Vol. VII, Pg. 240

*D-786;  Note, 5 July 1944, on "Terror"-flyers. (GB 319) Vol.
VII, Pg. 242

EC-265;  German Foreign Office telegram, 1 October 1940,
concerning the Jews in Occupied French Territory. Vol. VII,
Pg. 375

L-74;  Letter from Ribbentrop to Churchill with covering.
letter addressed to Field Marshal Montgomery. Vol. VII, Pg.

*L-79;  Minutes of conference, 23 May 1939, "Indoctrination
on the political situation and future aims". (USA 27) Vol.
VII, Pg. 847

L-202;  State Department dispatch from D. H. Buffum,
American Consul at Leipzig, 21 November 1938, concerning
Anti-Semitic Onslaught in Germany as seen from Leipzig. Vol.
VII, Pg. 1037

*L-205;  Telegram from Kennedy to Department of State, 8
December 1938. (GB 157) Vol. VII, Pg. 1041

*M-158;  Telegram, 23 December 1939, regarding location of
Nazi organizations in Madrid. (GB 285) Vol. VIII, Pg. 51

*TC-23;  Agreement between Germany, the United Kingdom,
France and Italy, 29 September 1938. (GB 23) Vol. VIII, Pg.

*TC-24;  Treaty of non-aggression between German Reich and
Kingdom of Denmark, 31 May 1939. (GB 77) Vol. VIII, Pg. 373

*TC-25;  Non-aggression Treaty between Germany and USSR and
announcement of 25 September 1939 relating to it. (GB 145)
Vol. VIII, Pg. 375

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*TC-51;  Decree establishing the Protectorate of Bohemia and
Moravia, 16 March 1939. (GB 8) Vol. VIII, Pg. 404

*TC-53-A;  Marginal note to decree of final incorporation of
Memel with German Reich, 23 March 1939, from Documents of
German Politics, Part VII, p. 552. (GB 4) Vol. VIII, Pg. 408

TC-73 No. 37;  Polish White Book. Hitler's Reichstag speech,
20 February 1938. Vol. VIII, Pg. 481

TC-73 No. 40;  Polish White Book. Lipski and Ribbentrop, 10
September 1988. Vol. VIII, Pg. 481

TC-73 No. 42;  Polish White Book. Extracts from speech by
Hitler at Sportz Palast, 26 September 1938. Vol. VIII, Pg.

*TC-73 No. 44;  Polish White Book. Lipski, Ribbentrop
luncheon, conversation, 24 October 1938. (GB 27-A) Vol.
VIII, Pg. 483

*TC-73 No. 45;  Polish White Book. Beck's instructions to
Lipski, 31 October 1938. (GB 27-B) Vol. VIII, Pg. 484

*TC-73 No. 48;  Polish White Book. Beck and Hitler
conversation, 5 January 1939. (GB 34) Vol. VIII, Pg. 486

*C-73 No. 49;  Polish White Book. Beck and Ribbentrop
conversation, 6 January 1939. (GB 35) Vol. VIII, Pg. 488

*TC-73 No. 57;  Polish White Book. Hitler's Reichstag
speech, 30 January 1939. (GB 37) Vol. VIII, Pg. 488

*TC-73 No. 61;  Polish White Book. Ribbentrop and Lipski
conversation, 21 March 1939. (GB 38) Vol. VIII, Pg. 489

TC-73 No. 147;  Polish White Book. Final report of former
Polish Ambassador in Berlin, 10 October 1939. Vol. VIII, Pg.

*TC-76;  Note for Reichsminister, 26 August 1938. (GB 31)
Vol. VIII, Pg.515

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Affidavit A;  Affidavit of Erwin Lahousen, 21 January 1946,
substantially the same as his testimony on direct
examination before the International Military Tribunal at
30 November 1945 and 1 December 1945. Vol. VIII, Pg. 587

*Chart No. 1;  National Socialist German Workers' Party.
(2903-PS; USA 2) Vol. VIII, Pg. 770

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