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   Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Volume II, Chapter XVI
                                                  [Page 451]
 Legal References and List of Documents Relating to Hermann
                       Wilhelm Goering

Charter of the International Military Tribunal, Article 6.
Vol. I, Pg 6

International Military Tribunal, Indictment Number 1,
Section IV (H); Appendix A. Vol. I, Pg. 29,57

[Note: A single asterisk (*) before a document indicates
that the document was received in evidence at the Nurnberg
trial. A double asterisk (**) before a document number
indicates that the document was referred to during the trial
but was not formally received in evidence, for the reason
given ir parentheses following the description of the
document. The USA series number, given in parentheses
following the description of the document, is the official
exhibit number assigned by the court.]

                                                  [Page 452]
*069-PS; Letter from Bormann to Rosenberg, 17 January 1939,
enclosing order of 28 December 1938, concerning decisions on
Jewish question. (USA 589). Vol. III, Pg. 116

*141-PS; Goering Order, 5 November 1940, concerning seizure
of Jewish art treasures. (USA 368) . Vol. III, Pg. 188

*343-PS; Letter from Milch, Chief of the Personal Staff, to
Himmler, 31 August 1942, and letter from Milch to Wolff, 20
May 1942. (USA 463) . Vol. III, Pg. 266

*375-PS; Case Green with wider implications, report of
Intelligence Division, Luftwaffe General Staff, 25 August
1938. (USA 84) . Vol. III, Pg. 280

*376-PS;  Top secret memorandum signed by Major Falkenstein,
29 October 1940, concerning current military questions,
including question of occupation of Atlantic Islands
referring to the United States. (USA 161) . Vol. III, Pg.

*386-PS;  Notes on a conference with Hitler in the Reich
Chancellery, Berlin, 5 November 1937, signed by Hitler's
adjutant, Hossbach, and dated 10 November 1937. (USA 25) .
Vol. III, Pg. 295

*440-PS;  Directive No. 8 signed by Keitel, 20 November
1939, for the conduct of the war. (GB 107) . Vol. III, Pg.

*447-PS;  Top Secret Operational Order to Order No. 21,
signed by Keitel, 13 March 1941, concerning Directives for
special areas. (USA 135) . Vol. III, Pg. 409

*638-PS;  Extract from minutes of Dr. Joel, 6 October 1942,
concerning Special Purpose Group for Commando activities.
(USA 788) . Vol. III, Pg. 452

                                                  [Page 453]
*686-PS;  Decree of the Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor to
strengthen German Folkdom, 7 October 1939, signed by Hitler,
Goering, Lammers and Keitel. (USA 305) . Vol. III, Pg. 496

*710-PS;  Letter from Goering to Heydrich, 31 July 1941,
concerning solution of Jewish question. (USA 509) . Vol.
III, Pg. 525

*789-PS;  Speech of the Fuehrer at a conference, 23 November
1939, to which all Supreme Commanders were ordered. (USA 23)
. Vol. III, Pg. 572

*798-PS;  Hitler's speech to Commanders-in-Chief, at
Obersalzberg, 22 August 1939. (USA 29) . Vol. III, Pg. 581

*1014-PS;  Hitler's speech to Commanders-in-Chief, 22 August
1939. (USA 30) . Vol. III, Pg. 665

*1015-I-PS;  Letter from Goering to Rosenberg, 30 May 1942.
(USA 385) . Vol. III, Pg. 670

*1117-PS;  Goering Order, 1 May 1941, concerning
establishment of Einsatzstab Rosenberg in all Occupied
Territories. (USA 384) . Vol. III, Pg. 793

*1157-PS;  Report on conference, 29 April 1941, concerning
top secret plan for Economic exploitation of Soviet Areas
(Oldenburg Plan). (USA 141) . Vol. III, Pg. 811

*1183-PS;  Letter of Commissioner for FourYear Plan, 29
January 1942, concerning increased mobilization of manpower
from Occupied Territories and preparation for mobilization
by force. (USA 585) . Vol. III, Pg. 830

                                                  [Page 454]

1188-PS;  Decree of Fuehrer concerning economy in newly
Occupied Eastern Territories, 20 May 1941, and attached
comment. Vol. III, Pg. 832

*1193-PS;  Letter, 14 November 1941, transmitting report of
conference of 7 November 1941 about employment of Soviet
Russians. (USA 785) . Vol. III, Pg. 834

*1206-PS;  Notes of Goering's remarks at the Air Ministry, 7
November 1941, concerning employment of laborers in war
industries. (USA 215) . Vol. III, Pg. 841

*1208-PS;  Goering Order, 10 December 1938, concerning
Jewish question. (USA 590) . Vol. III, Pg. 845

*1301-PS;  File relating to financing of armament including
minutes of conference with Goering at the Air Ministry, 14
October 1938, concerning acceleration of rearmament. (USA
123) . Vol. III, Pg. 868

*1317-PS;  Top secret notes taken by Hamann of a discussion
of the economic exploitation of Russia, presided over by
General Thomas, 28 February 1941 (USA 140) . Vol. III, Pg.

*1375-PS;  Letter from Frank to Goering, 25 January 1940.
(USA 172) . Vol. III, Pg. 925

1406-PS;  Decree for reporting of Jewish owned property, 26
April 1938. 1938 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p.414. . Vol.
III, Pg. 1001

1412-PS;  Decree relating to payment of fine by Jews of
German nationality, 12 November 1938. 1938
Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 1579. Vol. IV, Pg. 6

                                                  [Page 455]

*1584-I-PS;  Teletype from Goering to Himmler, 14 February
1944, concerning formation of 7th Airforce Group squadron
for special purposes. (USA 221) .Vol. IV, Pg. 117

*1584-III-PS;  Correspondence between Himmler and Goering, 9
March 1944, concerning use of concentration camp inmates in
aircraft industry (USA 457) .Vol. IV, Pg. 118

**1654-PS;  Law of 16 March 1935 reintroducing universal
military conscription. 1935 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p.
369. (Referred to but not offered in evidence.) .Vol. IV,
Pg. 163

1665-PS;  Order concerning treatment of property of
Nationals of the former Polish State, 17 September 1940.
1940 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 1270. Vol. IV, Pg. 173

*1666-PS;  Decree appointing Sauckel General Plenipotentiary
for Manpower, 21 March 1942 and decree of Goering conferring
certain powers on Sauckel, 27 March 1942. 1942
Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, pp. 179-180. (USA 208) .Vol. IV,
Pg. 182

*1709-PS;  Report of Special Delegate for art seizures, July
1943. (USA 378) .Vol. IV, Pg. 211

*1742-PS;  Directives to Army Commands from Goering, 26
October 1942, concerning combatting of partisan activities.
(USA 789) .Vol. IV, Pg. 262

*1743-PS;  Guiding principles for the economic operations in
the newly occupied Eastern territories, June 1941. (USA 587)
.Vol. IV, Pg. 263

                                                  [Page 456]
*1746-PS;  Conference between German and Bulgarian Generals,
8 February 1941; speech by Hitler to German High Command on
situation in Yugoslavia, 27 March 1941; plan for invasion of
Yugoslavia, 28 March 1941. (GB 120) .Vol. IV, Pg. 272

*1780-PS;  Excerpts from diary kept by General Jodl, January
1937 to August 1939. (USA 72) .Vol. IV, Pg. 360

*1809-PS;  Entries from Jodl's diary, February 1940 to May
1940. (GB 88) .Vol. IV, Pg. 377

*1816-PS;  Stenographic report of the meeting on The Jewish
Question, under the Chairmanship of Fieldmarshal Goering, 12
November 1938. (USA 261) .Vol. IV, Pg. 425

1862-PS;  Ordinance for execution of Four Year Plan, 18
October 1936. 1936 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 887.Vol.
IV, Pg. 499

*2018-PS;  Fuehrer's decree establishing a Ministerial
Council for Reich Defense, 30 August 1939. 1939
Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 1539. (GB 250) .Vol. IV, Pg.

*2031-PS;  Decree establishing a Secret Cabinet Council, 4
February 1938. 1938 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 112. (GB
217) .Vol. IV, Pg. 654

2089-PS;  Decree relating to Reich Air Ministry, 5 May 1933.
1933 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 241. .Vol. IV, Pg. 719

2104-PS;  Law on organization of Secret State Police office,
26 April 1933. 1933 Preussische Gesetzsammlung, p. 122.Vol.
IV, Pg. 730

2105-PS;  Law on Secret State Police of 30 November 1933.
1933 Preussische Gesetzsammlung, p. 413. Vol. IV, Pg. 731

2108-PS;  Law on Secret State Police of 10 February 1936.
1936 Preussische Gesetzsammlung, pp. 21-22. .Vol. IV, Pg.

                                                  [Page 457]

2108-PS;  Decree for execution of Law on Secret State Police
of 10 February 1936. 1936 Preussische Gesetzsammlung, pp. 22-
24.Vol. IV, Pg. 732

*2168-PS;  Book by SA Sturmfuehrer Dr. Ernst Bayer, entitled
"The SA", depicting the history, work, aim and organization
of the SA. (USA 411) .Vol. IV, Pg. 772

*2194-PS;  Top secret letter from Ministry for Economy and
Labor, Saxony, to Reich Protector in Bohemia and Moravia,
enclosing copy of 1938 Secret Defense Law of 4 September
1938. (USA 36) .Vol. IV, Pg. 843

*2233-A-PS;  Frank Diary, Abteilungsleitersitzungen, 1939-
1940. Minutes of conferences, December and May 1940. (USA
173) .Vol. IV, Pg. 883

*2261-PS;  Directive from Blomberg to Supreme Commanders of
Army, Navy and Air Forces, 24 June 1935; accompanied by copy
of Reich Defense Law of 21 May 1935 and copy of Decision of
Reich Cabinet of 12 May 1935 on the Council for defense of
the Reich. (USA 24) .Vol. IV, Pg. 934

*2292-PS;  Interview of Goering by representative of London
Daily Mail, concerning the German Air Force, from German
report in The Archive, March 1935, p. 1830. (USA 52) .Vol.
IV, Pg. 995

*2324-PS;  Extracts from Reconstruction of a Nation, by
Hermann Goering, 1934. (USA 233) .Vol. IV, Pg. 1033

2344-PS;  Reconstruction of a Nation by Goering, 1934, p.
89. .Vol. IV, Pg. 1065

*2385-PS;  Affidavit of George S. Messersmith, 30 August
1945. (USA 68) .Vol. V, Pg. 23

                                                  [Page 458]

*2523-PS;  Account of conversations between Goering and
Bunjes. (USA 783) .Vol. V, Pg. 258

2532-PS;  Extract from The Third Reich, by Gerd Ruehle.
.Vol. V, Pg. 268

*2801-PS;  Minutes of conversation between Goering and
Slovak Minister Durkansky (probably late fall or early
winter 1938-39). (USA 109) .Vol. V, Pg. 442

*2827-PS;  Extract from The Third Reich, concerning Four
Years Plan, pp. 250-253. (USA 577) .Vol. V, Pg. 474

*2836-PS;  Affidavit of offices and positions held by
Goering. (USA 4) .Vol. V, Pg. 503

2875-PS;  Decree on exclusion of Jews from German economic
life, 12 November 1938. .Vol. V, Pg. 536

*2949-PS;  Transcripts of telephone calls from Air Ministry
March 11-14, 1938. (USA 76) .Vol. V, Pg. 628

*2950-PS;  Affidavit of Frick, 19 November 1945. (USA 448)
.Vol. V, Pg. 654

*2962-PS;  Minutes of meeting of Reich Cabinet, 15 March
1933. (USA 578) .Vol. V, Pg. 669

*2986-PS;  Affidavit of the defendant, Wilhelm Frick, 19
November 1945. (USA 409) .Vol. V, Pg. 688

*3005-PS;  Letter from Reich Labor Ministry to Presidents of
Regional Labor Offices, 26 August 1941, concerning use of
Russian PWs. (USA 213) .Vol. V, Pg. 727

*3042-PS;  Affidavit of Dr. Kajetan Muehlmann, 19 November
1945. (USA 375) .Vol. V, Pg. 754

**3047-PS;  File notes on conference in Fuehrer's train on
12 September 1939; report on execution of Jews in Borrisow;
and entries from diary of Admiral Canaris. (USA 80)
(Referred to but not offered in evidence.) .Vol. V, Pg. 766

                                                  [Page 459]

*3051-PS;  Three teletype orders from Heydrich to all
stations of State Police, 10 November 1938, on measures
against Jews, and one order from Heydrich on termination of
protest actions. (USA 240) .Vol. V, Pg. 797

*3054-PS;  "The Nazi Plan", script of a motion picture
composed of captured German film. (USA 167) .Vol. V, Pg. 801

*3058-PS;  Letter from Heydrich to Goering, 11 November
1938, reporting action against the Jews. (USA 508) .Vol. V,
Pg. 854

3251-PS;  Extracts from Reconstruction of a Nation by
Hermann Goering. .Vol. V, Pg. 956

*3252-PS;  Extract from book Hermann Goering, The Man and
His Work, by Eric Gritzbach, 1937. (USA 424) .Vol. V, Pg.

*3259-PS;  Extract from book Hermann Goering, The Man and
His Work, by Eric Gritzbach, p. 69. (USA 424) .Vol. V, Pg.

3440-PS;  Speech of Goering entitled The Victory over
Communism in Germany, published in The Archive, November-
December 1934, pp.1153-4. Vol. VI, Pg. 150

*3441-PS;  Speech by Goering, published in Speeches and
Papers, 1939, p. 242. (USA 437) .Vol. VI, Pg. 150

*3442-PS;  Hitler's address to the Reichstag, 13 July 1934,
published in The Archive, Vols. 4-6, p. 505. (USA 576).Vol.
VI, Pg. 151

*3458-PS;  Speech by Hermann Goering on 15 September 1935,
from The Third Reich. (USA 588) .Vol. VI, Pg. 158

                                                  [Page 460]

*3460-PS;  Speech by Goering, from Hermann Goering Speeches
and Papers. (USA 437) .Vol. VI, Pg. 160

3461-PS;  Excerpt from, Hermann Goering: Reconstruction of a
Nation. .Vol. VI, Pg. 160

*3471-PS;  Letter from Keppler to Bodenschatz, 21 February
1938, with enclosures noting activity of Leopold as leader
of Austrian Nazis and possible appointment of Klausner as
his successor. (USA 583) .Vol. VI, Pg. 195

*3472-PS;  Letter from Keppler to Goering, 9 February 1938,
requesting that Leopold be forbidden to negotiate with
Schuschnigg except with approval of Reich authorities. (USA
582) .Vol. VI, Pg. 196

*3473-PS;  Letter from Keppler to Goering, 6 January 1938,
giving details of Nazi intrigue in Austria. (USA 581) .Vol.
VI, Pg. 197

*3474-PS;  Manuscript notes by Bodenschatz on conference of
German Air Forces leaders, 2 December 1936. (USA 580) .Vol.
VI, Pg. 199

*3568-PS;  Letter from SS Main Office, 25 July 1942,
concerning enrollment into SS of Reichsminister Albert
Speer. (USA 575) .Vol. VI, Pg. 256

*3740-PS;  Affidavit of Franz Halder, 6 March 1946. (USA
779) .Vol. VI, Pg. 635

3766-PS;  Report prepared by the German Army in France 1942
concerning removal of French art objects through the German
Embassy and the Einsatzstab Rosenberg in France. .Vol. VI,
Pg. 646

3775-PS;  Letter from Goering to his brother-in-law, 21
November 1940, concerning bomb destruction in England. Vol.
VI, Pg. 652

                                                  [Page 461]

*3786-PS;  Stenographic transcript of a meeting in the
Fuehrer's Headquarters, 27 January 1945. (USA 787) .Vol. VI,
Pg. 655

*3787-PS;  Report of the Second Meeting of the Reich Defense
Council, 25 June 1939. (USA 782) .Vol. VI, Pg. 718

*C-10;  OKW directive, 28 November 1939, signed by Keitel,
subject:. Employment of 7th Flieger Division. (GB 108) .Vol.
VI, Pg. 817

*C-39;  Timetable for Barbarossa, approved by Hitler and
signed by Keitel. (USA 138) .Vol. VI, Pg. 857

*C-59;  Order signed by Warlimont for execution of operation
"Marita", 19 February 1941. (GB 121) .Vol. VI, Pg. 879

*C-62; Directive No. 6 on the conduct of war, signed by
Hitler, 9 October 1939; directive by Keitel, 15 October 1939
on Fall "Gelb". (GB 106) .Vol. VI, Pg. 880

*C-63;  Keitel order on preparation for "Weseruebung", 27
January 1940. (GB 87) .Vol. VI, Pg. 883

*C-72;  Orders postponing "A" day in the West, November 1939
to May 1940. (GB 109) .Vol. VI, Pg. 893

*C-75;  OKW Order No. 24 initialled Jodl, signed Keitel, 5
March 1941, concerning collaboration with Japan. (USA 151)
.Vol. VI, Pg. 906

*C-120;  Directives for Armed Forces 1939-40 for "Fall
Weiss", operation against Poland. (GB 41) .Vol. VI, Pg. 916

*C-126;  Preliminary Time Table for "Fall Weiss" and
directions for secret mobilization. (GB 45) .Vol. VI, Pg.

                                                  [Page 462]

*C-139;  Directive for operation "Schulung" signed by
Blomberg, 2 May 1935. (USA 53) .Vol. VI, Pg. 951

*C-140;  Directive for preparations in event of sanctions,
25 October 1935, signed by Blomberg. (USA 51) .Vol. VI, Pg.

*C-159;  Order for Rhineland occupation signed by Blomberg,
2 March 1936. (USA 54) .Vol. VI, Pg. 974

*C-174;  Hitler Order for operation "Weseruebung", 1 March
1940. (GB 89) .Vol. VI, Pg. 1003

*D-729;  Notes on conversation between Goering and Mussolini
on 23 October 1942. (GB 281) .Vol. VII, Pg. 177

*D-730;  Statement of PW Walther Grosche, 11 December 1945.
(GB 279) .Vol. VII, Pg. 177

*D-731;  Statement of PW Ernst Walde, 13 December 1945. (GB
278) .Vol. VII, Pg. 183

*D-769;  Telegram signed by Gen. Christiansen, 21 September
1940, relative to application of capital punishment in
connection with Railway strike in Holland. (GB 304) .Vol.
VII, Pg. 229

*D-775;  Draft of directive, 14 June 1944, from OKW to
Supreme Commander of "Luftwaffe", regarding treatment of
Allied" Terrorist"-flyers! (GB 308) .Vol. VII, Pg. 232

*D-776;  Draft of directive of Chief of OKW, 15 June 1944,
to German Foreign Office at Salzburg, concerning treatment
of Allied "Terrorist"-flyers. (GB 309) .Vol. VII, Pg. 233

*D-777;  Draft of directive, 15 June 1944, from OKW to
Supreme Commander of "Luftwaffe" concerning treatment of
Allied "Terrorist"-flyers. (GB 310) .Vol. VII, Pg. 234

                                                  [Page 463]

*D-779;  Letter from Reichsmarshal to Chief of OKW, 19
August 1944, regarding treatment of Allied "Terrorist"-
flyers. (GB 312) .Vol. VII, Pg. 235

*D-780;  Draft of communication from Ambassador Ritter,
Salzburg, to Chief of OKW, 20 June 1944, on treatment of
Allied "Terrorist"-flyers. (GB 313) .Vol. VII, Pg. 236

*D-781;  Note of OKW to Supreme Commander of "Luftwaffe", 23
June 1944, regarding treatment of Allied "Terrorist"-flyers.
(GB 314) .Vol. VII, Pg. 239

*D-783;  Note of a telephone communication, 26 June 1944,
with regard to treatment of "Terrorist"-aviators. (GB 316)
.Vol. VII, Pg. 240

*D-785;  Note from OKW to Supreme Commander of "Luftwaffe",
4 July 1944, concerning "Terror"-flyers. (GB 318) .Vol. VII,
Pg. 241

*EC-3;  Letter of Liaison Staff at Supreme Headquarters,
Armament Procurement Office directed to General Thomas,
Chief of Wi Rue Amt, Berlin, 25 November 1941. (USA 318)
.Vol. VII, Pg. 242

*EC-126;  Economic Policy Directive for Economic
Organization, East, Agricultural Group, 23 May 1941. (USA
316) .Vol. VII, Pg. 295

*EC-286;  Correspondence between Schacht and Goering, March-
April 1937, concerning price control. (USA 833) .Vol. VII,
Pg. 380

                                                  [Page 464]

*EC-305;  Minutes of meeting on 12 February 1940, under
Chairmanship of Goering concerning labor supply in the East.
(USA 303) .Vol. VII, Pg.402

*EC-317;  Order of Goering, 7 September 1943, concerning
evacuation of harvest crops and destruction of means of
production in agricultural and food economy in parts of
Occupied Eastern Territories. (USA 786) .Vol. VII, Pg. 405

*EC-408;  Memorandum report about the Four Year Plan and
preparation of the war economy, 30 December 1936. (USA 579)
.Vol. VII, Pg. 465

*EC-410;  Appendix to Goering's directive of 19 October 1939
concerning the economic administration of Occupied
Territories. (USA 298) .Vol. VII, Pg. 466

*EC-472;  Directives of Reich Marshal Goering concerning
economic organization of Occupied Eastern Territories. (USA
315) .Vol. VII, Pg. 539

**L-3;  Contents of Hitler's talk to Supreme Commander and
Commanding Generals, Obersalzberg, 22 August 1939. (USA, 28)
(Referred to but not offered in evidence.) .Vol. VII, Pg.

*L-79;  Minutes of conference, 23 May 1939,"Indoctrination
on the political situation and future aims". (USA 27) .Vol.
VII, Pg. 847

*L-83;  Affidavit of Gerhart H. Seger, 21 July 1945. (USA
234) .Vol. VII, Pg. 859

*L-151;  Report from Ambassador Bullitt to State Department,
23 November 1937, regarding his visit to Warsaw. (USA 70)
.Vol. VII, Pg. 894

                                                  [Page 465]

*L-221;  Bormann report on conference of 16 July 1941,
concerning treatment of Eastern populations and territories.
(USA 317) .Vol. VII, Pg. 1086

*R-133;  Notes on conference with Goering in Westerland on
25 July 1939, signed Mueller, dated Berlin 27 July 1939.
(USA 124) .Vol. VIII, Pg. 202

*R-140;  Secret letter from Goering's adjutant, Major
Conrath, 11 July 1938, enclosing transcript of Goering's
speech of 8 July to representatives of aircraft industry.
(USA 160) .Vol. VIII, Pg. 221

R-148;  Letter from Goering to Supreme Reich authorities, 8
March 1940, concerning treatment of male and female civilian
workers of Polish nationality; also letters, orders, and
memoranda relating thereto. .Vol. VIII, Pg. 251

*TC-27;  German assurances to Czechoslovakia, 11 and 12
March 1938, as reported by M. Masaryk, the Czechoslovak
Minister to London to Viscount Halifax. (GB 21) .Vol. VIII,
Pg. 377

Statement IX;  My Relationship to Adolf Hitler and to the
Party, by Erich Raeder, Moscow, fall 1945. .Vol. VIII, Pg.

*Chart No. 1;  National Socialist German Workers' Party.
(2903-PS; USA 2) .Vol. VIII, Pg. 770

Chart No. 10;  1938 Proposals for Luftwaffe Expansion 1938-
1950. (L-43; GB 29) .Vol. VIII, Pg. 779

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