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*2788-PS; Notes of conference in the Foreign Office between
Ribbentrop, Konrad Henlein, K. H. Frank and others on
program for Sudeten agitation, 29 March 1938. (USA 95) Vol.
V, Pg. 422

*2825-PS; Soldier's Friend -- pocket diary for German Armed
Forces with calendar for 1943. (USA 441) Vol. V, Pg. 462

2946-PS; Decree relating to Special Jurisdiction in Penal
Matters for members of SS and for members of Police Groups
on Special Tasks of 17 June 1939. 1939 Reichsgesetzblatt,
Part I, p. 2107. Vol. V, Pg. 625

2947-PS; Second decree for implementation of decrees
relating to Special jurisdiction in Penal Matters for
members of SS and members of Police Groups on special tasks
of 17 April 1940.1940 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 659.
Vol. V, Pg. 627

                                                  [Page 244]

*2949-PS; Transcripts of telephone calls from Air Ministry,
11 March 1938-14 March 1938. (USA 76) Vol. V, Pg. 628

*2950-PS; Affidavit of Frick, 19 November 1945. (USA 448)
Vol. V, Pg. 654

*2968-PS; Memorandum from US Army officer concerning plaque
erected in Austrian Chancellery in memoriam to killers of
Dollfuss. (USA 60) Vol. V, Pg. 677

*2997-PS; Supplementary report of Supreme Headquarters,
Allied Expeditionary Force, Court of Inquiry, concerning
shooting of Allied Prisoners of War in Normandy, France.
(USA 472) Vol. V, Pg. 716

*3051-PS; Three teletype orders from Heydrich to all
stations of State Police, 10 November 1938, on measures
against Jews, and one order from Heydrich on termination of
protest actions. (USA 240) Vol. V, Pg. 797

*3059-PS; German Foreign Office memorandum, 19 August 1938,
on payments to Henlein's Sudeten German Party between 1935
and 1938. (USA 96) Vol. V, Pg. 855

*3429-PS; Extract from The SS Calls You. (USA 446) Vol. VI,
Pg. 133

3815-PS; Report of the SS, 25 April 1942, concerning the
activities of Hans Frank in Poland. Vol. VI, Pg. 745

*3839-PS; Statement of Josef Spacil, 9 November 1945,
concerning the meaning of "resettlement" and "special
treatment". (USA 799) Vol. VI, Pg. 774

*3840-PS; Statement of Karl Kaleske, 24 February 1946,
concerning the elimination of the Warsaw Ghetto. (USA 803)
Vol. VI, Pg. 775

                                                  [Page 245]

*3841-PS; Statement of SS and Polizeifuehrer Juergen Stroop,
24 February 1946, concerning elimination of the Warsaw
Ghetto. (USA 804) Vol. VI, Pg. 776

*3842-PS; Statement of Fritz Mundhenke, 7 March 1946,
concerning the activities of Kaltenbrunner and SS in
preparation for occupation of Czechoslovakia. (USA 805) Vol.
VI, Pg. 778

*3868-PS; Affidavit of Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Hoess, 5 April
1946, concerning execution of 3,000,000 people at Auschwitz
Extermination Center. (USA 819) Vol. VI, Pg. 787

*3870-PS; Affidavit of Hans Marsalek, 8 April 1946,
concerning Mauthausen Concentration Camp and dying statement
of Franz Ziereis, the Commandant. (USA 797) Vol. VI, Pg. 790

*D-569; File of circulars from Reichsfuehrer SS, the OKW,
Inspector of Concentration Camps, Chief of Security Police
and SD, dating from 29 October 1941 through 22 February
1944, relative to procedure in cases of unnatural death of
Soviet PW, execution of Soviet PW, etc. (GB 277) Vol. VII,
Pg. 74

*D-665; Hitler's license for the SS. (GB 280) Vol. VII, Pg.

*D-745-A; Deposition of Anton Kaindl, 8 March 1946,
concerning SS personnel supervising concentration camps.
(USA 811) Vol. VII, Pg. 208

*D-745-B; Deposition of Anton Kaindl, 19 March 1946,
concerning SS personnel supervising concentration camps.
(USA 812) Vol. VII, Pg. 209

*D-746-A; Deposition of Fritz Suhren, 8 March 1946,
concerning SS personnel supervising concentration camps.
(USA 813) Vol. VII, Pg. 209

                                                  [Page 246]

*D-746-B; Deposition of Fritz Suhren, 19 March 1946,
concerning SS personnel supervising concentration camps.
(USA 814) Vol. VII, Pg. 210

*D-748; Affidavit of Karl Totzauer, 15 March 1946,
concerning SS personnel supervising concentration camps.
(USA 816) Vol. VII, Pg. 211

*D-749-B; Statement of Rudolf Hoess, 20 March 1946,
concerning SS personnel supervising concentration camps.
(USA 817) Vol. VII, Pg. 212

*D-750; Deposition of August Harbaum, 19 March 1946,
concerning SS personnel supervising concentration camps.
(USA 818) Vol. VII, Pg. 213

*L-18; Official report, Katzmann to General of Police
Krueger, 30 June 1943, concerning "Solution of Jewish
Question in Galicia". (USA 277) Vol. VII, Pg. 755

*L-49; Affidavit of Otto Hoffman, Chief of SS Main Office
for Race and Settlement, 4 August 1945. (USA 473) Vol. VII,
Pg. 795

*L-103; Letter, 12 September 1944, concerning experiments
with Akonitinnitrate-bullets. (USA 467) Vol. VII, Pg. 877

L-156; Circular letter from Office of Commissioner for Four-
Year Plan, 26 March 1943, concerning removal of Jews to
labor camps. Vol. VII, Pg. 905

*L-180; Report by SS Brigade Commander Stahlecker to
Himmler, "Action Group A", 15 October 1941.(USA 276) Vol.
VII, Pg. 978

L-198; State Department Dispatch by Consul General
Messersmith, 14 March 1933, concerning molesting of American
citizens in Berlin. Vol. VII, Pg. 1026

L-201; Excerpts from Berlin newspapers, April 1933,
concerning violence against Jews and discrimination against
politically undesirable professors. Vol. VII, Pg. 1035

                                                  [Page 247]

*L-273; Report of American Consul General in Vienna to
Secretary of State, 26 July 1938, concerning anniversary of
assassination of Chancellor Dollfuss. (USA 59) Vol. VII, Pg.

*L-361; Three documents concerning the formation of the
RSHA, Himmler, 27 September 1939; Heydrich, 23 and 27
September 1939 (USA 478) Vol. VII, Pg. 1109

*R-102; Report on activities of The Task Forces of SIPO and
SD in USSR, 1 October 1941-31 October 1941. (USA 470) Vol.
VIII, Pg. 96

*R-112; Orders issued by Reich Commissioner for the
Consolidation of German nationhood, 16 February 1942, 1 July
1942, 28 July 1942. (USA 309) Vol. VIII, Pg. 108

*R-114; Memoranda of conferences, 4 August 1942 and 18
August 1942, concerning directions for treatment of deported
Alsatians. (USA 314) Vol. VIII, Pg. 122

*R-124; Speer's conference minutes of Central Planning
Board, 1942 concerning labor supply. (USA 179) Vol. VIII,
Pg. 146

*R-129; Letter and enclosure from Pohl to Himmler, 30 April
1942, concerning concentration camps. (USA 217) 198

*R-135; Letter to Rosenberg enclosing secret reports from
Kube on German atrocities in the East, 18 June 1943, found
in Himmler's personal files. (USA 289) Vol. VIII, Pg. 205

R-143; Himmler decree, 1 December 1939, concerning procedure
for confiscation of works of art, archives, and documents.
Vol. VIII, Pg. 246

                                                  [Page 248]

Affidavit A; Affidavit of Erwin Lahousen, 21 January 1946,
substantially the same as his testimony on direct
examination before the International Military Tribunal at
Nurnberg 30 November 1945 and 1 December 1945. Vol. VIII,
Pg. 587

Affidavit B; Affidavit of Otto Ohlendorf, 20 November 1945,
substantially the same as his testimony on direct
examination before the International Military Tribunal at
3 January 1946. Vol. VIII, Pg. 596

Affidavit F; Affidavit of Josef Dietrich, 30 November 1945-1
December 1945. Vol. VIII, Pg. 631

Affidavit G; Affidavit of Fritz Ernst Fischer, 21 November
1945. Vol. VIII, Pg.635

Statement IX; My Relationship to Adolf Hitler and to the
Party, by Erich Raeder, Moscow, fall 1945. Vol. VIII, Pg.

*Chart No. 1; National Socialist German Workers' Party.
(2903-PS; USA 2) Vol. VIII, Pg. 770

*Chart No. 3; Organization of the SS. (USA 445) Vol. VIII,
Pg. 772

*Chart No. 5; Position of Kaltenbrunner and the Gestapo and
SD in the German Police System. (USA 498) Vol. VIII, Pg. 774

*Chart No. 16; The Structure of the German Police. (1852-PS;
USA 449) End of VIII

*Chart No. 19; Organization of the Security Police (Gestapo
and Kripo) and the SD 1948-1945. (2346-PS; USA 480) End of

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