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     Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Vol. II, Chapter 15

                                                  [Page 237]


Charter of the International Military Tribunal, Article 9.
Vol. I, Pg. 6

International Military Tribunal, Indictment Number 1,
Section IV (H); Appendix B. Vol. I, Pg. 29, 70

[Note: A single asterisk (*) before a document indicates
that the document was received in evidence at the Nurnberg
trial. A double asterisk (**) before a document number
indicates that the document was referred to during the trial
but was not formally received in evidence, for the reason
given in parentheses following the description of the
document. The USA series number, given in parentheses
following the description of the document, is the official
exhibit number assigned by the court.]

*002-PS; Letters of Reichs Research Department regarding the
budget of the SS. (USA 469) Vol. III, Pg. 5

*058-PS; Hitler Order of 30 September 1944 concerning
reorganization of the concerns of prisoners of war. (USA 46)
Vol. III, Pg. 103

*343-PS; Letter from Milch, Chief of the Personal Staff, to
Himmler, 31 August 1942, and letter from Milch to Wolff, 20
May 1942. (USA 463) Vol. III, Pg. 266

                                                  [Page 238]
*388-PS; File of papers on Case Green (the plan for the
attack on Czechoslovakia), kept by Schmundt, Hitler's
adjutant, April-October 1938. (USA 26) Vol. III, Pg. 305

*447-PS; Top Secret Operational Order to Order No. 21,
signed by Keitel, 13 March 1941, concerning Directives for
special areas. (USA 135) Vol. III, Pg. 409

*501-PS; Collection of four documents on execution by gas,
June 1942, one signed by Dr. Becker, SS Untersturmfuehrer at
Kiev, 16 May 1942. (USA 288) Vol. III, Pg. 418

*641-PS; Report of Public Prosecutor General in Munich, 1
June 1933, concerning murder of Dr. Strauss in Dachau by an
SS guard. (USA 45) Vol. III, Pg. 453

*642-PS; Report to Public Prosecutor General in Munich, 1
June 1933, concerning murder of Hausmann in Dachau by an SS
guard. (USA 451) Vol. III, Pg. 454

*644-PS; Report to Public Prosecutor General in Munich, 1
June 1933, concerning murder of Schloss in Dachau by an SS
guard. (USA 452) Vol. III, Pg.455

*645-PS; Report to Public Prosecutor General in Munich, 1
June 1933, concerning murder of Nefzger in Dachau by an SS
guard. (USA 453) Vol. III, Pg. 457

*647-PS; Secret Hitler Order, 17 August 1938, concerning
organization and mobilization of SS. (USA 443) Vol. III, Pg.

*654-PS; Thierack's notes, 18 September 1942, on discussion
with Himmler concerning delivery of Jews to Himmler for
extermination through work. (USA 218) Vol. III, Pg. 467

                                                  [Page 239]

*686-PS; Decree of the Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor to
strengthen German Folkdom, 7 October 1939, signed by Hitler,
Goering, Lammers and Keitel. (USA 305) Vol. III, Pg. 496

*744-PS; Secret letter of Keitel, 8 July 1943, concerning
manpower for coal mining. (USA 455) Vol. III, Pg. 540

*778-PS; Disciplinary and Penal Measures for Concentration
Camp Dachau and Service Regulations for the Camp Personnel,
signed Eicke, 1 October 1933. USA 247) Vol. III, Pg. 550

781-PS; Memorandum by Minister of Justice, Guertner, of
conference with Himmler, 9 March 1936, concerning issuance
of decree on use of arms by concentration camp officials.
Vol. III, Pg. 557

*812-PS; Letter from Rainer to Seyss-Inquart, 22 August 1939
and report from Gauleiter Rainer to Reichskommissar
Gauleiter Buerckel, 6 July 1939 on events in the NSDAP of
Austria from 1933 to 11 March 1938. (USA 61) Vol. III, Pg.

*1061-PS; Official report of Stroop, SS and Police Leader of
Warsaw, on destruction of Warsaw Ghetto, 1943. (USA 275)
Vol. III, Pg. 718

*1063-D-PS; Mueller's order, 117 February 1942, concerning
prisoners qualified for work to be sent to concentration
camps. (USA 219) Vol. III, Pg. 778

                                                  [Page 240]

1151-P-PS; Letter from WVHA, 28 March 1942, concerning
"Action 14 F 13" from files of Gross Rosen Concentration
camp. Vol. III, Pg. 808

*1166-PS; Interoffice memorandum of WVHA, 15 August 1944,
concerning number of prisoners and survey of prisoners
clothing. (USA 458). Vol. III, Pg. 824

*1352-PS; Reports concerning the confiscation of Polish
agricultural properties, 16 May 1940 and 29 May 1940, signed
Kusche. (USA 176) Vol. III, Pg. 916

1551-PS; Decree assigning functions in Office of Chief of
German Police, 26 June 1936. 1936 Reichs Ministerialblatt,
pp. 946-948. Vol. IV, Pg. 106

*1582-PS; Letter from SS Sturmbannfuehrer Brandt to Dr.
Rascher, 22 May 1941, concerning use of prisoners for high-
flight research. (USA 462) Vol. IV, Pg. 114

*1583-PS; Letter from Himmler, 16 November 1942, concerning
feminine prisoners in concentration camps. (USA 465) Vol.
IV, Pg. 115

*1584-I-PS; Teletype from Goering to Himmler, 14 February
1944, concerning formation of 7th Airforce Group squadron
for special purposes. (USA 221) Vol. IV, Pg. 117

*1584-III-PS; Correspondence between Himmler and Goering, 9
March 1944, concerning use of concentration camp inmates in
aircraft industry. (USA 457) Vol. IV, Pg. 118

*1602-PS; Letter from Dr. Rascher to Himmler, 15 May 1941,
asking for use of prisoners for experiments in high altitude
flights. (USA 454) Vol. IV, Pg. 132

1616-PS; Letter from Dr. Rascher to Himmler, 17 February
1943, concerning freezing experiments. Vol. IV, Pg. 133

                                                  [Page 241]

*1617-PS; Letter from Himmler to General Field Marshal
Milch, 13 November 1942, concerning transfer of Dr. Rascher
to Waffen-SS. (USA 466) Vol. IV, Pg. 133

*1618-PS; Report of Freezing experiments in Dachau, 15
August 1942, signed by Dr. Rascher. (USA 464) Vol. IV, Pg.

1637-PS; Order of Himmler, 23 June 1938, concerning
acceptance of members of Security Police into the SS. 938
Reichs Ministerialblatt, pp. 1089-1091. Vol. IV, Pg. 138

*1680-PS; "Ten Years Security Police and SD" published in
The German Police, 1 February 1943. (USA 477) Vol. IV, Pg.

1725-PS; Decree enforcing law for securing the unity of
Party and State, 29 March 1935. 1935 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part
I, p. 502. Vol. IV, Pg. 224

*1751-PS; Letter to all concentration camp commanders, from
Gluecks, 12 May 1944, concerning assignment of prisoners for
experimental purposes. (USA 468) Vol. IV, Pg. 279

*1851-PS; The Security Squadron as an Anti-Bolshevist Battle
Organization 1936 by Himmler from The New Germany Speaks
Here, book 11. (USA 440) Vol. IV, Pg. 488

*1852-PS; "Law" from The German Police, 1941, by Dr. Werner
Best. (USA 449) (See Chart No. 16.) Vol. IV, Pg. 490

*1857-PS; Announcement of creation of SS as independent
formation of NSDAP. Voelkischer Beobachter, 26 July 1934, p.
1. (USA 412) Vol. IV, Pg. 496

                                                  [Page 242]

*1918-PS; Speech by Himmler to SS officers on day of Metz.
(USA 304) Vol. IV, Pg. 553

*1919-PS; Himmler's speech to SS Gruppenfuehrers, 4 October
1943. (USA 170) Vol. IV, Pg. 558

1932-PS; Letter from Office of Chief of Department D of
WVHA, 7 June 1943, concerning handling of prisoners who fall
under Night and Fog decree. Vol. IV, Pg. 579

*1933-PS; Letter to Commandant of Gross Rosen Camp from
Department 10 of WVHA, 27 April 1943, providing that "Action
14 F 13" be applied only to insane. (USA 459) Vol. IV, Pg.

*1972-PS; Letter from Chief of SS Operations Headquarters to
Himmler, 14 October 1941, reporting on executions of Czechs
by Waffen SS. (USA 471) Vol. IV, Pg. 604

*1992-A-PS; Organization and Obligations of the SS and the
Police from "National Political Education of the Army,
January 1937". (USA 439) Vol. IV, Pg. 616

2073-PS; Decree concerning the appointment of a Chief of
German Police in the Ministry of the Interior, 17 June 1936.
1936 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 487. Vol. IV, Pg. 703

*2163-PS; The SS during the War-Year 1939-40, published in
National Socialist Yearbook, 1941. (USA 444) Vol. IV, Pg.

*2164-PS; The SS since the- Reichparteitag 1938, published
in National Socialist Yearbook, 1940. (USA 255) Vol. IV, Pg.

*2189-PS; Orders from Department D of Economic and
Administrative Main Office, 11 August 1942, concerning
punishment- by beating. (USA 460) Vol. IV, Pg. 842

                                                  [Page 243]

*2199-PS; Letter to Commanders of concentration camps, 12
September 1942, concerning return of urns of inmates
deceased in concentration camps. (USA 461) Vol. IV, Pg. 853

*2284-PS; The Organizational Structure of the Third Reich
The SS  from Writings of the Hochschule for Politics. (USA
438) Vol. IV, Pg. 973

*2640-PS; Extracts from Organization Book of NSDAP, 1943.
(USA 323) Vol. V, Pg. 346

*2668-PS; "And Don't Forget the Jews", from the Black Corps,
8 August 1940, No. 32, p. 2. (USA 269) Vol. V, Pg. 367

*2768-PS; Letter from Himmler to Kaltenbrunner, 24 April
1943. (USA 447) Vol. V, Pg. 412

*2769-PS; Order of Battle of the SS, 1 November 1944. (USA
442) Vol. V, Pg. 413

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