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The issues of "Der SA-Mann" also contain many photographs
and articles demonstrating SA participation in military
exercise, including forced marching, battle maneuvers,
obstacle runs, small calibre firing, and the like. Among
these photographs and articles are the following:

     Each issue of "Der SA-Mann" contains advertisements for
     the sale of various items of military equipment,
     including uniforms, steel helmets, rifles, boots,
     grenades, field glasses, ammunition, etc. (See, for
     example, 30 January 1934, p. 16; and 9 March 1935, p.
     Picture of SA men marching in military formation
     executing "goose step," 14 April 1934, p. 8.
     Group of pictures showing SA Troops marching in
     military formations and in full pack and bearing flags
     being reviewed by Hitler. Title of page is "SA Marches
     into the New Year," 12 January 1935, p. 3.
     Photographs of uniformed SA Troops marching in streets
     of Saarbrucken with caption: "In the streets of free
     Saarbrucken thuds the marching steps of the SA," 9
     March 1935, p. 3.

     Group of photographs entitled: "SA Brigade 6 marches
     for the German Danzig," 4 May 1935, p. 3.
     Article entitled: "Who fights against us we will
     defeat, who provokes us we shall attack" (with picture
     of SA men in military formation bearing caption: "We
     are a political ideological troop"), 13 July 1935, p.
     Article entitled: "The SA is and remains the Shock
     Troop of the Third Reich" (with picture of
     Gruppenfuehrer reviewing SA men marching in uniform and
     in full pack, in military formation, 24 August 1935, p.
     Article entitled: "SA Men at the heavy machine gun," 3
     July 1936, p.14.
     Photograph of SA men in uniform and full pack on
     obstacle run, 29 August 1936, p. 7.
     Article entitled: "Fight, Fight, Fight" with subtitles:
     "Preparation of Francken Division for the the NS War
     Games" (with picture of SA men bearing arms), 26 June
     1937, p. 4.
     Photograph of SA men bearing weapons, bearing caption:
     "Austria's SA: through battle, distress and
     persecution, to victory."
     Photograph bearing caption: "German-Austrian SA was
     armed in the hour of decision," 2 April 1938, p. 1.
     Photograph of SA men bearing arms on battle maneuvers,
     19 August 1938, p. 8., bearing the caption: "The way to
     Article entitled: "SA and the Wehrmacht" (with pictures
     of SA men on field maneuvers throwing hand grenades), 2
     September 1938, p. 1.
     Photograph of SA men on field maneuvers, 9 September
     Photograph of SA men bearing arms in trenches,
     apparently on field maneuvers, 16 September 1938, p. 1.
     Photographs of SA men marching under arms, and on the
     rifle range, 9/30/1938, p. 4. (Frankens-SA).
                                                  [Page 162]
     Photograph of SA Regiment Feldherrnhalle marching in
     goose-step with rifles and steel helmets and with the
     Luftwaffe insignia of sovereignty on their uniform and
     helmets, 11 November 1938, p. 4.
     Photograph entitled "Regiment Feldherrnhalle was
     there", (referring to the incorporation of the
     Sudetenland), 14 October 1938, p. 6.
     Photograph bearing the caption: "Training with the KK
     Rifle. Something entirely new for the Sudeten German.
     Every SA man must be outstanding in marksmanship," 6
     January 1939, p. 3.
     Article entitled: "The SA -- the forger of military
     power," with the subheading: "The SA as Bearer of the
     Premilitary Training," 27 January 1939, p. 1.
     Photograph of Von Brauchitsch (Wehrmacht) and Lutze
     reviewing the SA, 3 February 1939, p. 3.
     Photograph of SA on march with full pack and rifles.
     (Frankens-SA), 3 February 1939, p. 1.

C. Cooperation with the Wehrmacht in Preparation for

Evidence of the SA's participation in the conspiracy is
found in the care which was taken at all times to coordinate
the military training program of the SA with the
requirements of the Wehrmacht. As early as 1934, an SA
memorandum provided that the SA chief of training and his
subordinates should remain --

     "*** in direct touch with the respective offices and
     sections of the Reich Defense Ministry." (2823-PS)

The same memorandum recites that a Lieutenant-Colonel of the
Wehrmacht was assigned to the SA with the duty of participating --

     "*** in all questions regarding training and
     organization ***." (2823-PS)

Another SA memorandum declared that:

     "***permanent liaison between the Reich Defense
     Ministry and the Supreme Commander of the SA *** has
     been assured." (2821-PS)

Hitler's words regarding cooperation between Wehrmacht and
SA were as follows:

                                                  [Page 163]
     "The requirements of the Wehrmacht are to be taken into
     consideration in organization and training.

     "The Chief of Staff of the SA releases the required
     executionary directives in agreement with the Commander
     in-Chief of the Wehrmacht units. He alone is
     responsible for the fulfillment." (2383-PS)

A speech by the Chief of Staff of the SA relating to the
technical and specialized branches of the SA revealed that
this opportunity for collaboration with the Wehrmacht in
specialized military was utilized to the utmost:

     "In the course of this development also special
     missions for military betterment (program) were placed
     on the SA. The Fuehrer gave the SA the cavalry and
     motor training and called SA Obergruppenfuehrer
     Littmann as Reich Inspector with the mission to secure
     the *** recruits and requirements for the German
     Wehrmacht through the SA. In -close cooperation with
     parts of the Wehrmacht special certificates were
     created for the communication, engineer and medical
     units which, like the cavalry certificate of the SA,
     are valued as statement of preference for employment in
     said units." (3215-PS)

The specialized training given SA members, in accordance
with the requirements of technical branches of the
Wehrmacht, is described by SA Sturmfuehrer Bayer as follows

     "*** On one side the young SA man who enters the armed
     forces (Wehrmacht) from his branch, comes prepared with
     a multitude of prerequisites which facilitate and speed
     up training in technical respects; while on the other
     side those very soldiers, having served, who return out
     of the armed forces into the SA keep themselves, by
     constant practice, in a trained condition physically
     and mentally and impart their knowledge to their
     "Thus they contribute a considerable portion to the
     enhancement of armed strength (Wehrkraft) and armed
     spirit (Wehrgeist) of the German people." (2168-PS)

And, with respect to the mounted or cavalry SA --

     *** the SA each year is able to furnish many thousands
     of young trained cavalrymen to our Wehrmacht *** At
     present the SA cavalry has at its disposal 101 cavalry
     units in whose schools, year in and year out, young
     Germans who are obligated for military service receive
     the training which fits him for entrance into a section
     of troops which is of their own choosing." (2168-PS)

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