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The SA also participated extensively in the Jewish
persecutions conducted by the Nazis. The affidavit of Mr.
Geist, former US Consul in Berlin (1759-PS) sets forth
numerous instances of attacks upon Jewish-American citizens.
Mr. Geist also declares that on the morning after the Nazis'
acquisition of power, SA groups roamed the streets of Berlin
seizing and beating Jewish persons and other political
opponents of the Nazi Party. Thereafter SA men participated
in many attacks of physical violence upon Jews, including
Jewish-American citizens. In addition, uniformed SA men were
employed as a display of threatening force in order to
coerce Jewish persons to dispose of their property at
greatly reduced values. (1759-PS)

SA participation in the Jewish program of 10 to 11 November
1938, is disclosed in a confidential report of an SA Brigade
Fuehrer to his Group Commander, dated 29 November 1938 (1721-

     "TO: SA Group Electrical Palatinate (Kurpfalz)
                                                  [Page 147]
     "The following order reached me at 3 o'clock on 10
     November 1938.
     'On the order of the Gruppenfuehrer, all the Jewish
     synagogues within the 50th Brigade are to be blown up
     or set fire immediately.
     'Neighboring houses occupied by Aryans are not to be
     damaged. The action is to be carried out in civilian
     clothes. Rioting and plundering are to be prevented.
     Report of execution of orders to reach Brigade Fuehrer
     or office by 8:30.'
     "I immediately alerted the Standartenfuehrer and gave
     them the most exact instructions; the execution of the
     order began at once.
     "I hereby report that the following were destroyed in
     the area of ***
     "Standarte 115
     1. Synagogue at Darmstadt, Bleichstrasse     Destroyed
     by fire
     2. Synagogue at Darmstadt, Fuchsstrasse Destroyed by
     3. Synagogue at Ober/Ramstadt      Interior and
     furnishings wrecked
     4. Synagogue at Graefenhausen      Interior and
     furnishings wrecked
     5. Synagogue at Griesheim               Interior and
     furnishings wrecked
     6. Synagogue at Pfungstadt              Interior and
     furnishings wrecked
     7. Synagogue at Eberstadt               Destroyed by
     "Standarte 145
     1. Synagogue at Bensheim                Destroyed by
     2. Synagogue at Lorch in Hessen         Destroyed by
     3. Synagogue at Heppenheim              Destroyed by
     4. Prayer House Alsbach            Destroyed by fire
     5. Meeting room Alsbach            Destroyed by fire
     6. Synagogue at Rimbach            Furnishings
     completely destroyed"
     , "Standarte 168
     1. Synagogue in Seligenstadt            Destroyed by
     2. Synagogue in Offenbach               Destroyed by
     3. Synagogue in Klein-Krotzenburg       Destroyed by
     4. Synagogue in Steinheim on the Main        Destroyed
     by fire
     5. Synagogue in Muehlheim on the Main   Destroyed by
     6. Synagogue in Sprendlingen            Destroyed by
     7. Synagogue in Langen             Destroyed by fire
                                                  [Page 148]
     8. Synagogue in Egelsbach               Destroyed by
     "Standarte 186
     1. Synagogue in Beerfelden              Blown up
     2. Synagogue in Michelstadt             Furnishings
     3. Synagogue in Koenig                  Furnishings
     4. Synagogue in Hoechst i/Odenwald      Furnishings
     5. Synagogue in Gross-Umstadt           Furnishings
     6. Synagogue in Dieburg            Furnishings wrecked
     7. Synagogue in Babenhausen             Furnishings
     8. Synagogue in Gross-Bieberau          Destroyed by
     9. Synagogue in Fraenk. Crumbach        Furnishings
     10. Synagogue in Reichelsheim           Furnishings
     "Standarte 221
     1. Synagogue and Chapel in Gross Cerau  Destroyed by
     2. Synagogue in Ruesselheim             Torn down and
     furnishings destroyed
     3. Synagogue in Dornheim           Furnishings
     4. Synagogue in Wolfskehlen             Furnishings
                    "The Fuehrer of Brigade 50 (STARKENBURG)
                                            "/s/ [Illegible]
                                  "Brigadefuehrer" (1721-PS)
In connection with the persecutions of the Jews, the SA
again performed its propaganda function. It was the function
of the SA to create and foster among the people an anti-
Jewish spirit. Evidence of this function is to be found in
the issues of "Der. SA-Mann". Article after article in this
publication was devoted to propaganda designed to engender
hatred toward the Jewish race. The nature of these articles
is apparent from some of the titles:

          Article entitled: "Finish up with the Jew", with

                                                  [Page 149]
          "We want no women to buy from Jews, and no Jewish
          girl friends," 27 July 1935, p.
          Article entitled: "The Jewish World Danger," 2
          February 1935, p. 5.
          Article entitled: "Jewish Worries," (defending the
          practices of excluding Jews from certain resorts).
          20 July 1935, p. 4.
          Article entitled: "Jews aren't wanted Here," with
          pictures posted on outskirts of villages showing
          signs bearing the same message. (1 June 1935, p.
          1.) The last portion of this article reads as
     "Since the day when National Socialism unrolled its
     flag and the march began for the Germany for Germans,
     culture battle also included the Jewry *** Let the Jew
     continue with his methods against New Germany. We know
     that at the end we will remain the victor for
                 Snake remains a snake, and
                   Jew remains a Jew! ***

     *** "German women, if you buy from Jews and German
     girl, if you carry on with Jews, then both of you
     betray your German Volk and your Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler,
     and commit a sin against your German Volk and its
     future! Then, also, outside of the last German village,
     the sign will stand 'Jews are not wanted here!' and
     then, finally, no German citizen will again cross the
     threshold of a Jewish store. To achieve this goal is
     the mission of the SA man as political soldier of the
     Fuehrer. Next to his word and his explanations stands
     his example".

          Article entitled: "God Save the Jew," 17 August
          1935, p. 1.
          Photograph showing SA men gathered around trucks
          upon which are posted signs reading: "Read The
          Stuermer and you will know the Jew." 24 August
          1935, p. 3.
          Photograph apparently representing public SA rally
          showing large sign which reads: "He who knows a
          Jew knows a devil," 24 August 1935, p.
          Article entitled: "The Face of the Jew" (with
          portrait of a Jew holding the hammer and sickle),
          5 October 1935, p. 6.
          Article entitled: "Jews, Blacks and
          Reactionaries," 2 November 1935, p. 2.
          Article entitled: "The Camouflaged Benjamin --
          Jewish Cultural Bolshevism in German music," 23
          November 1935, p. 2.
          Article entitled: "The Jewish Assassination," 15
          February 1936, p. 1.
          Article entitled: "Murder -- The Jewish Slogan," 4
          April 1936, p. 11.
          Series of articles entitled: "The Jewish Mirror."
          Eight weekly installments beginning 22 May 1936,
          p. 17.
          Series of articles entitled: "Gravediggers of
          World Culture," beginning 5 December 1936, p. 6
          and continuing weekly to 13 March 1937.
          Article entitled: "Rumania to the Jews?" 2 January
          1937, p. 6.
          Article entitled: "Bismarck's Position on Jews," 2
          January 1937, p. 7.
          Article entitled: "Jewry is a Birth Error," 13
          February 1937, p. 5.
          Article entitled: "The Protection of the German
          Blood," 24 April 1937, p.
          Article entitled: "Crooked Ways to Money and
          Power," 24 April 1937, p. 1.
          Article entitled: "The Camouflage of Jewry --
          Beginning or End?" 22 May 1937, p. 14.
          Article entitled: "How come still German Jews?" 18
          June 1938, p. 2.
          Article entitled: "Westheimer Jew Servants," 22
          January 1938, p. 2.
          Article entitled: "The Poor Jew -- Well, Well!" 19
          March 1938, p. 15.
          Article entitled: "Jewish Methods, Churchly
          Parallel," 9 September 1938, p. 4.
          Article entitled: "Jews and Free Masons," 13
          January 1939, p. 15.
          Article entitled: "Friends of the World Jewry --
          Roosevelt and Ickes," 3 February 1939, p. 14.

The circulation of these articles was not intended to be
confined to members of the SA. On the contrary, the plan was
to educate the members of the SA with this philosophy, and
for the SA in turn to disseminate it into the minds of the
German people. This fact is demonstrated in the introduction
to a series of anti-Jewish articles entitled "Gravediggers
of World Culture," which began in the issue of 5 December
1936, at page 6. this introduction stated in part as

     "We suggest that the comrades especially take notice of
     this series of articles and see that they are further
     circulated." (3050-A-E-PS)

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