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    Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Volume 2, Chapter 15


Charter of the International Military Tribunal, Article 9.
Vol. I, Pg. 6

International Military Tribunal, Indictment Number 1,
Section IV (H); Appendix B. Vol. I, Pg. 29, 69

[Note: A single asterisk (*) before a document indicates
that the document was received in evidence at the Nurnberg
trial. A double asterisk (**) before a document number
indicates that the document was referred to during the trial
but was not formally received in evidence, for the reason
given in parentheses following the description of the
document. The USA series number, given in parentheses
following the description of the document, is the official
exhibit number assigned by the court.]

*004-PS; Report submitted by Rosenberg to Deputy of the
Fuehrer, 15 June 1940, on the Political Preparation of the
Norway Action. (GB 140). Vol. III, Pg. 19

*057-PS; Circular letter from Bormann to Political Leaders,
30 May 1944, concerning justice exercised by people against
Anglo-American murderers. (USA 329). Vol. III, Pg. 19

*064-PS; Bormann's letter to Rosenberg, 27 September 1940,
enclosing letter from Gauleiter Florian criticizing churches
and publications for soldiers. (USA 359). Vol. III, Pg. 109

                                                   [Page 79]

*070-PS; Letter of Deputy Fuehrer to Rosenberg, 25 April
1941, on substitution of National Socialist mottos for
morning prayers in schools. (USA 349). Vol. III, Pg. 118

*071-PS; Rosenberg letter to Bormann, 23 April 1941,
replying to Bormann's letter of 19 April 1941 (Document 072-
PS). (USA 371). Vol. III, Pg. 119

*072-PS; Bormann letter to Rosenberg, 19 April 1941,
concerning confiscation of property, especially of art
treasures in the East. (USA 357). Vol. III, Pg. 122

*089-PS; Letter from Bormann to Rosenberg, 8 March 1940,
instructing Amann not to issue further news print to
confessional newspapers. (USA 360). Vol. III, Pg. 147

*090-PS; Letter from Rosenberg to Schwarz, 28 January 1941,
concerning registration and collection of art treasures.
(USA 372). Vol. III, Pg. 148

*098-PS; Bormann's letter to Rosenberg, 22 February 1940,
urging creation of National Socialist Catechism, etc. to
provide moral foundation for NS religion. (USA 350) Vol.
III, Pg. 152

*100-PS; Bormann's letter to Rosenberg, 18 January 1940,
urging preparation of National Socialist reading material to
replace Christian literature for soldiers. (USA 691). Vol.
III, Pg. 160

*101-PS; Letter from Hess' office signed Bormann to
Rosenberg, 17 January 1940, concerning undesirability of
religious literature for members of the Wehrmacht. (USA
361). Vol. III, Pg. 160

                                                   [Page 80]

*107-PS; Circular letter signed Bormann, 17 January 1938,
enclosing directions prohibiting participation of
Reichsarbeitsdienst in religious celebrations. (USA 351).
Vol. III, Pg. 162

*116-PS; Bormann's letter to Rosenberg, enclosing copy of
letter, 24 January 1939, to Minister of Education requesting
restriction or elimination of theological faculties. (USA
685). Vol. III, Pg. 165

*122-PS; Bormann's letter to Rosenberg, 17 April 1939,
enclosing copy of Minister of Education letter, 6 April
1939, on elimination of theological faculties in various
universities. (USA 362). Vol. III, Pg. 173

*136-PS; Certified copy of Hitler Order, 29 January 1940,
concerning establishment of "Hohe Schule". (USA 367). Vol.
III, Pg. 184

*137-PS; Copy of Order from Keitel to Commanding General of
Netherlands, 5 July 1940, to cooperate with the Einsatzstab
Rosenberg. (USA 379). Vol. III, Pg. 185

*141-PS; Goering Order, 5 November 1940, concerning seizure
of Jewish art treasures. (USA 368). Vol. III, Pg. 188

*145-PS; Order signed by Rosenberg, 20 August 1941,
concerning safeguarding the cultural goods in the Occupied
Eastern Territories. (USA 373). Vol. III, Pg. 189

*149-PS; Hitler Order, 1 March 1942, establishing authority
of Einsatzstab Rosenberg. (USA 369) . Vol. III, Pg. 190

*154-PS; Letter from Lammers to high State and Party
authorities, 5 July 1942, confirming Rosenberg's powers.
(USA 370) . Vol. III, Pg. 193

                                                   [Page 81]

315-PS; Note of a meeting held in the Reich Ministry for
Enlightenment and Propaganda, 10 March 1943, concerning
treatment of foreign workers employed in the Reich. . Vol.
III, Pg. 251

*327-PS; Letter of Rosenberg to Bormann, 17 June 1944,
concerning liquidation of property in Eastern Occupied
Territories. (USA 338) . Vol. III, Pg. 257

*347-PS; Letter from Lohse to Reich Youth Leader Axmann, 18
April 1944. (USA 340) . Vol. III, Pg. 267

*374-PS; TWX Series of Orders signed by Heydrich and
Mueller, issued by Gestapo Headquarters Berlin, 9 November
1938-11 November 1938, concerning treatment of Jews. (USA
729) . Vol. III, Pg. 277

*392-PS; Official NSDAP circular entitled "The Social Life
of New Germany with Special Consideration of the German
Labor Front", by Prof. Willy Mueller (Berlin, 1938). (USA
326) . Vol. III, Pg. 380

405-PS; Law Concerning Trustees of Labor, 19 May 1933. 1933
Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 285. . Vol. III, Pg. 387

*407-V and 407-VI-PS; Letter from Sauckel to Hitler,
4/15/1943, concerning labor questions. (USA 209; USA 228) .
Vol. III, Pg. 391

*630-PS; Memorandum of Hitler, 1 September 1939, concerning
authorization of mercy killings. (USA 342) . Vol. III, Pg.

                                                   [Page 82]
*654-PS; Thierack's notes, 18 September 1942, on discussion
with Himmler concerning delivery of Jews to Himmler for
extermination through work. (USA 218) . Vol. III, Pg. 467

*656-PS; Letter, undated, from Bormann to Political leaders,
enclosing Order of Supreme Command of the Wehrmacht, 29
January 1943, relating to self-defense against prisoners of
war. (USA 339) . Vol. III, Pg. 470

*840-PS; Party Directive, 14 July 1939, making clergy and
theology students ineligible for Party membership. (USA 606)
. Vol. III, Pg. 606

*848-PS; Gestapo telegram from Berlin to Nurnberg, 24 July
1938, dealing with demonstrations against Bishop Sproll in
Rottenburg. (USA 353) . Vol. III, Pg. 613

*849-PS; Letter from Kerrl to Minister of State, 23 July
1938, with enclosures dealing with persecution of Bishop
Sproll. (USA 354) . Vol. III, Pg.614

*1058-PS; Excerpt from a speech, 20 June 1941, by Rosenberg
before people most intimately concerned with Eastern
Problem, found in his "Russia File". (USA 147) . Vol. III,

*1117-PS; Goering Order, 1 May 1941, concerning
establishment of Einsatzstab Rosenberg in all occupied
Territories. (USA 384) . Vol. III, Pg. 793

1118-PS; Letter from Rosenberg to Goering, 18 June 1942, and
related correspondence. . Vol. III, Pg. 793

*1130-PS; Note, 11 April 1943, and report of speech by Koch
in Kiev on 5 March 1943, concerning treatment of civilian
population in Ukraine. (USA 169) . Vol. III, Pg. 797

                                                   [Page 83]

*1164-PS; Secret letter, 21 April 1942, from SS to all
concentration camp commanders concerning treatment of
priests. (USA 736) . Vol. III, Pg. 820

1386-PS; Law concerning the granting of amnesty, 23 April
1936. 1936 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 378. . Vol. III,
Pg. 960

1388-PS; Law concerning confiscation of Property subversive
to People and State, 14 July 1933. 1933 Reichsgesetzblatt,
Part I, p. 479. . Vol. III, Pg. 962

1389-PS; Law creating Reich Labor Service, 26 June 1935.
1935 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 769. . Vol. III, Pg. 963

1391-PS; Statute of the Academy for German Law, 2 July 1934.
1934 Reichsgesetzblatt, pp. 605-607. . Vol. III, Pg. 970

1392-PS; Law on the Hitler Youth, 1 December 1936. 1936
Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 993. . Vol. III, Pg. 972

1393-PS; Law on treacherous attacks against State and Party,
and for the Protection of Party Uniforms, 20 December 1934.
1934 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 1269. . Vol. III, Pg. 973

1394-PS; Law to guarantee Public Peace, 13 October 1933.
1933 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 723, Art. 1-3 Vol. III,
Pg. 976

1395-PS; Law to insure the unity of Party and State, 1
December 1933. 1933 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 1016. (GB
252) . Vol. III, Pg.978

1397-PS; Law for the reestablishment of the Professional
Civil Service, 7 April 1933. 1933 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I,
p. 175 . Vol. III, Pg.981

1398-PS; Law to supplement the Law for the restoration of
the Professional Civil Service, 20 July 1933. 1933
Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 518, Vol. III, Pg. 986

                                                   [Page 84]
1402-PS; The Homestead Law of 29 September 1933. 1933
Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 685. . Vol. III, Pg. 990. Vol.
III, Pg. 990

1412-PS; Decree relating to payment of fine by Jews of
German nationality, 12 November 1938. 1938
Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 1579. . Vol. IV, Pg. 6

1415-PS; Police regulation concerning appearance of Jews in
public, 28 November 1938. 1938 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p.
. Vol. IV, Pg. 6

1416-PS; Reich Citizen Law of 15 September 1935. .1935
Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 1146. . Vol. IV, Pg. 7

*1417-PS; First regulation to the Reichs Citizenship Law, 14
November 1935. 1935 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 1333. (GB
258) . Vol. IV, Pg. 8

1419-PS; Law concerning Jewish tenants, 30 April 1939. 1939
Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 864. . Vol. IV, Pg.10

1422-PS; Thirteenth regulation under Reich Citizenship Law,
1 July 1943. 1943 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 372. . Vol.
IV, Pg.14

1438-PS; Fuehrer concerning administration of Sudeten-German
territory, 22 October 1938. 1938 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I,
p. 1453. . Vol. IV, Pg.17

*1481-PS; Gestapo order, 20 January 1938, dissolving and
confiscating property of Catholic Youth Women's Organization
in Bavaria. (USA 737) . Vol. IV, Pg. 50

*1517-PS; Memorandum from Rosenberg concerning discussion
with the Fuehrer, 14 December 1941. (USA 824) . Vol. IV, Pg. 55

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