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 Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Volume One, Chapter Twelve

                                                 [Page 1007]

The huge scale of the Jewish eliminations is also reflected
in the bookkeeping and statistics of the Germans themselves.
The 16 December 1941 entry in the diary of Hans Frank
contains these figures:

     "The Jews for us also represent extraordinarily
     malignant gluttons.
     "We have now approximately 2,500,000 of them in General
     Government -- perhaps with the Jewish mixtures, and
     everything that goes with it, 3,500,000 Jews." (2233-D-
On 25 January 1944, three years and one month later, Frank
wrote in his diary these words:

     "At the present time we still have in the General
     Government perhaps 100,000 Jews." (2233-F-PS)

Thus, in this period of three years, according to the
records of the then Governor General of Occupied Poland,
between 2,400,000 and 3,400,000 Jews had been eliminated.

The total number of Jews who died by Nazi hands can never be
definitely ascertained. It is known, however, that 4 million
Jews died in concentration camps, and that 2 million Jews
were killed by the State Police in the East, making a total
of 6 million murdered Jews. The source of these figures is
Adolph Eichmann, Chief of the Jewish Section of the Gestapo.
The figures are contained in an affidavit made by Dr.
Wilhelm Hoettl, Deputy Group Leader of the Foreign Section
of the Security Section, AMT VI, of the RSHA. Hoettl, in his
affidavit, states as follows:

     "Approximately 4 million Jews had been killed in the
     various concentration camps, while an additional 2
     million met death in other ways, the major part of
     which were shot by operational squads of the Security
     Police during the campaign against Russia." (2738-PS)

Hoettl describes the source of his information as follows:

     "According to my knowledge, Eichmann was at that time
     the leader of the Jewish Section of the Gestapo, and in
     addition to that he had been ordered by Himmler to get
     a hold of the Jews in all the European countries and to
     transport them to Germany. Eichmann was then very much
     impressed with the fact that Rumania had withdrawn from
     the war in those days. Moreover, he had come to me to
     get information about the military situation which I
     received daily from the Hungarian Ministry of War and
     from the Commander of the Waffen-SS in Hungary. He
     expressed his conviction that Germany had now lost the
     war and that he personally had no
                                                 [Page 1008]
     further chance. He knew that he would be considered one
     of the main war criminals by the United Nations, since
     he had millions of Jewish lives on his conscience. I
     asked him how many that was, to which he answered that
     although the number was a great Reich secret, he would
     tell me since I, as a historian, would be interested,
     and that he would probably not return anyhow from his
     command in Rumania. He had, shortly before that, made a
     report to Himmler, as the latter wanted to know the
     exact number of Jews who had been killed." ( 2738-PS)

Description; Charter of the International Military Tribunal,
Article 6 (b, c).; Vol. I; Pg. 5.

International Military Tribunal, Indictment Number 1,
Sections IV (D) 3 (d); X (B).; Vol. I; Pg. 20, 55.

3737-PS; Hague Convention of 1907 respecting the Laws and
Customs of War on Land, Annex, Article 46.; Vol. VI; Pg.

[Note: A single asterisk (*) before a document indicates
that the document was received in evidence at the Nurnberg
trial. A double asterisk (**) before a document number
indicates that the document was referred to during the trial
but was not formally received in evidence, for the reason
given in parentheses following the description of the
document. The USA series number, given in parentheses
following the description of the document, is the official
exhibit number assigned by the court.]

                                                 [Page 1009]
*001-PS; Memorandum for the Fuehrer signed Rosenberg, 18
December 1941, concerning Jewish possessions in France. (USA
282); Vol. III; Pg. 1.

*014-PS; Report to Fuehrer, 20 March 1941, concerning
shipment of Jewish property. (USA 784); Vol. III; Pg. 40.

*015-PS; Letter and report of Rosenberg to Hitler, 16 April
1943, concerning seizure of ownerless Jewish art
possessions. (USA 387); Vol. III; Pg. 41.

*025-PS; Conference report of 4 September 1942 concerning
the importation of domestic workers from the East into the
Reich. (USA 698); Vol. III; Pg. 67.

041-PS; Memorandum, Rosenberg to Hitler, 3 October 1942,
concerning seizure of Jewish property; Vol. III; Pg. 80.

053-PS; Interoffice report from Hans Koch to Rosenberg, 5
October 1941, concerning political situation in Ukraine.;
Vol. III; Pg. 83.

*069-PS; Letter from Bormann to Rosenberg, 17 January 1939,
enclosing order of 28 December 1938, concerning decisions on
Jewish question. (USA 589); Vol. III; Pg. 116.

078-PS; Regulations issued by Heydrich 28 June 1941, for
treatment of political prisoners of war.; Vol. III; Pg. 123.

*136-PS; Certified copy of Hitler Order, 29 January 1940,
concerning establishment of "Hohe Schule". (USA 367); Vol.
III; Pg. 184.

*141-PS; Goering Order, 5 November 1940, concerning seizure
of Jewish art treasures. (USA 368); Vol. III; Pg. 188.

                                                 [Page 1010]

*154-PS; Letter from Lammers to high State and Party
authorities, 5 July 1942, confirming Rosenberg's powers.
(USA 370); Vol. III; Pg. 193.

155-PS; "Einsatzstab", administrative regulations, 30
September 1942.; Vol. III; Pg. 194.

*171-PS; Undated report on "Library for Exploration of the
Jewish Question" by the Hohe Schule District Office. (USA
383); Vol. III; Pg. 200.

197-PS; Memorandum of a conference in HQ OKH Quartermaster
General, 27 August  1941, concerning transfer of
administration of Ukraine from Wehrmacht to civilian
authorities; signed by Labs, Ministerial Director.; Vol.
III; Pg. 210.

*212-PS; Memorandum from Rosenberg file concerning
instructions for treatment of Jews. (USA 272); Vol. III; Pg.

285-PS; Henlein letter to Rosenberg, 31 October 1938.; Vol.
III; Pg. 238.

286-PS; Rosenberg letter to Henlein, 15 October 1938.; Vol.
III; Pg. 239.

*374-PS; TWX Series of Orders signed by Heydrich and
Mueller, issued by Gestapo Headquarters Berlin, 9-11
November 1938, concerning treatment of Jews. (USA 729); Vol.
III; Pg. 277.

406-PS; Memorandum by Gauleiter Streicher, 14 April 1939,
concerning certain acts against Jews.; Vol. III; Pg. 388.

*501-PS; Collection of four documents on execution by gas,
June 1942, one signed by Dr. Becker, SS Untersturmfuehrer at
Kiev, 16 May 1942. (USA 288); Vol. III; Pg. 418.

                                                 [Page 1011]
*502-PS; Order, 17 July 1941, entitled "Regulations for the
Commandos of the Chief of the SIPO and SD which are to be
activated in Stalags". (USA 486); Vol. III; Pg. 422.

579-PS; Three letters, District Commissioner, Employment
Director at Riga, and Economic Directorate in Latvia, 21
July 1941, 10 February 1942 and 6 July 1942, concerning
forced Jewish labor in Riga and Latvia.; Vol. III; Pg. 444.

*654-PS; Thierack's notes, 18 September 1942, on discussion
with Himmler concerning delivery of Jews to Himmler for
extermination through work. (USA 218); Vol. III; Pg. 467.

682-PS; Thierack's notes on discussion with Goebbels, 14
September 1942, concerning groups to be exterminated.; Vol.
III; Pg. 496.

*701-PS; Letter from Minister of Justice to Prosecutors, 1
April 1943, concerning Poles and Jews who are released from
Penal institutions of Department of Justice. (USA 497); Vol.
III; Pg. 510.

765-PS; Teletype message from Heydrich to all SD and Police,
10 November 1938, concerning "Measures against Jews
tonight".; Vol. III; Pg. 545.

841-PS; Secret Order of Goering, 28 December 1938,
concerning Jewish problem.; Vol. III; Pg. 606.

847-PS; Hitler Decree, 5 July 1942, stating Rosenberg's
powers.; Vol. III; Pg. 610.

878-PS; Draft of Order signed by Keitel, 12 September 1941,
providing that Jews may be put in labor-columns.; Vol. III;
Pg. 636.

                                                 [Page 1012]
*998-PS; "German Crimes Against Czechoslovakia". Excerpts
from Czechoslovak Official Report for the prosecution and
trial of the German Major War Criminals by the International
Military Tribunal established according to Agreement of four
Great Powers of 8 August 1945; (USA 91).; Vol. III; Pg. 656.

1012-PS; Teletype from OKH to Military Commander of France,
3 February 1942, concerning consultation of Hitler and
Keitel about shooting of Jews and Communists.; Vol. III; Pg.

1015-B-PS; Report on activities of Special Staff for
Pictorial Art, October 1940 to July 1944.; Vol. III; Pg.

*1024-PS; Memorandum, 29 April 1941, concerning organization
for handling problems in the Eastern Territories. (USA 278);
Vol. III; Pg. 685.

*1028-PS; Memorandum from Rosenberg file, 7 May 1941,
concerning instructions for a Reichskommissar in the
Ukraine. (USA 273); Vol. III; Pg. 690.

*1061-PS; Official report of Stroop, SS and Police Leader of
Warsaw, on destruction of Warsaw Ghetto, 1943. (USA 275);
Vol. III; Pg. 718.

*1138-PS; Enclosure in letter from Reich Commissioner for
Baltic States to Rosenberg, 13 August 1941, concerning
provisional directives on treatment of Jews in area of
Reichskommissariat Ostland. (USA 284); Vol. III; Pg. 800.

*1166-PS; Interoffice memorandum of WVHA, 15 August 1944,
concerning number of prisoners and survey of prisoners'
clothing. (USA 458); Vol. III; Pg. 824.

                                                 [Page 1013]
1189-PS; Special Order No. 44, 4 November 1941, concerning
feeding of civilian population in Occupied Eastern
Territories.; Vol. III; Pg. 833.

*1301-PS; File relating to financing of armament including
minutes of conference with Goering at the Air Ministry, 14
October 1938, concerning acceleration of rearmament. (USA
123); Vol. III; Pg. 868.

*1347-PS; Extract of decree, 18 September 1942, Ministry of
Agriculture, concerning food supply for Jews. (USA 285);
Vol. III; Pg. 914.

1384-PS; Stenographic report of Hitler discussion with
Keitel and Zeitzler, 8 June 1943; Vol. III; Pg. 959.

1412-PS; Decree relating to payment of fine by Jews of
German nationality, 12 November 1938. 1938
Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 1579.; Vol. IV; Pg. 6.

1415-PS; Police regulation concerning appearance of Jews in
public, 28 November 1938. 1938 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p.
1676.; Vol. IV; Pg. 6.

*1472-PS; Copy of telegram from Mueller to ! Himmler, 16
December 1942, concerning recruiting Jewish labor. (USA
279); Vol. IV; Pg. 49.

*1517-PS; Memorandum from Rosenberg concerning discussion
with the Fuehrer, 14 December 1941. (USA 824); Vol. IV; Pg.

*1689-PS; "Czechoslovakia Fights Back", a document of the
Czechoslovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1943. (USA 286);
Vol. IV; Pg. 198.

                                                 [Page 1014]
*1708-PS; The Program of the NSDAP. National Socialistic
Yearbook, 1941, p.153. (USA 255; USA 324); Vol. IV; Pg. 208.

*1724-PS; Announcement in Press Conference, 4 August 1938 of
breaking up of synagogue. (USA 266); Vol. IV; Pg. 224.

*1726-PS; Statement of Netherlands Government in view of
Prosecution and punishment of the German Nazi War Criminals.
(USA 195); Vol. IV; Pg. 358.

*1778-PS; Book "The Poisonous Mushroom", published in
Nurnberg 1938, concerning Jews. (USA 257); Vol. IV; Pg. 358.

*1816-PS; Stenographic report of the meeting on The Jewish
Question, under the Chairmanship of Fieldmarshal Goering, 12
November 1938. (USA 261).; Vol. IV; Pg. 425.

*1919-PS; Himmler's speech to SS Gruppenfuehrers, 4 October
1943. (USA 170); Vol. IV; Pg. 558.

*1948-PS; Letter from Governor in Vienna, 7 November 1940,
evidencing RSHA instructions to recruit Jews from forced
labor. (USA 680); Vol. IV; Pg. 586.

2000-PS; Law for protection of German blood and German
honor, 15 September 1935. 1935 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I,
No. 100, p. 1146.; Vol. IV; Pg. 636.

*2124-PS; Decree introducing the Nurnberg Racial Laws into
Austria, 20 May 1938. 1938 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p.
594. (GB 259); Vol. IV; Pg. 755.

*2153-PS; Defeat the Enemy of the World, published in
National Socialist Party Correspondence No. 358, 30 March
1933. (GB 166); Vol. IV; Pg. 60.

*2154-PS; Streicher decrees, published in National Socialist
Party Correspondence, No. 359, 31 March 1933. (GB 167); Vol.
IV; Pg. 760.

                                                 [Page 1015]
*2156-PS; Announcement of Central Committee for defense
against Jewish horror and boycott agitation, 29 March 1933,
published in National Socialist Party Correspondence No.
357. (USA 263); Vol. IV; Pg. 761.

*2233-C-PS; Frank Diary. Tagebuch. 1910. Part IV. October-
December. (USA 271); Vol. IV; Pg. 890.

*2233-D-PS; Frank Diary. Regierungsitzungen. 1941. October-
December. Entry of 16 December   1941 at pp. 76-77. (USA
281); Vol. IV; Pg. 891.

*2233-E-PS; Frank Diary. Regierungs-Hauptabteilungsleiter-
Sitzungen. 1942. Entry of 24 August 1942. (USA 283); Vol.
IV; Pg. 893.

*2233-F-PS; Frank Diary. Tagebuch. 1 January 1944 -- 28
February 1944. Entry of 25 January 1944 at p. 5. (USA 29);
Vol. IV; Pg. 902.

2237-PS; Letter from Reich Commissar for Reunion of Austria
with the German Reich to Goering, 18 November 1938,
concerning actions against the Jews in November 1938.; Vol.
IV; Pg. 918.

*2409-PS; Extracts from The Imperial House to the Reich
Chancellery by Dr. Joseph Goebbels. (USA 262); Vol. V; Pg.

2583-PS; Quotation from speech made by Streicher, 31 October
1939.; Vol. V; Pg. 311.

2602-PS; Telegram, Wilson to Secretary of State, Washington,
10 November 1938.; Vol. V; Pg. 311.

2603-PS; Letter from Kemp, U! S. Consul General in Bremen,
to Secretary of State, 10 November 1938, concerning Anti-
Jewish demonstrations in Bremen.; Vol. V; Pg. 312.

                                                 [Page 1016]

2604-PS; Report of American Consul General to Wilson, US
Ambassador in Berlin, 12 November 1938, concerning Anti-
semitic persecution in Stuttgart Consular District.; Vol. V;
Pg. 312.

*2605-PS; Affidavit of Dr. Rudolf Kastner, former President
of the Hungarian Zionist Organization, 13 September 1945.
(USA 242); Vol. V; Pg. 313.

2613-PS; Extracts from "The Black Book of Poland".; Vol. V;
Pg. 332.

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from the Office of Chief of District Warsaw, published by
The General Government for Poland, 1940, p. 59.; Vol. V; Pg.

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724-725. (USA 256); Vol. V; Pg. 366.

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quoted from Voelkischer Beobachter, Munich edition, 1
February 1939. (USA 268); Vol. V; Pg. 367.

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Battle. (USA 270); Vol. V; Pg. 367.

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8 August 1940, No. 32, p. 2. (USA 269); Vol. V; Pg. 367.

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Enterprises in the Government General, from Verordnungsblatt
of Governor General for Occupied Polish Territory, No. 8, p.
61, 30 November 1939.; Vol. V; Pg. 367.

                                                 [Page 1017]

2672-PS; Decree concerning designation of Jews and Jewesses
in the Government General, from Verordnungsblatt of the
Governor General for Occupied Polish Territory, 1939, p.
61.; Vol. V; Pg. 368.

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1941, p. 495.; Vol. V; Pg. 369.

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restriction against Jews, 5 December 1938, No. 339, p. 5.;
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Voelkischer Beobachter, 16 November 1938.; Vol. V; Pg. 371.

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Der Stuermer, No. 2, January 1935. (USA 259); Vol. V; Pg.

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Stuermer, No. 50, December 1938. (USA 260); Vol. V; Pg. 372.

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14, April 1937. (USA 258); Vol. V; Pg. 372.

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No. 28, July 1938.; Vol. V; Pg. 373.

2704-PS; Decree concerning Prohibition of Jewish Religious
Slaughter, from Verordnungsblatt of the Governor General for
Occupied Polish Territory, 1939, p. 7.

2709-PS; Report by Ralph C. Busser, American Consul-General
in Leipzig, 5 April 1933, concerning Anti-Jewish movement in
Central Germany. (USA 265); Vol. V; Pg. 375.

                                                 [Page 1018]
2710-PS; Adolf Hitler Speaks, quoted from Voelkischer
Beobachter, 26 February 1938, No. 57, p. 4.; Vol. V; Pg.

*2711-PS; Article: "Symbolic Action", published in
Fraenkische Tageszeitung-Nurnberg, 11 August 1938. (USA
267); Vol. V; Pg. 376.

2712-PS; Anti-Jewish demonstrations throughout the Reich,
from Voelkischer Beobachter, 11 November 1938, No. 315, p.
2.; Vol. V; Pg. 376.

2715-A-PS; Anti-semitic demonstrations in the Entire Reich,
published in Voelkischer Beobachter, No. 315, 11 November
1938, p. 2.; Vol. V; Pg. 377.

2736-PS; Time without Precedent, by Dr. Joseph Goebbels, 4th
edition, 1942, p. 531.; Vol. V; Pg. 380.

2737-PS; The Party Program, Nature, Fundamentals and Goals
of the NSDAP, by Alfred Rosenberg, 25th Printing, 1943, p.
27.; Vol. V; Pg. 380.

*2788-PS; Affidavit of Wilhelm Hoettl, 26 November 1945.
(USA 296); Vol. V; Pg. 380.

**3047-PS; File notes on conference in Fuehrer's train on 12
September 1939; report on execution of Jews in Borrisow; and
entries from diary of Admiral Canaris. (USA 80) (Referred to
but not offered in evidence.); Vol. V; Pg. 766.

*3048-PS; Speech by von Schirach before European Youth
Congress in Vienna, published in Voelkischer Beobachter, 15
September 1942. (USA 274); Vol. V; Pg. 776.

                                                 [Page 1019]

*3051-PS; Three teletype orders from Heydrich to all
stations of State Police 10 November 1938, on measure
against Jews, and one order from Heydrich on termination of
protest actions. (USA 240); Vol. V; Pg. 797.

*3058-PS; Letter from Heydrich to Goering, 11 November 1938,
reporting action against the Jews. (USA 508); Vol. V; Pg.

*3063-PS; Letters of transmission enclosing report about
events and judicial proceedings in connection with anti-
semitic demonstrations of 9 November 1938. (USA 332); Vol.
V; Pg. 868.

3253-PS; Affidavit, 26 November 1945, of Dr. Benno F. T.
Martin.; Vol. V; Pg. 959.

*3257-PS; Letter from Armament Inspector in the Ukraine to
General Thomas, Chief of the Industrial Armament Department,
2 December 1941, enclosing report by Prof. Seraphm on Jewish
Problem in Ukraine. (USA 290); Vol. V; Pg. 994.

*3311-PS; Charge No. 6 against Hans Frank, submitted by
Polish Government to International Military Tribunal. (USA
293); Vol. V; Pg. 1104.

*3319-PS; Foreign Office Correspondence and reports on anti-
Jewish action in foreign countries. (GB 287); Vol. VI; Pg.

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"The Jewish Question as a factor in German Foreign Policy in
the year 1938". (GB 158); Vol. VI; Pg. 87.

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combatting of Partisans and action against Jews in White
Ruthenia. (USA 827); Vol. VI; Pg. 131.

*3663-PS; Letter, 31 October 1941, and reply 15 November
1941, concerning execution of Jews. (USA 825); Vol. VI; Pg.

                                                 [Page 1020]
*3666-PS; Letter from Braeutiger to Reich Commissioner for
East, 18 December 1941, concerning Jewish question. (USA
826); Vol. VI; Pg. 402.

3688-PS; Notice from the Foreign Office, 24 September 1942,
concerning evacuation of Jews from Occupied Territories.;
Vol. VI; Pg. 403.

*3762-PS; Affidavit of SS Colonel Kurt Becher, 8 March 1946,
concerning the responsibility of Kaltenbrunner for
concentration camp executions. (USA 798); Vol. VI; Pg. 645.

*3803-PS; Covering letter enclosing a letter from
Kaltenbrunner dated 30 June 1944, concerning forced labor of
Jews in Vienna. (USA 802); Vol. VI; Pg. 737.

*3840-PS; Statement of Karl Kaleske, .24 February 1946,
concerning the elimination of the Warsaw Ghetto. (USA 803);
Vol. VI; Pg. 775.

*3841-PS; Statement of SS and Polizeifuehrer Juergen Stroop,
24 February 1946, concerning elimination of the Warsaw
Ghetto. (USA 804); Vol. VI; Pg. 776.

*3846-PS; Interrogation of Johann Kanduth, 30 November 1945,
concerning crematorium at Mauthausen and the activities of
Kaltenbrunner there. (USA 796); Vol. VI; Pg. 783.

*3868-PS; Affidavit of Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Hoess, 5 April
1946, concerning execution of 3,000,000 people at Auschwitz
Extermination Center. (USA 819); Vol. VI; Pg. 787.

*3870-PS; Affidavit of Hans Marsalek, 8 April 1946,
concerning Mauthausen Concentration Camp and dying statement
of Franz Ziereis, the Commandant. (USA 797).; Vol. VI; Pg.

D-229; Extract from pamphlet "Judges Letters" concerning
judgment of Lower Court, 24 April 1942, on concealment of
Jewish identification.; Vol. VI; Pg. 1091.

D-251; Lieberman memorandum, 27 September 1945, describing
method of transport, gassing, and cremation: Vol. VI; Pg.

D-734; Note of conversation between Reich Foreign Minister
and Duce in presence of von Mackenson, Alfieri and
Bastianini, 25 February 1943; Vol. VII; Pg. 188.

*D-736; Notes on discussion between Fuehrer and Horthy on 17
April 1943. (GB 283); Vol. VII; Pg. 190.

EC-265; German Foreign Office telegram, 1 October 1940,
concerning the Jews in Occupied French Territory.; Vol. VII;
Pg. 375.

*L-18; Official report, Katzmann to General of Police
Krueger, 30 June 1943, concerning "Solution of Jewish
Question in Galicia". (USA 277); Vol. VII; Pg. 755.

*L-22; Public reports of War Refugee Board, Washington, on
German Extermination Camps Auschwitz and Birkenau, April
1944. (USA 294); Vol. VII; Pg. 771.

*L-53; Order from Commandant of the SIPO and SD for the
Radom District to Branch Office in Tomaschow, 21 July 1944,
on clearance of prisons. (USA 291); Vol. VII; Pg. 814.

*L-161; British War Office Report "Poland (Auschwitz)
Concentration Camp", 31 May 1945. (USA 292); Vol. VII; Pg.

*L-165; Polish Ministry of Information, Press Bulletin,
published in Polish Fortnightly Review, 15 December 1942 ,
concerning Jewish Food Situation. (USA 287); Vol. VII; Pg.

*L-180; Report by SS Brigade Commander Stahlecker to
Himmler, "Action Group A", 15 October 1941. (USA 276); Vol.
VII; Pg. 978.

*R-135; Letter to Rosenberg enclosing secret reports from
Kube on German atrocities in the East, 18 June 1943, found
in Himmler's personal files. (USA 289); Vol. VIII; Pg. 205.

Statement XI; Farewell Message of Robert Ley Found in
Nurnberg prison, 25 October 1945, after discovery of his
suicide.; Vol. VIII; Pg. 740.

Statement XII; Political Testament of Robert Ley written in
Nurnberg Prison,  25 October 1945.; Vol. VIII; Pg. 742.

Statement XIII; Outline of Defense of Dr. Robert Ley,
written in Nurnberg Prison, 24 October 1945.; Vol. VIII; Pg.

Hungarian Relations with Germany Before and During the War
by Nicholas Horthy, Jr., Nurnberg, 22 February 1946.; Vol.
VIII; Pg. 756.

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