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judgment/j-war-crimes-jews:soap. Special groups traveled through Europe to find Jews
tgmwc-02/tgmwc-02-18.04:   in or even help with the soaping and, on the other hand,
tgmwc-05/tgmwc-05-40.06:  Industrial soap                          67%
tgmwc-06/tgmwc-06-54.11:     and for the manufacture of soap were also obtained from
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:Anatomical Institute experiments in the production of soap
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:production of soap from human fat - Sigmund Mazur - who was
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:  "Q. Tell us how the soap was made out of human fat at the
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:  for the preparation of soap from human fat. According to
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:  is boiled two or three hours and then cooled. The soap
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:  having cooled the soap is poured into moulds ".
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:soap was poured. Further I shall prove that this half
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:finished sample of human soap was really discovered in
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:"The soap had an unpleasant odour. In order to destroy this,
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:  and Reichert. I boiled the soap from the bodies of women
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:  I directly participated, more than 25 kilograms of soap
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:  from some forty bodies. The finished soap then went to
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:  The work for the production of soap from human bodies
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:  I took 4 kilograms of this soap for my personal needs,
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:Spanner, also personally used this soap".
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:the recipe for soap I produced from the corpses of the
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:This witness did not personally see the making of the soap,
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:   soap was completed some time in March or April, 1944.
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:   dissecting room. The people who used this soap assured
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:   me that it was the best soap for this purpose."
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:I submit some semi-finished and some finished soap as
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:soap, which on the outside, after lying about for a few
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:months, reminds you of ordinary household soap. I hand it to
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:samples of soap prove that the process of manufacture was
tgmwc-07/tgmwc-07-62.06:the experiments in the industrial fabrication of soap from
tgmwc-08/tgmwc-08-69.01:soap and a towel and herded them into certain buildings near
tgmwc-08/tgmwc-08-72.01:in the preparation of soap from human fat. Perhaps we should
tgmwc-08/tgmwc-08-72.01:exonerate these "soap-boilers" as well from all criminal
tgmwc-14/tgmwc-14-137.10:soap factory where I saw barracks in which Russian and
tgmwc-19/tgmwc-19-182.08:soap made out of human fat which were shown to us; I am not

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