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Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 09:33:06 GMT
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In <>, on Sun, 29 Aug 1999
03:41:21 -0600, Duck Season  wrote:

>A question came to my mind, and imagine my horror when I realized the
>answer did not lie within the vast archives of truth and existence I
>call my brain! Thus, I am sent out amongst you to beg for an answer. And
>believe you me, there IS a reason I ask this:

>Does anyone have a ballpark figure on the number of witnesses--defense
>and prosecution, accused included--called during the IMT trials? The
>doctors, the EG, the judges, the whole thing, not counting the later
>(50's and on) trials? A decent estimate will do. I should be MOST
>grateful of course; otherwise this means I might have to do the work
>myself, and as a disciple of History The Joe Bellinger Method, I think I
>am forbidden.

>Thanks in advance!

I just posted part of that information the other day.  Here it is

The Nuremberg evidence breaks down as follows:

For the cases of the 19 main defendants

  -more than 4,000 documents were entered into evidence, almost all
   of them assembled by the Robert Storey's documents unit
  -33 witnesses were called by the prosecution
  -61 witnesses were called by the defence
  -143 witness affidavits were entered by the defence

Regarding the criminal organizations case (SS, SA, SD, Political
Leadership, General Staff, and Gestapo)

  -101 witnesses were called by the prosecution
  -1,809 affidavits were entered by the prosecution
  -6 reports were entered by the prosection
  -22 witnesses were called by the defense
  -the defence entered affidavits as follows:
     -136,213 for the SS
     -7,000 for the SD
     -10,000 for the SA
     -3,000 for the General Staff
     -2,000 for the Gestapo

--Robert Woetzel, _The Nuremberg Trials in International Law_
    (New York: Praeger, 1960) pp. 2-3.

As for the NMT Trials, the University of Alberta library has the full
set of the Green Series.  Give me a few days to go in and count them
up.  If anyone wants to spare me the labour, the witnesses are listed
at the end of each case.  But I am not sure if the witness lists are
complete.  The Green Series is a set digests of the cases rather than
full transcripts, and they may only list witnesses whose testimony is
cited.  They are, however, conveniently identified as witnesses called
either by the prosecution or the defence.

If you *also* want me to do the British war crimes trials from the Law
Reports, you can just go to hell.   ;-)

 John Morris                                
 at University of Alberta  

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