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          Nazi Conspiracy & Aggression, Volume III
               Translation Of Document 002-PS
                                                    [Page 5]

                                               25 March 1943

President of Reich Research Dept.
Head of Executive Council
To the Reichsminister of Finance
                                                  Berlin W 8
                                            Wilhelmplatz 1-2

Ref 503/43 G SR/GE

In regard to your correspondence of the 19th Dec (J 4761-174
I g III. Ang) to which I gave you a preliminary
communication on the 19th Feb, I finally take the following

The Surgeon General-SS and Police, in a personal discussion,
told me that the budget which he administers concerns
primarily the purely military sector of the Waffen SS.  As
for the small part used for the enlarging of scientific
research possibilities, it pertains exclusively to such
affairs that can be carried out only with the material
(prisoners), which is accessible to the Waffen SS and can
therefore not be undertaken by any other experimental

I cannot object therefore on the part of the Reich
Experimental Counsel against the budget of the Surgeon
General-SS and Police.

                                             Signed: Mentzel


Reich Leader SS
Reich Surgeon SS and Police
     File: 135/ Secret / 43 TG, NR 24/13 geh.
                                            Berlin 26 Feb 43

Subj.: Scientific Institutes
Ref to: Correspondence of 19 Feb.  43 Rf. 234/43 SR. --
To the Head of the Executive Counsel of the Reich Research
Counsel Ministerialdirektor Mentzel

                                         Grunewaldstrasse 35

My dear Ministerialdirektor:

In acknowledgment of your letter of 19 Feb 1943, I am able
to reply the following to it today:

The appropriation for the 53 key positions for my office
which you made the basis of your memorandum as planned for
peace times.

                                                    [Page 6]
The special institutes of the SS which are to be partly
staffed through this appropriation are to serve the purpose
to establish and make accessible for the entire realm of
scientific research, the particular possibilities of
research only possessed by the SS.

In view of the further developments of this war, I have
already shelved this plan for the time being as the result
of negotiations with the Reich Finance Minister in the past
year, so that my authorized personnel amounts to 25 key
positions only. Of these positions, only 5 are filled at

Under these circumstances our objections with regard to an
unreasonable overlapping of work of scientific institutes
for the war's duration are void.

I will gladly be at your disposal at any time, however, to
discuss the particular research aims in connection with the
SS, which I would like to start after the war according to
the direction of the Reich leader SS.

Furthermore, it is important that these researches -- once
their realization appears possible, will be tied in with the
related research aims of the state.

Hoping to have served you with my preliminary summary, I
remain with best greetings and

                                                 Heil Hitler


25 March 1943

Pres. of Reich Research Counsel
Head of Executive Counsel
To the Surgeon General SS and Police SS Lt. Gen. Prof. Dr.

                                                 Berlin W 15
                                            Knesebeckstr. 51
Rf. 504./43 g SR/Ge.
Pertaining to: Letter of 26 Feb 43
File: 135/geh. 43-Tgb -- Nr. 24/43 g.

I am sending the enclosed carbon copy of my letter to the
Reichsminister of Finance in regard to the conversation of
11 March, this year, for your information

                                                Heil Hitler!
                              [rubber stamp] Signed: Mentzel
                        Ministerialdirektor SS Major General

                                                    [Page 7]
                                            Grunewaldstr. 35
                                                   19 Feb 43

Pres. Reich Research Counsel
Head of Executive Counsel
To the Surgeon General SS and Police SS Lt. Gen. Prof. Dr.
W 15 Knesebeckstr. 51


     Letter Nr.                        Date
     Nr. of Pieces
     Rf. 234/43 Sr.            19 Feb 43
Sent on: 20 Feb 1943
Received on: 22 Feb 1943

                                       [Signature illegible]
                                                 SS Lt. Col.
 Signature of person receiving and opened registered letter



                                                   19 Feb 43

Reich Research Counsel
Rf. 234/43 Sr.
The Head of Executive Counsel of the Reich Research Counsel
To the Surgeon General SS and Police SS Lt. Gen. Pl of. Dr.

                                                Berlin W. 15
                                            Knesebeckstr. 51

The Reich minister of finance told me that you requested 53
leading positions (BES. GR C3-C8) for your office, partly
for a new research institute.

After the Reichsmarshall of the Great-German Reich had, as
President of the Reich Research Counsel, taken over all
German research he issued directives, among other things,
that in the execution of militarily important scientific
tasks, the available institutions, including equipment and
personnel, should be utilized to the utmost for reasons of
necessary economy of effort.

The founding of new institutes is therefore only possible in
as far as there are no institutes available for the
furtherance of important war research tasks.

                                                    [Page 8]

As I don't know your personal purpose and have insufficient
information from the explanation the Reich finance minister
gave me about the planned institute, I would be thankful if
you would further explain your plans and purposes.

I will gladly be at the disposal of one of your co-workers
for an interview or would be ready to call upon you

I wish you would inform me as to when and where these
discussions may take place.

                                                Heil Hitler!
                             [rubber stamp ] Signed: Mentzel
                        Ministerialdirektor SS Major General

                                                19 Feb. 1943

Rf. 232/43 Sr.
To the Reich Minister of Finance
Head of Executive Counsel of the Reich Research Counsel

                                                 Berlin W. 8
                                            Wilhelmplatz 1-2

You notified me on the 19th Dec. (J4761-174 I g III, Ang)
concerning the research work by the Surgeon General SS and
Police, and asked me what stand I take. Since the work of
the state chief of research started originally in the
armament department, I was unable to clear up any questions
pertaining to the medical department, which came up in the
last weeks. But I shall do so in the near future, and I
believe I can already say that the new institutes requested
by the surgeon general of SS and police will be unnecessary
since other institutes can cover these planned missions.

I shall have a conference with the surgeon general SS and
police pertaining to details of this planned work and, at
that time, I shall let you know what my final stand will be.
I would like to suggest, therefore, to defer the decisions
at this time.

In this connection I state that the health officer, State
Secretary Conti approached the president of the research
counsel requesting funds to establish an institute for virus
research in Frankfurt on Main.

Investigations to date have shown that the institute is not
necessary since the planned work can, without doubt, be done

                                                    [Page 9]

Pres. Reich Research Counsel
Head of Executive Counsel
                                   Berlin-Steglitz 19 Feb 43
                                           Grunewaldstr .35.
To the Reichsminister of Finance
W. 8, Wilhelmplatz 1-2


     Letter Nr.                        Date
     Nr. of Pieces
     Rf. 232/43 Sr.            19 Feb 43

Sent on: 2 Feb 1943
Received on:

                  Received 22 Feb. 43 Reich Finance Minister
                                       [Signature illegible]
                   Signature of person receiving and opening



The Reich Minister of Finance
J4761-174 I g III, Ang

                                         Berlin 19 Dec. 1942

Wilhelmplatz 1/2 Tel. 120015 Postal Check Acct. Berlin Nr.
Assumption of Research Mission By the Surgeon General SS and

The surgeon general SS and police has requested 53 key
positions for the new organization of his office ( Bes. Gr.
C3-38 ). The organization plan shows that the surgeon
general SS and police plans not only special experts for
"Research" in pharmaceutical chemistry, in dental and
clinical services and a special section of scientific
service, but also that plans are desired for a string of
institutes which likewise deal mainly with research work:

     1. Central Institute for Medical Scientific
     2. Institute for the History of Medicine
     3. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Research Institute
     4. Pharmacy for Military Requirements
     5. Special Institute Sachenhausen
     6. Pathological Institute
     7. Hygienic Research Institute

In the informal discussions it was referred to the fact that
the plans for the research arrangements for the Waffen-SS
can only

                                                   [Page 10]
be granted if the research missions which the Surgeon
General SS embarked upon are not already undertaken by other
independent institutes, resp. by the universities, or belong
to their sphere.

The Hygienic Institute, according to the proposed plan,
includes the following seven divisions:

          1. Division for combating epidemics with
bacteriological and serological
          2. Division for hygiene with corresponding
          3. Division for chemistry with chemical
          4. Division for geology and hydrology
[Reich Research Counsel
In care of Ministerialdirektor, Prof. Dr. Mentzel]
          5. Division for climatology and geography,
especially in preparation for
              cultural waging of war in subtropical and
tropical lands in Africa
          6. Division for statistics and epidemic forecast
which will, with new
              developments, work against the spreading of
epidemics for the
              coming years
          7. Division for the elimination of epidemics which
will chiefly concern itself
              with new installation of apparatus for
delousing and sterilization of
              drinking water for the fighting troops

I lack accurate data for other institutes. I have set aside
the decision on this budget.

Regarding the decree of the Fuehrer of the 9th June 42,
(RGBL. I, 389), and the emphasized necessity of coordinated
scientific research, I ask for your immediate opinion on the

By order of

                                          Signed: Dr. Bender
                       Certified Cunsich Chief Tax Secretary

(RGBL I 389)

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