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Since David isn't going to answer in his own argument about the
Madagascar Plan, here goes:

The source book is _Anatomy of the SS State_ by Buchheim, Brozstat,
Jacobsen and Krausnick, Pub: Walker, 1972.

(Page 55) Immediately after the victory in France the Jewish
Sub-Section III of the German Division [Judenreferat III der Abteilung
Deutschland] of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs -- more precisely
Legationsrat Rademacher -- proposed a plan (Nuremberg Doc NG 5764)
that had already been considered in regard to Poland though on a far
less grandiose scale. On 3 June 1940 Rademacher suggested three
possibilities in regard to the 'precise definition of Germany's basic
war aims': (a) the deportation of all Jews from Europe, (b) the
separation of eastern Jews from western Jews -- the former (to whose
regenerative powers and devotion to the Talmud the Jewish
intelligentsia owed their continuing existence) to remain as hostages
in German hands (possibly in Lublin?) in order to tie the hands of the
American Jews and the latter to be deported from Europe (possibly
Madagascar?), and (c) the establishment of a Jewish National Home in
Palestine (danger of a second Rome?)' [Nuremberg Doc, NG 5764].
Apparently the RSHA started preparatory work on the Madagascar project
almost immediately, for on 24 June Heydrich asked Ribbentrop to let
him know about 'any impending discussions on the subject of the
solution of the Jewish problem' in case 'the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs ought to know about them'. 

It seems that there were about three and a quarter million Jews in
occupied territories and emigration wasn't a solution any longer so
some kind of _territorial_ solution would have to be found.

[Page 56] . . . Rademacher's plan, when worked out in greater detail,
envisaged France handing over Madagascar as part of the peace treaty,
and evacuating and compensating the French inhabitants. That part of
the island not needed by Germany as a military base would then become
a vast ghetto of four million Jews, administered by a police governor
appointed by Himmler -- . . . . 

We find in John Weiss, _Ideology of Death, Why the Holocaust
Happened_, Pub: Ivan Dee, 1996, on page 329: . . .the Madagascar Plan
was a familiar idea to nineteenth-century anti-Semites, who had
suggested that European Jewry be shipped there and pay for the
privilege. Once there, according to pre-Nazi anti-Semites, they were
to be surrounded with naval forces to prevent escape; some suggested
that any Jews found in Europe afterward be shot; others wanted yellow
fever introduced to hasten their demise. In a news conference in
February 1939, Rosenberg suggested the Jews be sent there, and in a
news conference that summer, not secret, said that in the "wild
island" with its "deadly climate" . . . "the obnoxious Jewish race
will find itself isolated in a reservation . . . from where there is
but one exit--death." 


If you are going to argue a point David don't expect others to supply
you with basic information concerning your own argument.

Mike Curtis


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