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John A. Drobnicki
Carol R. Goldman
Trina R. Knight
Johanna V. Thomas

*The authors would like to thank Phyllis Poses and Paul Tallarico,
Information Services/Interloan Division, Queens Borough Public
Library, for their assistance in obtaining materials essential for
this bibliography.Holocaust Denial Literature:  A Bibliography

     Holocaust-denial is a body of work that seeks to prove that
the Jewish Holocaust did not happen.  Although not all of the
deniers, who prefer to call themselves "revisionists" in an attempt
to gain scholarly legitimacy, make the same claims, they all share
at least one point:  that there was no systematic attempt by Nazi
Germany to exterminate European Jewry.  Those who deny the
Holocaust believe that the Jews themselves, usually referred to as
"Zionists," fabricated the "Big Lie" in order to gain sympathy for
a homeland and to extort money, in the form of reparations pay-
ments, from Germany.
     The Nazis themselves can be thought of as the first Holocaust
revisionists, for they tried to conceal their extermination program
behind euphemisms such as "special treatment" and "final solution
to the Jewish problem."  Present-day revisionists all share deep
seated anti-Semitic feelings, a hatred of Israel, and a need to
rehabilitate and glorify Germany, fascism, and the Third Reich.
     This bibliography includes both works about Holocaust
revisionism and works of Holocaust revisionism.  Although those who
deny the Holocaust write in many languages and in many countries,
the scope of this project has been limited to works in English,
except in the case of Robert Faurisson, because of his notoriety,
and a French journal.  While this bibliography has been divided
into many subject areas, it is acknowledged that many of the
entries cross several categories, especially the works in the
"general overview" section.
     This bibliography grew out of the authors' Master of Library
Science research project at the Queens College Graduate School of
Library and Information Studies, a study of Holocaust-denial
literature in public libraries, under the direction of Dr. Marianne

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     Attempts have not been made to be exhaustive in this section. 
Many of the publishers of this literature are very small, and the
items themselves are in some instances ephemeral.

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     Except for books by David Irving, works of Holocaust revi-
sionism are almost never reviewed in scholarly journals or in the
mainstream press.  However, in writing about Holocaust-denial
literature, some individual titles have been singled out for either
review or rebuttal; in some cases collections of documents have
been compiled to refute the claims of revisionists.

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The Search For Truth in History.  IHR, 1993.  [David Irving.]

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