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  citations as "Sereny, Gitta" and "Into That Darkness: From Mercy Killing
  to Mass Murder" New York: McGraw Hill, 1974...this is probably a
  difference in translation. knm) The author was the last writer to 
  interview Franz Stangl, one of Sobibor's Kommandants, and contains
  rich detail regarding him. Also Gustav Wagner and Hermann Michel, the
  euthanasia program and Nazi Vatican escape route.
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Stoltzfus, Nathan. "Dissent in Nazi Germany," The Atlantic Monthly, Sept,
1992, pgs 87-94.

It makes it clear that regular folks in Nazi Germany could get the government
to do what they wanted through peaceful protest, and sheds a lot of doubt on
the idea that the people were helpless pawns led by a few bloodthirsty
lunatics.  If we ever see a real revisionist again (not that Mu:ller nut,)
it should put quite a crimp in their style.  

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  survivor who was there from the beginning to the uprising.  

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  totally unreliable; it is a nonfiction novel. It is impossible to tell 
  from the book what is fact and what is fiction. Many of the details
  in the book dealing with the revolt and escape [at Sobibor] have been
  refuted by Szmajzner, Blatt, and Pechersky as pure fiction. Unfortunately,
  the book has been used uncritically as a source by other authors.
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-------------. "Judenrat: The Jewish Councils in Eastern Europe Under the
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-------------. Note: Why Was There No Armed Resistance against the Nazis in
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(Ed. note - I have another reference to "I Cannot Forgive" New York, 1964 -
I don't know if there are two works, or someone's confused. knm)

Waagenar, Sam. "The Pope's Jews" La Salle, Ill: Library Press, 1974
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Walk, J. (Hrsg.) "Das Sonderrecht fuer die Juden im NS-Staat" C.F. Mueller 
   Verlag, Heidelberg, 1996 ISBN 3-852-1889-9 - which is 452 pages long 
   --including index -- and pages 3 to 406 comprises a catalogue to laws, 
   regulations, edicts, etc. pased, issued, enacted, etc, concerning Jews.  
   It does *not* consist of these being reprinted, but provides the 
   location where they can be found and usually a  three or four line 
Wang. YVA, 3688/127-0, the testimony of Abraham Wang
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-------------. "The Jewish Police in the General-Government, and in Upper
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  (Hebrew Text, English Summary)

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--------------. Paper Walls: America and the Refugee Crisis, 1938-41.
Amherst, Mass: University of Massachusetts Press, 1968.

Yad Vashem Studies
Yahil, Leni. "Madagascar: Phantom of a Solution for the Jewish Question"
  In "Jews and Non-Jews in Eastern Europe, 1918-1945" eds. Bela Vago and
  Geogle L. Mosse. New York: Wiley, 1974.
-----------. Methods of Persecution: A Comparison of the `Final Solution'
             in Holland and Denmark. Scripta Hierosolymita 23 (1972)
-----------. Scandinavian Countries to the Rescue of Concentration Camp
             Prisoners. Yad Vashem Studies 6 (1967)
-----------. The Rescue of Danish Jewry. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication
             Society, 1969

Yediot. YVA, M-10, the underground newspaper "Yediot" ("News")
Y.V.A. Yad Vashem Archives, (holocaust Commemoration Authority) Jerusalem
YIVO. Testimonies of Jewish leaders and others on deportations of Jews in
  Hungary in 1944. File no. 768, n.d.
----. "Imposed Jewish Governing Bodies under Nazi Rule" New York: YIVO, 1972
Yizkor Book in Memory of Wlodawa and the Region of Sobibor. Published
  by the Association of Immigrants of Wlodawa and surrounding area in
  Israel, ed; Shoman Kanc. Tel Aviv, 1974 (English) Rashke comments: An
  anthology of articles and personal testimony about Wlodawa and Sobibor.
  An excellent resource book, but it is difficult to determine whether the
  authors of articles were survivors or not, and if they were not, where
  they got their information.
Yoors, Jan. Crossing, A Journal of Survival and Resistance in World War II.
 New York: Simon & Schuster, 1971
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       === The Nizkor Project, Vancouver Island, Canada ===

The following comments excerpted from ------------------------------------
Edited (and with introduction) by Vera Laska. Greenwood Press, Westport &
London, 1983. LOC 82-12018, ISBN 0-313-23457-4

Vara Laska on researching the Holocaust:

Yad Vashem Martyrs' and Heroes' Memorial Authority in Jerusalem is a
depository of documents and memoirs on the Holocaust, mostly in German,
Hebrew and Yiddish. It also issues the Yad Vashem Studies on the European
Jewish Catastrophe and Resistance.

The Centre de Documentation Juive Contemporaine in Paris and the Wiener
Library in London are major sources of information. The Wiener Library's
catalogue series published a bibliography, Persecution and Resistance Under
the Nazis (London: Valentine, Mitchell, 1960). ...

In the United States the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research (1048 Fifth
Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10028) houses several collections of ghetto documents
and related primary source materials. It publishes the YIVO Annual of Jewish
Social Science. Since 1960, Yad Vashem and the YIVO Institute have been
engaged in preparing a multivolume bibliographical series on the Holocaust;
one of the volumes, Jacob Robinson, ed., The Holocaust and After: Sources
and Literature in English (Jerusalem: Israel University Press, 1973) is most

The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (823 United Nations Plaza, New
York, N.Y. 10017) supplies teaching materials at reasonable prices, for
instance The Record - The Holocaust in History, 1933-1945, published in
cooperation with the National Council for Social Studies in 1978.

The Library of Congress and the National Archives are rich sources for
researchers, containing among others the transcripts of war crime trials.
This in itself is an immense documentation; for instance, the Nuremberg
Doctors' Trial of twenty-three defendents alone takes up 11,538 pages in
nineteen volumes. Indexes can be consulted about various concentration
camps. ...

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