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May 15


Labor MP George Strauss asks British Prime Minister Neville
Chamberlain: "Is it true, sir, that the national treasure of
Czechoslovakia is being given to Germany?" Chamberlain's
answer, "It is not," is a lie. ...When the Nazis marched
into Prague, they learned that the Czech National Bank had
sent the country's gold reserves to the Bank for
International Settlement, in Basil, and instructed the BIS
to forward them to England for safekeeping. The Nazis
demanded the return of the gold, and the British complied.  (LeBor, 80)


S. Rascher writes to Reichsfuehrer SS Himmler:

"For the time being 1 have been assigned to the Luftgaukommando VII,
Munich, for a medical course. During this course, where researches on
high-altitude flights play a prominent part (determined by the
somewhat higher ceiling of the English fighter planes) considerable
regret was expressed at the fact that no tests with human material had
yet been possible for us, as such experiments are very dangerous and
nobody volunteers for them. I put, therefore, the serious question:
can you make available two or three professional criminals for these
experiments ? The experiments are made at 'Bodenstaendige Phuestelle
fuer Hoehenforschung der Luftwaffe, Munich.' The experiments, in which
the subjects may, of course, die, would take place with my
co-operation. They are essential for researches on high-altitude
flight and cannot be carried out, as has been tried, with monkeys, who
offer entirely different test-conditions. I have had a very
confidential talk with a representative of the Air Force, Burgeon, who
makes these experiments. He is also of the opinion that the problem in
question could only be solved by experiments on human persons.
(Feebleminded could also be used as test material)." (TGMWC, 160)


Enzo Sereni, an Italian-born Jew living in
Palestine, parachutes into northern Italy on behalf of
British intelligence with the aim of contacting Jews in
occupied Europe. He is captured, shipped to Dachau in
October, and executed there in November 1944. (USHMM 1994, 42)

The deportation of Hungarian Jews from the Carpatho-
ruthenia and Transylvania to Auschwitz begins. The German
schedule calls for four trains daily with three thousand
persons each: 23,363 Jews are deported within the first
three days. (Ibid.)

The SS decides to liquidate the Gypsy family camp, BIIe,
at Auschwitz-Birkenau the next day and to kill six
thousand Gypsy men, women, and children held there. Paul
Bonigut, an SS officer in charge of BIIe, secretly
informs the Gypsies of the impending liquidation,
enabling them to improvise self-defense. (Ibid.)

The seventy-third deportation convoy leaves Drancy for
Kovno and Tallinn; of the 878 Jewish males deported, only
sixteen survive. (Ibid.)

Between May 15 and July 9, 1944, the Germans crammed 437,000
Hungarian Jews into 147 transports of scarce rolling stock,
diverted from essential war activities. In the single most
concentrated killing orgy at Auschwitz, the Germans
immediately killed most of these Jews in the gas chambers,
with many more subsequently dying in other German camps and
on death marches. (Goldhagen, 160)

May 15-18, 1944: Seven thousand five hundred prisoners
from the Theresienstadt ghetto are deported to the
"Theresienstadt family camp" at Auschwitz-Birkenau.
(USHMM 1994, 42)

May 15-July 8, 1944: About 437,000 Hungarian Jews are
deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau; most are gassed on
arrival. (USHMM 1994, 42)

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