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Subject: Re: Priests Murdered in Dachau
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>	Dachau isn't on the list of extermination camps anymore like it
>was years ago. There seems to be enough information available to show
>there were no gas chambers. Maybe Mr.Keren would like to say how the
>numbers on this list were killed? 

In Dachau they were probably worked to death, starved, shot, injected,
or dies because of the filthy conditions from typhus. Some even died
>from  medical experiments. Those are my immediate guesses. But lets
check out the info about Dachau.

Dachau was one of the first concentration camps within Germany and was
founded in 1933, Mr. Moran. It initial use was to inern and
"reeducate" Communists and others who had the temerity to oppose
Hitler. However, after Kristallnach in 1938 more than 13,000 Jews were
sent there and tortured far more than the poltical prisoners. Most of
these Jews were released. Of course they had to hand over property and
money to the SS along with a pledge to immigrate. Still 700 of these
Jews died. Those who couldn't pay the price and survived would
eventually go to the extermination camps you mentioned above. There
they would perish. 

"Dachau, the name meant to strike terror in the minds of those who
considered opposing the Nazis, found its reputation changing during
the war. Much like Buchenwald, esecially in the grapevine of the camp
prisoners themselves, it came to be considered a mild camp. Actually,
it was probably even more benign than Buchenwald, for Dachau's work
details were usually less demanding than the quarry work and tunnel
building expected of Kommandos around Weimar. Not that Dachau was a
gentle place. Hunger, disease, hard labor, and death were everday
affairs. The SS used the camp as a site for hangings and firing
squads, and even built a gas chamber on the premises. Nazi doctors
also made Dachau a center for medical experiments, using men, women,
and children prisonersto test products and techniques for German
manufacturers and the German military. [Now pay attention here Moran.]
For instance, a Doctor Schilling infected about 1100 prisoners, many
of them Polish priests, with malaria in order to observe malarial
behavior and try out cures. . . .

The conditions got worse later one when by the end of 1941 it became a
"hub for the shipment of slave workers." "In November 1942, . . ., a
trainload of 900 laborers transferred from Mauthausen experienced such
misery on the train that most of them died within a few days after
arriving at Dachau. In that same month a transport from Danzig arrived
with three hundred dead, mostly victims of exposure and starvation.
The survivors soon died as well. Near the end of the war a train from
Buchenwald estimated to be carrying 5000 prisoners arrived with only
1200 survivors. Some were so thirsty that they drank water
continuously and died as a result."

". . .But in the last months of the war, with supply lines endangered,
and the arrival of ever increasing trainloads of disease-ridden
prisoners, the camp began its inevitable slide into uncontrolled death
and decay. . . .Dachau was in reality [by this time], two camps. There
remained a sizable contigent of its older population, healthy enough
to work and even organize themselves. But all around them lay dead and
dying human cargo from other camps, the telling remains of slave labor
and extermination efforts of the concentration camp system as a whole.
The crematoria worked overtime, mass burial sites were opened to deal
with the overflow, but there seemed no end to the transports and to
wholesale death."

(_Inside the Vicious Heart: Americans and the Liberation of Nazi
Concentration Camps_, by Robert H. Abzug, Oxford, 1985)
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