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*        Still making the absurd claim that there is evidence of death by
gassing when an
*examination of YFE's claimed source includes to autopsy reports whatsoever.  

>From  _Auschwitz -- 1270 to the Present_ by Deborah Dwork and Robert Jan
van Pelt.  Continuation of previously posted information beginning on page

"Encouraged by his success, Fritsch conducted the first mass execution
with Zyklon B on 3 September.  Wojciech Barcz, an inmate who worked as a
nurse, recalled that a few months after the beginning of the war against
the Soviet Union he was ordered to bring very ill inmates into the
underground cells of block 11.  'They were locked into these cells. 
Around ten in the evening we heard that the SS drove a large group of
people to that place.  We heard screaming in Russian, orders of the SS,
and the sound of beating.  In the middle of the night three days later, we
nurses were ordered to go to block 11.  We had to clear the corpses from
the basement cells.  We saw that a large group of Russian prisoners simply
had been gassed in those cells together with the sick inmates who we had
brought there.  The image we saw when we opened the cell doors was that of
an overpacked suitcase.  The corpses fell towards us.  I estimate that
some sixty corpses were pushed together in a small cell.  It was so packed
that they could not fall over when they died, but remained standing... One
could still see many signs of a terrible death struggle.'  The Germans
were not satisfied.  Some prisoners survived the ordeal, the procedure
took too long, the corpses had to be transported to the crematorium on the
other side of the camp, and it took two days to air out the building.  The
basement of block 11 was not the ideal gas chamber, but those first
excersizes had demonstrated that it was easy to convert any space into a
Zyklon B gas chamber.  Unlike the carbon monoxide gas chamber, with its
system of pipes and perforated vents and its cumbersome gas cylinders, the
hydrocyanide gas chamber required only a small porthole, preferably in the
roof, through which to drop the Zyklon B crystals. ... 'I really didn't
waste any thoughts about the killing of the Russian POWs,' Hoss confessed
in 1946.  'It was ordered; I had to carry it out.  But I must admit openly
that the gassings had a calming effect on me, since in the near future the
mass annihilation of the Jews was to begin.'"


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