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>         As far as this writer knows, there are no confirming tales of the
> Germans taking the ashes away from any open pit cremation sites. Only
> from alleged remains from cremation ovens. 

According to Ho"ss:

During the period when the fires were kept continously burning without a
break, the ashes fell through the grates and were constantly removed and
crushed to powder. The ashes were taken by truck to the Vistula [River],
where they immediately dissolved and drifted away. The ashes taken from
the burning pits near Bunker II and from Crematory V were handled in the
same way.

Source: Ho"ss, _Death Dealer_, p.45.

And according to Mu"ller:

Now the prisoners of the ash team, whose job was surely the worst of all,
went to work. To begin with the white-hot ashes were sprayed with water to
cool down the surface. Immediately a cloud of hot steam rose enveloping
the pits and everything around them in a sticky grey mist. Whenever a jet
of water hit one of the skulls it instantly disintegrated. As soon as the
ashes had cooled down a little, wooden metal-covered boards were thrown
into the pit. Prisoners of the ash team climbed down and began to shovel
out the still hot ashes. Although their mittens and berets gave them some
make-shift protection, hot ashes kept blowing down on them, especially
when it was windy, causing severe facial burns and eye injuries, sometimes
even blindness, so that after a short time they were issued with
protective goggles.

Source: Mu"ller, _Eyewitness Auschwitz_, pp.138-139.

According to to Czech:

June 7 [1944]

The management of the crematoriums in Auschwitz II orders four sieves from
the DAW for sifting through human ashes. The sieves are to be equipped
with an iron frame. The openings of the sieve screens are to be 2/5 inch
in size.**


** A former prisoner and member of the Special Squad, Szlama Dragon,
states during the H"oss Trial that the ashes of the burned corpses are
taken from the pits near the crematoriums, ground fine in special mortars,
and taken to the Sola River (APMO, Dpr.-ZO/28a, p. 127). 

Source: Czech, _Auschwitz Chronicle_, p. 642. (Ref: APMO, IZ-13/89,
Various Documents of the Third Reich, p. 205, Invoice Copy for Bookkeeping
(origional in BA Koblenz).



"Gradually it was disclosed to me that the line seperating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties--but right through every human heart--and all human hearts."

-- Alexander Solzhenitsyn, "The Gulag Archipelago"


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