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Zündelsite Refusals to Publicly Acknowledge Nizkor's Open Letter

Here is documentation of the correspondence regarding the request to cross-link Nizkor's open letter.

Summary: the Zündelsite says: "I cannot do that at this time. And I will not address this issue until Ernst Zundel has had a chance to comment on it." They have had numerous opportunies to cross-link but have failed to do so, giving only transparent excuses. Furthermore, they have canceled Nizkor's access to their "Zundelsite-grams," which they have admitted was an effort to prevent us from even knowing whether or not our request was granted.

Email received from Ingrid Rimland, maintainer of the Zündelsite, on January 30th:

Jamie, Ernst Zundel wants me to tell you that due to the flood of accessors, e-mail and other developments in the wake of the last few days there is simply no way we can deal with your request no longer to use the Nizkor name with regard to the debate. For one, I cannot even get onto my own website.

It took me this morning 4 hours to even get into my File Manager page, and then I couldn't save what I had placed. Note that we haven't even changed the date on our news page which I will attempt to do now.

Ernst says that he will reply to your request as soon as things are manageable on this end.

And, by the way, we haven't yet begun to rebut your rebuttal. So how can you conclude we have nothing to say? You know that it says on the top of the page that it is still under construction.

Reply sent publicly on January 30th:

As you are well aware, Ms. Rimland, if you can get through to make any changes to a page, such as changing the date, then you can get through to make all the changes you want to that page. So when you do get through to make any changes to those pages which I identified, please simply add the following, or similar text:

<p>Nizkor has written an
<a href="">open letter</a>
regarding the &quot;debate.&quot;

If you cannot make changes to the pages, then of course I don't expect you to do this. But if you can, then my request is perfectly reasonable.

As a reminder, here are the pages I've identified as referring to the "debate":

Moreover, please make the URL known to readers of your Zuendelsite-grams, if you have not done so already, and I would appreciate your advising me when you have done so. Again, the URL is:

Thank you in advance for your continued support of cross-linking.

We are of course aware that sm_pic is under construction. We simply point out what you have chosen to construct. Nizkor is also under construction, but the facts about the Holocaust are our first priority.

Email received from Ms. Rimland on January 30th:

No, you don't quite understand what is going on. If I manage to get onto my news page to change the date, and it takes me 4-5 hours to do that, as it did this morning, then to get to 5 pages might take 20-25 hours. I cannot do that at this time. And I will not address this issue until Ernst Zundel has had a chance to comment on it.

Reply sent publicly on January 30th:

Ms. Rimland, I understand quite well what is going on. Perhaps you did not understand my previous message. I am not asking you to do anything technically impossible, of course.

I identified five pages that deserve to be cross-linked. If you cannot access all five at once, you cannot access all five at once. But when you do get through to them, one at a time, to make whatever changes you intend to make, I would appreciate your also pasting in the single line of text which I have requested.

Since the Zuendelsite has committed to cross-linking with Nizkor where appropriate, I assume this will not be a problem.

Since the above exchange, the following updates have been made to the five web pages mentioned:

  1. a.attent.html modified January 31st at 9:36 AM
  2. welcome.html modified February 1st at 4:25 AM
  3. a.attent.html modified February 1st at 4:33 AM
  4. a.attent.html modified February 2nd at 3:50 PM

    Around the 5th, the word "debate" began changing to "rebuttal," a clear response to our charge that they were using the wrong word. This was done sporadically, and some pages still (2/27) use the word word. Our chief request, that they provide a cross-link to our reply, remained (and remains) unfulfilled and ignored.

  5. welcome.html modified February 5th at 1:06 PM (to include a large blinking headline pointing to the sm_pic page)
  6. a.attent.html modified February 5th at 8:11 AM
  7. welcome.html modified February 5th at 1:06 PM
  8. sm_pic.html modified February 5th at 1:56 PM
  9. a.attent.html modified February 6th at 7:56 AM
  10. sm_pic.html modified February 7th at 11:08 AM
  11. a.attent.html modified February 8th at 10:56 AM
  12. welcome.html modified February 8th at 10:10 AM
  13. a.attent.html modified February 9th at 9:10 AM
  14. aaa.table.html modified February 9th at 3:35 PM
  15. sm_pic.html modified February 10th at 7:03 AM
  16. welcome.html modified February 12th at 2:34 PM
  17. a.attent.html modified February 12th at 3:40 PM

We stopped keeping track after the 12th, because the point's been made and it's too much bother.

There may have been other modifications of which we are not aware.

With any of these modifications, the URL above could have been included by simply pasting in the one line of code given. This was not done. Thus, Ms. Rimland's excuse about "the flood of accessors" was clearly just that: an excuse.

Furthermore, access to the Zündelsite is now back to normal, so the one line of code could be added in a matter of minutes. This has not been done.

Since the above exchange, the following "Zundelsite-grams" have been sent out via email:

  1. January 31st
  2. February 1st
  3. February 2nd
  4. February 3rd
  5. February 4th
  6. February 5th
  7. February 6th
  8. February 6th (special)
  9. February 7th
  10. February 8th
  11. February 9th
  12. February 10th
  13. February 11th
  14. February 12th

In any of these emails, the URL above could have been included by simply pasting it in. This was not done.

Ms. Rimland terminated Jamie McCarthy's subscription to the "Zundelsite-grams" after the 30th. She has admitted that this was an effort to prevent him from being able to determine whether or not Nizkor's request was granted. It is only due to good fortune that we are still seeing the "Zundelsite-grams" at all.

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