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"Up Yours"
A Response to Ingrid Rimland's Lie
Part 1 of 4
Ingrid Rimland's false claim

Nizkor was mailbombed with a piece of software called "Up Yours" on November 17, 1996. Details of that mailbombing are available at and have been there since a few days after the attack. This was not the first time Nizkor had been the victim of electronic terrorism, nor will it likely be the last; we documented the attack and linked it into our Encouragements pages.

Nizkor, on general principles, archives supporting documentation whenever possible. This applies not just to matters historical, but to events which involve us as well.

In this case, we archived the only information about "Up Yours" which we could find on the net, namely the "Up Yours FAQ." It goes without saying that this information was archived only to provide information about the software that was used to attack us. The FAQ does not include the software itself, nor even the location where it may be downloaded.

On March 3rd, someone began searching the Nizkor site for information about hacking. Evidently, this person was looking for evidence that Nizkor supported illegal activities on the net. When the search for "hacking" turned up nothing interesting, this person searched for "Up Yours" and immediately found both the Encouragements page and the FAQ.

By the next day, March 4th, Ingrid Rimland of the Zundelsite had been informed. She asserted on that date that we were archiving this information in order to help our colleagues perform mailbombs.

This is ludicrous, laughable, totally false.

In the first place, first and foremost, we have never resorted to violations of netiquette, including mailbombing. We never have, and we never will. We are the victims of electronic terrorism, not the perpetrators. Our opposition to spamming, mailbombing, and other netiquette violations, from the trivial to the criminal, has been loud and virulent.

Ingrid Rimland's assertion that Nizkor has had anything to do with net abuse is a vicious lie.

And in my personal opinion, it is libelous.

I wish to register my strong disgust at Ms. Rimland's repeated and unrepentent lying. (The earlier lies of herself and Mr. Zundel have gone unretracted for over a year, despite repeated requests that she correct them.)

For her to accuse us of this crime is a deceit which would be shocking hubris if it came from anyone else. However, it is merely business as usual for an organization whose purpose is to deny the deaths of six million people.

It should also be pointed out that, apart from being totally unsupported and having no basis in fact, Ms. Rimland's assertion makes no sense. If we were trying to educate our associates in the ways of net abuse, why would we archive all the information about Up Yours, instead of just pointing people to the URL we took it from? Why would we make that information public instead of circulating it privately?

More importantly, Ms. Rimland knows full well that there is not one scrap, not one single solitary scrap, of evidence linking the denial of service attack to us. (See explanation.)

In fact, the record shows that she, not Nizkor, is the net abuser; it is she, not Nizkor, who has spammed the net.

For more information, see...

Ingrid Rimland insinuates that Nizkor is behind the denial of service attack:

Nizkor's records, from being mailbombed by this software:

Ingrid Rimland's spam to Usenet (automatically cancelled by the spam-cancelbot):

Ingrid Rimland admits spamming ("The truth be told - I did, way back in 1995, when I was grass-green on the Net and didn't know what spamming was."):

An associate of Ingrid Rimland's, Greg Raven of the IHR, spams a private Holocaust-remembrance mailing list, sending 50K of unsolicited propaganda to hundreds of people:

An associate of Ingrid Rimland's, Matt Giwer, sends a 5 MB mailbomb to Nizkor; he then suggests that others "take up hacking" in an effort to shut Nizkor down; other miscellaneous violations of netiquette:

I have asked Ms. Rimland to allow me to respond to her insidious lies in an upcoming Zgram. She informed me that I was only allowed to send along a URL, which she would publish. She did indeed publish it in her March 7th Zgram, preceded by two hundred words of insult. The opening sentence:

Jamie McCarthy of Nizkor, who goes to great lengths convincing us he is a Genuine Goy and not a member of the Tribe, came back with a bushel full of DoubleSpeak in the Talmudic vein.

Finally, I note that Ms. Rimland has requested of her readers that they "act on [her report] if you are so inclined." I hope that those readers are not as inclined to net-abuse as are Ms. Rimland and her cohorts just named; Nizkor would hate to have to clean up after yet more attacks.

Jamie McCarthy
March 5, 1997

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